William Loperena

William Loperena
Short Name: William Loperena
Full Name: Loperena, William
Birth Year: 1935
Death Year: 1996

William Loperena, O.P.

Father William Loperena was born in Moca, Puerto Rico on December 14, 1935. He was the middle son of Evaristo Loperena Ortega and America Soto Hernández. Raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico where he studied at the Colegio San Carlos. He attended the diocesan seminar San Ildefonso in Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Eventually joined the Order of Preachers known as Dominicans on August 16, 1955. Studied philosophy in Dover, Massachusetts, Washington and theology in Nijmegen, Holland. He became an ordained priest in the Netherlands on September 25, 1961.

In 1968, he composed a complete Catholic mass infused with cultural elements of Puerto Rico including folk music and deeply rooted traditions which he called Misa Jíbara that was recorded in the studio of the Dominican seminar in Bayamon, PR, and in the Church del Santo Cristo de la Salud in Comerío, PR.

Father William Loperena had vast knowledge of music and was a music composer of several genres including classical, folkloric and popular. His contribution to the music is recognized and appreciated throughout Puerto Rico, USA and Latin America, not only in Catholic Churches but also in the Protestant churches.

He was also a pianist, poet, playwright, writer, sociologist, and university professor.

Helga Rosado Loperena (niece)

Texts by William Loperena (10)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Como Creador Dios es uno soloWilliam Loperena (Author)Spanish3
Cristo por nosotrosWilliam Loperena (Author)Spanish3
En santa hermandad (United by God’s love)William Loperena (Author)English, Spanish6
Hoy cantemos todos al resucitadoWilliam Loperena (Author)Spanish3
[Jesus a New Commandment Has Given]William Loperena (Author)English2
La señal de cristiandad (The clear sign of all true Christians)William Loperena (Author)English, Spanish, Spanish, English2
La señal de los cristianosWilliam Loperena (Author)Spanish2
Por tu inmensa gloriaWilliam Loperena (Author)Spanish3
Santo, santo, santo Dios de gloria y poder (Holy, holy, holy holy God of power and might)William Loperano (Author)English, Spanish1
Yo soy Pan de vida y vida daréWilliam Loperena (Author)Spanish2
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