Jorge Lockward

Short Name: Jorge Lockward
Full Name: Lockward, Jorge, 1965-
Birth Year: 1965 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Jorge Lockward (18)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Come, Breath of God, force we can't controlJorge Lockward (Author)2
Cuando el pueblo del Señor (When God's people lift their song)Jorge Lockward (Estrofas adicionales y trad. Ingl.)English, Spanish2
¡Gracias, Señor! ¡Gracias, Señor!Jorge A. Lockward (Author)Spanish7
Hosanna en las alturasJorge Lockward (Paraphraser (English))Spanish1
Jesus, tu reuniste os teus amigosJorge A. Lockward, n. 1965 (Translator (Spanish))Portuguese1
Majesty, worship his majestyJorge A. Lockward, b. 1965 (Translator)English1
May God satisfy your longingJorge Lockward, b. 1965 (Translator)1
Pelas dores deste mundo, ó Senhor (For the troubles and the sufferings of the world)Jorge Lockward (Translator (English))English, Portuguese8
Perdón, SeñorJorge Lockward (Author)Spanish7
Perdón, Señor (Forgive us, Lord. For all the world's injustice)Jorge Lockward (Author)English, Spanish3
For grievance and injustice (Por tantas injusticias)Jorge Lockward (Author)3
Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessJorge Lockward, b. 1965 (Translator)English1
Si tuvieras feJorge Lockward, 1965- (Transcriber)Spanish1
Take up thy cross, the Savior said, If thou wouldst my disciple beJorge Lockward, b. 1965 (Translator)English2
Two fisherman, who lived alongJorge Lockward, b. 1965 (Translator)English1
Ven, te invito a cantar al SeñorJorge Lockward (Translator (English))Spanish1
We come from the mountains, the valleys and plainsJorge Lockward (Author (refrain))English3
Sólo tú eres santo, sólo tú eres dignoJorge Lockward (Author (st. 2))English, Spanish5

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