W. Stillman Martin

W. Stillman Martin
Short Name: W. Stillman Martin
Full Name: Martin, W. Stillman (Walter Stillman), 1862-1935
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1935

Born: March 8, 1862, Rowley, Massachusetts.
Died: December 16, 1935, Atlanta, Georgia.
Buried: Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.

Husband of hymnist Civilla Martin, Stillman attended Harvard University and was ordained a Baptist minister, though he later switched to the Disciples of Christ denomination. In 1916, he became a professor of Bible studies at Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, North Carolina. Three years later, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. It was from there he went all over America to run Bible conferences and evangelistic meetings.

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Texts by W. Stillman Martin (87)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Are you living on without hope in ChristW. S. M. (Author)English2
Be not dismayed whate'er betideW. S. Martin (Author)English2
By grace are ye saved, O message full of loveW. Stillman Martin (Author)English6
Christ died to be my SaviorW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Coming to cheer us in sadnessW. S. Martin (Author)English3
Dear Father in heaven Send from on highWalter S. Martin (Author)English2
Do you know Jesus, my Savior and Friend?W. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Eye hath never seen, ear hath never heardW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Far away in sin and darknessW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Far beyond our fairest visionW. S. M. (Author)English3
Father take my hand, Lead me through the landW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Fresh from the springs eternalW. S. M. (Author)English2
From the battlements of gloryW. S. M. (Author)English2
Gather jewels for the MasterW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Give to Jesus glory, Praise His holy nameW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Glory, glory, Jesus saves meW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Go out in the highways, whatever the costW. S. M. (Author)English3
Have you heard of the old, old storyW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
He is precious, He is precious to those who believeW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Hear the Master's loving voiceW. S. M. (Author)English2
Heavenly portals ringingW. S. Martin (Author)English3
How often the heart would be wearyW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
I am walking with my Savior, and His presence is so dearW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
I give myself to thee, my Savior and my KingW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
I once far away from JesusW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
I see my Savior at the crossW. Stillman Martin (Author)English4
I will pour water on him that is thirsty (Martin)W. Stillman Martin (Author)2
I'll wander no more in the pathway of sinW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
I'm redeemed, Lord help me tell itW. S. M. (Author)English2
I'm trusting Jesus onlyW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
In tenderness He sought me while far away from GodW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
In the name of the Savior aloneW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
In the new creation Hid, O Christ, in theeW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
In wondrous grace, He took my placeW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Into the path where Jesus trodW. S. M. (Author)English2
I've been to the fountain, I have plunged beneath its floodW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Jesus calls in tones so tenderW. S. M. (Author)English3
Jesus is the Altogether LovelyW. S. M. (Author)English5
Let me live in a house by the side of the roadM. (Author (v. 3 and refrain))English1
Let us hear you tell the story of His graceW. Stillman Martin (Author)English4
Like poor, lost sheep we have gone astrayW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
List! 'tis the Savior's gentle voiceW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Lord Jesus, I have heard thy voiceW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
No hope had I, no light withinW. S. Martin (Author)English4
None but Christ, my heart is singingW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
O tell to all around, Jesus is the sinner's FriendW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
O, the glory of the Lord, how it fills my soul todayW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Ob die wilde Flut auch drohtW. C. Martin (Author)German1
On the cross, Jesus shed His bloodW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
One step ahead is all I need to seeW. S. M. (Author)English3
One thing lacking, how strange, how sadW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Only a few more burdens must we carryW. Stillman Martin (Author)English5
Only in Thee can rest be foundW. S. M. (Author)English2
Out on life's ocean, sailing alongW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Out with the life boat, for on the dark seaW. S. Martin (Author)English2
Pilgrims and strangers we journey belowW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Praise God, from all guilt I am freeW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Pressing onward, ever onwardW. S. Martin (Author)English5
Prevailing power with God and manW. S. Martin (Author)English2
Saved by grace O blessed storyW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Seeking, so kindly seekingW. Stillman Martin (Author)English4
Sleep not, Christian soldierW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Somebody always is needing the SaviorW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Someone is praying for you just nowW. S. M. (Author)English3
Sometimes, I am discouragedW. S. Martin (Author)English2
Spread abroad the sunshine, everywhere you goW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Sweet the promise of the FatherW. S. Martin (Author)English2
The gift of life, eternal lifeW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
The God who holds the waters in the hollow of His handW. S. M. (Author)English2
The Lord is the theme, is the theme of all my songW. S. Martin (Author)English2
The sweetest hour that can be spentW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
There is a bright home just beyond the weary yearsW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
There is room in the heart of Jesus For the weary and worn and sadW. Stillman Martin (Author)English4
There's a beautiful country just over the wayW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
There's a city bright and fair, Free from sorrow, pain and careW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
There's a prize in the kingdom of gloryW. S. Martin (Author)English2
'Twas love, the love of GodW. Stillman Martin (Author)English8
We offer our song of greetingW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
Weary with bearing your heavy burdenW. S. Martin (Author)2
Weeping will not save you, Though you weep for days and yearsW. S. Martin (Author)English3
What will you do with Jesus, God's well beloved Son?W. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
While Jesus is calling, O, do not delayW. Stillman Martin (Author)English3
Who, who are these triumphant o'er the graveW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Who'll be the next to live for JesusW. Stillman Martin (Author)2
Will there be any souls in the kingdom aboveW. S. M. (Author)English3
Winning of a soul for the MasterW. S. Martin (Author)English2
Wondrous grace that reaches meW. Stillman Martin (Author)English2
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