William Lester

Short Name: William Lester
Full Name: Lester, William 1889-1956
Birth Year: 1889
Death Year: 1956

Lester, Thomas William; b. 9-17-1889, Leicester, d. 12-4-56, Berrien Springs, Mich.; English organist and composer; came to the US in 1902

Tunes by William Lester (37)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ADESTE FIDELESWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))211512 55323 43211
[All things come of Thee, O Lord] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)2
AR HYD Y NOSWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))117612 17567 71176
ARMAGEDDONWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))155321 56611 55561
BEECHERWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))155653 23217 61654
[Blessed be the man that provideth for the sick and needy] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)232176 52211 75635
[Book of grace and book of glory] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)217655 54323 44362
DIADEMATA (Elvey)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))111133 66514 32235
DOLE (Lester)William Lester (Composer)336517 76665 13235
HOOKERWilliam Lester (Composer)2
HYMN TO JOYWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))133455 43211 23322
JESU, MEINE FREUDE (Crüger)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))255432 11556 7171
[Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)2
[Life nor death can part us]William Lester (Composer)2
LLANFAIRWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))111335 43254 34321
[Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)212432 32167 13217
[Lord, I would own Thy tender care] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)254324 32165 17654
[Lord, let us now depart in peace]William Lester (Composer)2
[Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)211223 34354 32132
NATIONAL HYMNWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))111234 31171 33356
NEUMARKWilliam Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))351232 12757 77651
[O beautiful for spacious skies] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)2
[O joyous Easter morning] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)256765 43217 15512
[Our Father, who art in heaven] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)3
PILGRIMS (Smart)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))135432 12343 25176
RESONET IN LAUDIBUSWilliam Lester (Arranger)253135 65531 35654
SOMETHING FOR JESUS (Lowry)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))134326 21767 15343
ST. GEORGE'S WINDSOR (Elvey)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))133531 23335 31233
ST. KEVIN (Sullivan)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))133321 34512 34322
ST. THOMAS (Williams)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))151132 12345 43432
SWANSEAWilliam Lester (Harmonizer)215321 23216 51356
[The Lord watch between thee and me]William Lester (Composer)2
[The morning bright] (Lester)William Lester (Composer)2
[The wise may bring their learning] (German)William Lester (Arranger)211123 43211 21671
[To God, the Father, Son, and Spirit, Three in One]William Lester (Composer)2
[To God, the Father, Son, and Spirit, One in Three]William Lester (Composer)2
WESLEY (Mason)William Lester, b. 1889 (Composer (descant))117655 56166 53221
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