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Richard Mant

Richard Mant
Short Name: Richard Mant
Full Name: Mant, Richard, 1776-1848
Birth Year: 1776
Death Year: 1848

Mant, Richard D.D., son of the Rev. Richard Mant, Master of the Grammar School, Southampton, was born at Southampton, Feb. 12, 1776. He was educated at Winchester and Trinity, Oxford (B.A. 1797, M.A., 1799). At Oxford he won the Chancellor's prize for an English essay: was a Fellow of Oriel, and for some time College Tutor. On taking Holy Orders he was successively curate to his father, then of one or two other places, Vicar of Coggeshall, Essex, 1810; Domestic Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1813, Rector of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. 1816, and East Horsley, 1818, Bishop of Killaloe, 1820, of Down and Connor, 1823, and of Dromore, 1842. He was also Bampton Lecturer in 1811. He died Nov. 2, 1848. His prose works were numerous, and although now somewhat obsolete, they were useful and popular in their day. His poetical works, and other works which contain poetical pieces, are:—

(1) The Country Curate, 1804; (2) Poems in three Parts, 1806; (3) The Slave, 1807; (4) The Book of Psalms in an English Metrical Version, &c, 1824; (5) The Holydays of the Church; or Scripture Narratives of Our Blessed Lord's Life and Ministry, and Biographical Notices of the Apostles, Evangelists, and Other Saints, with Reflections, Collects, and Metrical Sketches, vol. i., 1828; vol. ii., 1831; (6) The Gospel Miracles in a series of Poetical Sketches, &c., 1832; (7) The British Months, 2 vols., 1836; (8) Ancient Hymns from the Roman Breviary, for Domestick Use. . . .To which are added Original Hymns, principally of Commemoration and Thanksgiving for Christ's Holy Ordinances, 1837: new ed., 1871. (9) The Happiness of the Blessed Dead, 1847.

Bishop Mant is known chiefly through his translations from the Latin. He was one of the earliest of the later translators, I. Williams and J. Chandler being his contemporaries. Concerning his translations, Mr. Ellerton, in his Notes on Church Hymns, 1881, p. xlviii. (folio ed.), says justly that:—

"Mant had little knowledge of hymns, and merely took those of the existing Roman Breviary as he found them: consequently he had to omit many, and so to alter others that they have in fact become different hymns: nor was he always happy in his manipulation of them. But his book has much good taste and devout feeling, and has fallen into undeserved neglect."

His metrical version of the Psalms has yielded very few pieces to the hymnals, the larger portion of his original compositions being from his work of 1837. The most popular of these is "Come Holy Ghost, my soul inspire, Spirit of," &c, and its altered forms; "Bright the vision that delighted," and its altered form of "Round the Lord in glory seated;" and "For all Thy saints, O Lord." His hymns in common use which are not annotated under their respective first lines are:—

i. From his Metrical Version of the Psalms, 1824.
1. God, my King, Thy might confessing. Ps. cxlv.
2. Lord, to Thee I make my vows. Ps. xxvii.
3. Blessed be the Lord most High. Ps. xxviii. Pt. ii.
4. My trust is in the highest Name. Ps. xi.
5. Reign, Jehovah, King supreme. Ps. xcix.
6. Thy listening ear, O Lord, incline. Ps. Ixxxvi.
7. To God my earnest voice I raise. Ps. cxlii.
8. To Jehovah hymn the lay. Ps. cxviii. Two centos in Spurgeon's Our Own Hymn Book, 1866. (1) st. i., ii., v.; and (2) "Thee, Jehovah, will I bless" from st. vii.-x.
ii. From his Holydays of the Church, &c, 1828-31.
9. Lo, the day the Lord hath made. Easter.
10. There is a dwelling place above. All Saints.
iii. From his Ancient Hymns, &c, 1837.
11. Before Thy mercy's throne. Lent.
12. Father of all, from Whom we trace. Unity.
13. For these who first proclaimed Thy word. Apostles.
14. No! when He bids me seek His face. Holy Communion.
15. Oft as in God's own house we sit. Divine Worship.
16. Put off thy shoes, 'tis holy ground. The House of God .
17. Saviour of men, our Hope [Life] and Rest. The Greater Festivals.
18. Thy House each day of hallowed rest. Holy Communion.
19. We bless Thee for Thy Church, 0 Lord. Thanksgiving for the Church.
26. We deem and own it, Lord, a proof. Divine Grace.
When all Bishop Mant's translations of original hymns, and versions of the Psalms in common use are taken into account, it is found that he is somewhat strongly represented in modern hymnody.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Wikipedia Biography

Richard Mant (12 February 1776 – 2 November 1848) was an English churchman who became a bishop in Ireland. He was a prolific writer, his major work being a History of the Church of Ireland.

Texts by Richard Mant (72)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
ما أعجب الرؤيا التيRichard Mant (Author)Arabic1
Accept, O Lord, thy servants' thanksRichard Mant (Author)6
At the cross her station keeping Stood a mournful mother weepingR. Mant (Translator)English22
Before thy mercy's throneRichard Mant (Author)3
Behold me unprotected standMant (Author)2
Bright the vision that delighted Richard Mant (Author)English26
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest, And in our hearts take up thy restBishop R. Mant (Translator)English6
Come Holy Ghost, my soul inspire, spiritRichard Mant (Author)2
Con gratitud, SeñorRichard Mant (Author)Spanish4
Ere the morning's busy rayRichard Mant (Author)3
Ere the waning light decayR. Mant (Author)12
Eternal King of Heav’n on highRichard Mant (Author)English2
Father of all, from whom we traceRichard Mant (Author)2
First of cities, BethlehemRichard Mant (Translator)English2
For all Thy saints, O LordRichard Mant, 1776-1848 (Author)English121
For thy true servants, LordRichard Mant (Author)2
From the faint dayspring's eastern goalRichard Mant (Translator)English3
Glan gerubiaid a seraffiaid (Round the Lord in glory seated)R. Mant (Author)English, Welsh2
God, my King, thy might confessingRichard Mant, 1776-1848 (Author)English118
Hark! heard ye not the ancient seerRichard Mant (Author)English2
Hark! through the lonely wasteRichard Mant (Author)English2
Hear ye my law, my people, hearRichard Mant (Author)8
Him whom the skies, the earth, the seaRichard Mant (Translator)English2
Ho, Wakaŋtaŋka yataŋ poRichard Mant (Author)Dakota1
Holy Ghost, my soul inspireRichard Mant (Author)6
Holy Jesus, in whoseRichard Mant (Author)2
Holy Jesus, in whose NameRichard Mant (Author)3
Holy Jesus, Savior blestRichard Mant (Author)16
Holy Spirit, in my breastRichard Mant (Author)11
I'll wash my hands in innocenceRichard Mant (Author)English3
Image of the Father's mightRichard Mant (Translator)2
Jesus Towaoŋṡida kiŋRichard Mant (Author)Dakota1
Jesus, who but thou had borneRichard Mant (Author)1
Lamb of God, to Thee we cryR. Mant (Author)7
Let all on earth their voices raise, resoundingRichard Mant, 1776-1848 (Author)2
Let all on earth their voices raise, Re-echoing Heaven's triumphant praiseRichard Mant (Author)11
Let all the earth with songs rejoiceRichard Mant (Translator)1
Let the round world with songs rejoiceRichard Mant (Translator (from Latin))English7
Lo! He comes, an infant strangerRichard Mant, 1776-1848 (Author (attributed to))English2
Lo the day the Lord hath madeRichard Mant (Author)3
Lord, not to us, we claim it notRichard Mant (Author)English6
Lord, thy glory fills the heavenRichard Mant (Author)English117
Lord, who didst bless thy chosen bandR. Mant (Author)English3
Morning spreads her crimson raysRichard Mant (Translator)English2
Night flies before the orient morningRichard Mant (Author)English2
Now at the Lamb’s imperial feastRichard Mant (Translator)English2
O it is joy for those to meetRichard Mant (Author)9
O it is joy in one to meetRichard Mant (Author)10
O Savior, awful was the wordRichard Mant (Author)English2
Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore HimRichard Mant (Author)English18
Reigns Jehovah, King supremeRichard Mant (Author)2
Round the Lord in glory seatedBp. Richard Mant, 1776-1848 (Author)English174
Savior of men, our joy supremeRichard Mant (Author)English2
Savior, who, exalted highRichard Mant (Author)2
See the destined day arise!R. Mant (Author)English29
Sing to the Lord a new-made song, Who wondrous things hath doneRichard Mant (Author (vv. 5-6))1
Some their warrior horses boastRichard Mant (Author)5
Son of Man, to Thee I cryRichard Mant (Author)English67
Son of God! to thee I cryBishop R. Mant (1776-1848) (Author)1
Sweet thy memory, Savior blestRichard Mant (Author)4
The triumphs of the martyred saintsR. Mant (Author)5
Thee, Jehovah, will I blessRichard Mant (Author)English2
There is a dwelling place aboveRichard Mant (Author)English12
Thou art the Way, to Thee aloneR. Mant (Author)English1
Thou, whom their maker Heav’n and earthRichard Mant (Translator)English2
Thy listening ear, O Lord, inclineRichard Mant (Author)2
To God my earnest voice I raiseRichard Mant (Author)English7
To Jehovah hymn the layRichard Mant (Author)English2
We bless thee for thy church, O LordRichard Mant (Author)1
Why, Herod, why the Godhead fearRichard Mant (Translator)English2
With joy our voices we uniteRichard Mant (Author)6
Ye who Messiah seekRichard Mant (Translator)English2

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