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Short Name: Roberta Martin
Full Name: Martin, Roberta does not have biographical information about this person.

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[Come unto Jesus, all ye that labor] (Martin)Roberta Martin (Composer)454565 17132 43476
EVEN MERoberta Martin, 1912-1969 (Arranger)117132 34576 54354
[Every day while walking along]Roberta Martin, 1912-1969 (Arranger)233333 33333 12132
[I was young but I recall]Roberta Martin (Composer)334556 53532 11216
[Lord I hear of show'rs of blessing] (Spiritual)Roberta Martin (Arranger)434531 33223 42171
[Lord, I hear of showers of blessing] (Bradbury)Roberta Martin, 1912-1969 (Arranger)234514 33223 42171
DUKE STREETRoberta Martin, 1912-1969 (Arranger)1213456 71765 55565
PRECIOUS MEMORIESRoberta Martin (Composer)454543 55431 33313
[Tomorrow I don't know where I'll be]Roberta Martin (Composer)251233 3266
[We are our heavenly Father's children]Roberta Martin (Composer)455543 45432 11111
[When my friends and my foes turn against me]Roberta Martin (Arranger)234545 17126
[When my work on earth is done] (Ford)R. Martin (Arranger)412333 45532 2224
[When you're tired and you're wounded]Roberta Martin (Arranger)212321 44321 12321
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