George Manwaring

Short Name: George Manwaring
Full Name: Manwaring, George, 1854-1889
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1889

Wikipedia Biography

George Manwaring (March 19, 1854 – July 7, 1889) was a hymnwriter of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Some of his works have become favorite LDS hymns and are found in the 1985 LDS Church hymnal.

Texts by George Manwaring (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Al partir cantemos himnos de loorGeorge Manwaring (Author)Spanish2
Beautiful mountain homeGeorge Manwaring (Author)2
Children, gladly join and singGeorge Manwaring (Author)English4
Children haste to Sunday schoolGeorge Manwaring (Author)2
Cuán grato es cantar loorGeorge A. Manwaring, 1854-1889 (Author)Spanish2
El día santo del SeñorGeorge Manwaring (Author)Spanish2
Lord, we ask Thee, ere we partGeorge Manwaring (Author)English7
O how lovely was the morningGeorge Manwaring (Author)English10
Padre, antes de partirGeorge Manwaring, 1854-1889 (Author)Spanish2
Qué hermosa la mañanaGeorge Manwaring, 1854-1889 (Author)Spanish2
Sing we now at partingGeorge Manwaring (Author)English8
Sweet Sabbath day, all hail to theeGeorge Manwaring (Author)English5
'Tis sweet to sing the matchless loveGeorge Manwaring (Author)English8
We meet again in Sabbath schoolGeorge Manwaring (Author)English5
We want to see the templeGeorge Manwaring (Author)English5
Welcome happy Sunday, day of days the bestGeorge Manwaring (Author)English5

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