Mosie Lister

Mosie Lister
Short Name: Mosie Lister
Full Name: Lister, Mosie, 1921-2015
Birth Year: 1921
Death Year: 2015

Wikipedia Biography

Thomas Mosie Lister (September 8, 1921 – February 12, 2015) was an American singer and Baptist minister. He was best known for writing the Gospel songs "Where No One Stands Alone", "Till the Storm Passes By", "Then I Met the Master" and "How Long Has It Been?" As a singer, he was an original member in The Statesmen Quartet, the Sunny South Quartet, and the Melody Masters. In 1976 Lister was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and the Southern Gospel Music Association in 1997. His songs have been recorded by nearly every Southern Gospel artist.

Texts by Mosie Lister (40)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A living flame forever burningMosie Lister (Author)English2
Brother have you ever been down on your kneesMosie Lister (Author)English2
[Coming Again (Lister)]Mosie Lister (Author)English2
Dame, ¡Oh Cristo! Tu dulce consolaciónMosie Lister (Author)Spanish2
For years I've traveled this wide world overMosie Lister (Author)5
God hangs the sun on nothing at allMosie Lister (Author)English2
Happy the song that I'm singingMosie Lister (Author)English2
How long has it been since you talked with the LordMosie Lister (Author)English8
I am tossed on an ocean of sorrowT. M. L. (Author)2
I have a home beyond the skyM. L. (Author)1
I have a precious Savior, and He's a friend divineM. L. (Author)English2
I knelt in the garden where Jesus kneltMosie Lister (Author)2
I was sick of sin when Jesus found meMosie Lister (Author)English2
I'm always happy with Jesus as onward I goMosie Lister (Author)2
I'm happy that Jesus came to my heartMosie Lister (Author)English2
In the dark of the midnightMosie Lister (Author)English11
I've been blue the whole day throughMosie Lister (Author)9
I've been on my kneesMosie Lister (Author)3
I've got a wonderful feeling in my heartMosie Lister (Author)English4
Jesus is coming, Jesus is comingMosie Lister (Author)English2
Just a pilgrim, I have wanderedMosie Lister (Author)English2
La voz de Cristo me hablabaMosie Lister (Author)Spanish2
My Jesus knows when I am lonelyM. L. (Author)9
O I have been made wholeMosie Lister (Author)2
Oft I drift into the dreamlandMosie Lister (Author)2
Once I stood in the night with my head bowed lowMosie Lister (Author)English4
Once I wandered alone in blackness of nightM. L. (Author)English11
Once on a cross there hung in sorrowMosie Lister (Author)English2
Praise the holy matchless name of Christ the great eternal KingMosie Lister (Author)2
Shadows often come around me creepingMosie Lister (Author)2
Since Jesus has redeemed and made me wholeMosie Lister (Author)2
Someday this stammering tongue will falter no moreMosie Lister (Author)English4
Some glad day my soul will flyMosie Lister (Author)English12
Tenderly he watches over meMosie Lister (Author)1
The King and I walk down life's road togetherMosie Lister (Author)English2
There are no stained-glass windows in the temple of my heartMosie Lister (Author)English2
There is a train that runs from earth to heaven aboveMosie Lister (Author)2
There's a melody that's ringing in my soul todayT. M. L. (Author)English2
Way out yonder there's a landMosie Lister (Author)3
You may ask me where I'm headedMosie Lister (Author)11

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