George Macdonald

George Macdonald
Short Name: George Macdonald
Full Name: MacDonald, George, 1824-1905
Birth Year: 1824
Death Year: 1905

Macdonald, George, LL.D., was born at Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Dec. 10, 1824, and educated at King's College, Aberdeen, where he graduated M.A., and from which he afterwards received the honorary degree of LL.D. For a brief time he studied for the Congregational ministry at Highbury College, London, and then became the Minister of the Congregational Church at Arundel, Sussex (1850-53). He afterwards preached for a short time to a small company at Manchester and Bolton. Relinquishing the ministry, he became Lecturer on English Literature at King's College, London, and ultimately gave himself up entirely to literary work. Dr. Macdonald has acquired a great reputation by means of his works of fiction, most of which were originally contributed to magazines, and the most notable of which are David Elginbrod; Robert Falconer; Alec Forbes of Howglen; and Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood. He was some time Editor of Good Words for the Young, and wrote England's Antiphon for Macmillan's Sunday Library. His poetical works are:—

(1) Within and Without, 1855; (2) The Disciple, and Other Poems, 1860; (3) The Diary of an Old Soul (printed for private circulation), 1867"; (4) Exotics, a volume of translations from the German (most of which first appeared in the Sunday Magazine), 1876; and (5) A Threefold Cord, 1883, part of which previously appeared in his Works of Fancy and Imagination, 10 vols., 1871.

Most of his original hymns were contributed to Hymns and Sacred Songs for Sunday Schools and Social Worship, &c, published by Fletcher and Tubbs, Manchester, in 1855 (2nd. edition, 1856), and of which his brother, and the Rev. G. B. Bubier were the editors. The original hymns, which are signed "G. Macdonald," in this collection are:—

1. A quiet heart, submissive, meek. The Meek inherit the Earth.
2. Daylight fades away. Second Advent.
3. Father, I well may praise Thy name. Sunday Morning.
4. Father, these souls of ours have been. Blessed are the Pure in Heart.
5. If we were longing for the food. Blessed are they that Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness.
6. It was an awful hour that gave. Blessed are the Merciful.
7. Let Thy own voice, 0 Father, say. Blessed are they that mourn.
8. 0 Son of Man, Thy Name by choice. Blessed are the Meek.
9. Our Father, hear our longing prayer. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit.

Some of these hymns were afterwards revised by their author. The next two are from The Disciple, and Other Poems, 1860 :—
10. O God, Whose daylight leadeth down. Evening.
11. O Lord [God] of life, Thy quickening voice. Morning.

Dr. Macdonald's hymns are rich in ideas, but are touched with a mysticism which renders them a little difficult of apprehension. They are however of great value in setting forth truths rarely expressed in hymns, and are likely to grow in favour. [Rev. W. Garrett Horder]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)


Texts by George Macdonald (16)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A quiet heart, submissive, meekGeorge Macdonald (Author)English3
Come, O Creator Spirit, come, And make within our hearts thy homeGeorge Macdonald (Translator (antiphon st.))English1
Father, I well may praise Thy nameG. MacDonald (Author)English2
From heaven above to earth I come To bring good news to everyone! (Lutheran Book of Worship)George MacDonald (Author (portions of stanzas 2, 4))English1
He who by a mother’s loveGeorge MacDonald, 1824-1905 (Author)3
I love Thy skies, Thy sunny mistsGeorge MacDonald (Author)English3
My child is lying on my kneesGeorge MacDonald (Author)2
O God, whose daylight leadeth downG. MacDonald (Author)English8
O Lord, how happy is the timeGeorge MacDonald (1824- ) (Author)English3
O Lord of life, Thy quickening voiceGeorge MacDonald (1824-1905) (Author)English35
O Son of Man, Thy name by choiceGeorge MacDonald (Author)English9
Our Father, hear our longing prayerGeorge Macdonald, 1824-1905 (Author)English14
Speak to our hearts, O Father, sayGeorge MacDonald (1824-1965) (Author)English2
The night is come, like to the dayGeorge MacDonald (Arranger)English1
The sun is gone downGeorge Macdonald (1824-1905) (Author)English5
They all were looking for a kingGeorge MacDonald (1824-1905) (Author)English4

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