Madeleine Forell Marshall

Short Name: Madeleine Forell Marshall
Full Name: Marshall, Madeleine Forell, 1946-
Birth Year: 1946 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Madeleine Forell Marshall (28)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A mighty fortress is our God, Our strong and sure protectionMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
Al caer la lluvia resurge con verdorMadeleine Forell Marshall, n. 1946 (Translator)Spanish2
All earth is hopeful, the Savior comes at last!Madeleine Forell Marshall, 1946- (Translator)English2
All splendid bright, your grandeur showsMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
Beautiful JesusMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
Christ Jesus, please be by our sideMadeleine Forrell Marshall (Translator)English2
Corre el viento en esta gran cuidadMadeleine Forell Marshall, n. 1946 (Translator)Spanish2
Give up your anxious painsMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
God's actions, always good and justMadeleine Forrell Marshall (Author)English2
Una espiga dorada por el solMadeleine Forell Marshall, b. 1946 (Translator)Spanish2
Heaven and earth, and sea and air, All their Maker's praise declare (Marshall)Madeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
I sing the praise of Love almightyMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
Let me enter God's own dwellingMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
O Source of all that isMadeleine Forrell Marshall (Translator)English2
O Spirit of God, O lifegiving breath!Madeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
Perfect Shepherd, Lead Us GentlyMadeleine Forrell Marshall (Author)2
Simple innocence, most holyMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
Sing praise to God, our highest good (Marshall)Madeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
Sing praise to God, who has shaped and sustains all creation!Madeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English3
Sweet delight, most lovely, shiningMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator (st. 1-2))English2
The cup of Christmas cheerMadeleine Forrell Marshall (Author)2
The Savior's blood and righteousnessMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English1
Toda la tierra espera al Salvador, Y al surco abierto, la obra del SeñorMadeleine Forell Marshall, n. 1946 (Translator)Spanish6
Toda la tierra espera al Salvador: Viene a traer a los hombres la verdadMadeleine Forell Marshall, b. 1946 (Translator)Spanish1
Tú has venido a la orillaMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)Spanish10
Wake, my soul, with all things livingMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
We have gathered, Jesus, dearMadeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
You have come down to the lakeshore Madeleine Forell Marshall (Translator)English2
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