Ricky Manalo

Short Name: Ricky Manalo
Full Name: Manalo, Ricky
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Texts by Ricky Manalo (20)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All praise be to you through Brother SunRicky Manalo, CSP (Author)English2
AmenRicky Manalo, CSP (Author)English1
Christ, sent by God, obedient to the Father's will Ricky Manalo, CSP (Translator (Filipino))English, Filipino, Spanish1
Come, O Spirit, from aboveRicky Manalo, CSP, b. 1965 (Adapter)English6
Coming together we celebrate lifeRicky Manalo (Author)English3
Forty days and nights, You guide the steps of our journeyRicky Manalo (Author)English5
Go to all nations, tell them the signs you've seenRicky Manalo, CSP, b. 1965 (Author)English2
God of power and mightRicky Manalo, CSP, b. 1965 (Author)English4
Here I am, O Lord, my GodRicky Manalo (Author (refrain))English3
In the presence of our God, As we gather here in ChristRicky Manalo (Author)English, Filipino2
Many and great are bearers of the WordRicky Manalo, CSP, b. 1965 (Author)English7
Now is the time to wake from sleepRicky Manalo (Author)English2
O God, how manifest are your works!Ricky Manalo (Author)English2
Sent out to the world as the followers of ChristRicky Manalo (Author)English2
Sing the song of triumph, of Savior crucifiedRicky Manalo (Adapter (tr.))English2
Spirit and grace, here in this mealRicky Manalo (Author)English4
Take the Word and go out to ev'ry landRicky Manalo, CSP, b. 1965 (Author)English4
We reach out to those who are homelessRicky Manalo, CSP, b. 1965 (Author)English5
Worthy are you, O Paschal LambRicky Manalo, CSP, b. 1965 (Author)English5
You have called us each by nameRicky Manalo, CSP (Author)English2
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