Ludvig Mathias Lindeman

Ludvig Mathias Lindeman
Short Name: Ludvig Mathias Lindeman
Full Name: Lindeman, Ludvig Mathias, 1812-1887
Birth Year: 1812
Death Year: 1887

Ludvig M. Lindeman (b. 1812; d. 1887) was a Norwegian composer and organist. Born in Trondheim, he studied theology in Oslo where he remained the rest of his life. In 1839 he succeeded his brother as the organist and cantor of Oslo Cathedral, a position he held for 48 years up until his death. Lindeman was appointed Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, and was invited to both help christen the new organ in Royal Albert Hall in London, as well as compose for the coronation of King Oscar II and Queen Sophie of Sweden. In 1883, he and his son started the Organist School in Oslo. Lindeman is perhaps best known for his arrangements of Norwegiam folk tales; over the course of his life he collected over 3000 folk melodies and tunes.

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Tunes by Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (78)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
AK, FADER, LAD DIT ORDL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)513213 45432 12765
[Ak vidste du, som gaar i Syndens Lænke] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)253165 44523 11762
[Amid the world's deceitful cares]Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)313517 66532 11332
[Saa vil vi nu sige hverandre Farvel] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)313211 76564 31712
[Apostlerne sad i Jerusalem]Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)353321 23423 33567
[As after the waterbrooks panteth]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)215543 26551 17765
[Awake, thou that sleepest, arise from death's slumber]Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)335321 35617 61327
DEN STORE HVIDE FLOKLudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)113556 53135 22342
BRYD FREM, MIT HJERTES TRANG AT LINDRELudvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)456156 45323 54571
NAAR MIT ØIELudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)3053211 76755 3127
[Den, som mig føder, det er Gud min Herre] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)211233 43213 25232
[Den store hvide Flok, vi se]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)251176 55334 45235
DER TAG, DER IST SO FREUDENREICHL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)111123 42121 67121
DIES IRAE (Lindeman)Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)311312 34553 45456
DU SOM GAAR UDLudvig M. Lindeman, 1812-1887 (Composer)315653 16543 25672
DURCH ADAMS FALLL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)211171 65412 3412
[Dyre Bord, som Jesus dækker]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)211223 44435 34321
EASTER MORROWLudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)815664 72153 32342
[Eia, mit Hjerte inderlig]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213354 32365 43325
EIN FESTE BURGL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)211156 71765 17656
EIN NEUES LIEDL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)2
ET BARN ER FØDT I BETHLEHEML. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)651565 54354 33275
FRED TIL BOD (Lindeman)Ludwig M. Lindeman (Composer)2915354 31235 45765
[Gjør Godt mod dem, som dig mon hade] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213566 51171 27657
[Gladelig vil vi Halleluja kvæde]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)212345 65643 23546
[Gud er naadig, han vil ikke]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213556 15365 43532
GUD SKAL ALTING MAGEL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)2032156 55431 32355
[Her ei ties, her indvies]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213551 12217 65454
[Her ser jeg da et Lam at gaa]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)212435 61757 65543
HERRE JESU KRISTL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)1051651 32127 22
HJEM JEG LAENGESLudvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)1512313 45356 75443
[Hvad er det godt i Jesu Arme]Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)212513 54323 12755
HVOR SALIG ER DEN LILLE FLOKL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)715654 32356 17651
[I Himmelen, i Himmelen] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213653 14316 71322
[I Jesu Namn]L. M. Lindeman (Composer)213524 36543 23545
I JESU NAVNL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)132177 12345 23143
I JESUS SØGER JEG MIN FREDL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)535432 12556 65432
I HIMMELEN (51357)Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)151357 21654 31321
[Jeg gaar i Fare, hvor jeg gaar]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)253213 45651 76565
[Jeg har af Hjertens Grund afsagt]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213325 56243 51765
[Jesus i det Høie throner]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)211713 31355 17656
[Jesus, Jesus, come to me] (Lindeman)Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)315112 53254 57665
[O land of our King]L. M. Lindeman (Composer)551615 32543 21555
KIRKEN DEN ER ET GAMMELT HUSLudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)6111531 34556 75342
KJAERLIGHED ER LYSETS KILDELudvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)815651 35233 25675
KOMMT HER ZU MIRL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)111154 53213 23454
[Krist stod op af Døde] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)211336 63517 67336
KVINDELIL! DIN TRO ER STORL. M. Lindeman (Composer)251556 71112 24434
[Maria, hun er en Jomfru reen] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)253345 56151 76576
[Med Konning David klage] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)251321 52177 66551
[Med Straale-Krans om Tinde]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)211231 55653 13254
NUN LOB, MEIN SEELLudv. M. Lindeman (Composer)111765 12333 33217
[Min Sjæl og Aand, opmuntre dig] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)251765 51233 67176
[Mit Hjerte sig fryder, at Jesus opstød]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213354 32135 67176
[My all I to my God commend]Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)415531 11751 76544
[My soul, now bless thy maker!] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—7 (Composer)335431 65544 35132
[Nu er Frelsens Dag oprundet]Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)331556 72143 21712
[O come, if sinner be thy name]Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)313543 66554 32234
[O Jesu, du er min!] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)253212 72143 32255
[O Rock of Ages, one foundation] (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)453132 43231 71256
[O store Gud, din Kjærlighed]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)211235 12332 56716
[Op al den Ting, som Gud har gjort]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)213146 51231 76276
[Op thi dagen nu frembryder] L. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)411321 56512 33543
OVER KEDRON JESUS TRÆDERL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)454313 27512 32543
HER VIL TIES (Lindeman)Ludv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)815662 72153 32342
REPENTANCE (Lindeman)Ludvig Mathias Lindeman (Composer)554316 55434 57453
[Saligheden er os nær]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)211123 65151 76365
I PRAEGTIGE HIMLELudv. M. Lindeman, 1812—87 (Composer)313345 55321
SOM TØRSTIGE HJORT MONNE SKRIGEL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Composer)515543 21655 11776
[Sorgen og Glæden de vandre tilhobe]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)217125 55433 23214
SPRING OF SOULSLudwig M. Lindeman (Composer)953321 14223 45765
[Vær trøstig, mit Hjerte, bedrøv dig ei meer]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)253421 23456 24367
VATER UNSERL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)255345 32155 47534
[Vor Brudgom ei længe nu borte vil blive]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)251765 43654 32312
[Vorder Lys, I Hedninglande!]Ludv. M. Lindeman (Composer)212351 77671 27565
LES COMANDEMENS DE DIEUL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Harmonizer)111232 43213 43217
NEUMARKL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)251232 12757 77651
WIE SCHÖN LEUCHTETL. M. Lindeman, 1812-87 (Arranger)115315 66556 71766

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