H. N. Lincoln

H. N. Lincoln
Short Name: H. N. Lincoln
Full Name: Lincoln, H. N. (Horace Neely), 1859-1948
Birth Year: 1859
Death Year: 1948

Horace Neely Lincoln, 1859-1948. Horace was the son of James Lin­coln and Em­a­line King, and hus­band of Et­ta Lee Thur­mand (mar­ried 1887).

He moved with his fa­mi­ly to Tex­as when he was se­ven years old. At age 10, he be­gan at­tend­ing a sing­ing school con­duct­ed by James M. Jol­ley of Mis­sis­sip­pi. In 1880, he taught his first sing­ing class in his old neigh­bor­hood school house. Lat­er that year, he at­tend­ed his first nor­mal mu­sic school, taught at Moun­tain Home (now Hol­land), Tex­as.

Lincoln had oth­er mu­sic­al train­ing under L. B. Shook (a for­mer stu­dent of Phil­ip Bliss) and John Mc­Pher­son of Il­li­nois. In 1898, he grad­u­at­ed from the Chi­ca­go Na­tion­al Col­lege of Mu­sic, and in 1906 took a post-grad­ua­te course un­der Ho­ra­tio Pal­mer.

Lincoln ev­ent­u­al­ly be­came pre­si­dent of the Song­land Mu­sic Com­pa­ny, and the World’s Nor­mal Mu­sic­al Col­lege.

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Texts by H. N. Lincoln (40)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
After years vainly spent, all my sins I repentHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English3
All men are now invited unto the gospel feastH. N. Lincoln (Author)English4
Almost persuaded, Agrippa saidH. N. Lincoln (Alterer)English1
As through this transient world we goHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
Beautiful city built aboveH. N. Lincoln (Author)English6
Beyond the dark valley and Jordan's cold waveHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
Come to Jesus, come today, He invites you, why delay?H. N. Lincoln (Author)English2
Dear Lord, I look to Thee, Thou art my all in allHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English3
Gracious Savior, I am thineHorace N. Lincoln (Author)1
Have you heard the gospel story, How the great Redeemer cameH. N. Lincoln (Author)English2
Hear our little sunbeam bandHorace N. Lincoln (Author)3
Here I must labor and strive each dayH. N. Lincoln (Author)English3
I have come to you from the bright song-fieldsH. N. L. (Author)English2
I hear the low winds sighing among the boughs that waveH. N. L. (Author)English5
I will trust my SaviorHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English5
In the home of boundless worth, far awayHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
In the morning sow the seeds of the gospel truthHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English3
In the vineyard of the Master, Is there any work for me?H. N. Lincoln (Author)English14
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing, Fill our hearts with joy and peaceHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English1
Lord, I look to thee for pardonHorace N. Lincoln (Author)4
Many lives each day are endingHorace N. Lincoln (Author)3
Many the wrecks that are driftingHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
My Lord calls me, He calls me by the thunderH. N. L. (Author)English1
O come, weary one to the only sure refugeH. N. Lincoln (Author)English2
O take my hand, my blessed LordHorace N. Lincoln (Author)3
Sing a song so sweet and lowHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
Sing again the gospel storyHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
Sing the blessed gospel, sing in every landHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English6
Sinner, rise and comeHorace N. Lincoln (Author)3
The Sunday school army has gathered once moreHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English10
There comes a low sound on the mournful night windsHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
There'll come a timeHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
There's a constant strife in this lower lifeHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English3
Toiling onward through a desert drearyHorace N. Lincoln (Author)English3
Traveling onward through a desert drearyHorace N. Lincoln (Author)3
Traveler on life's great highwayH. N. L. (Author)English8
We are told of the feast and the weddingH. N. Lincoln (Author)English9
We wander on through desert sandHorace N. Lincoln (Author)3
Weary one, look to JesusHorace N. Lincoln (Author)2
Whatever be my lot belowH. N. Lincoln (Author)English6

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