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Frederick M. Lehman
Short Name: Frederick M. Lehman
Full Name: Lehman, Frederick M., 1868-1953
Birth Year: 1868
Death Year: 1953

Frederick Martin Lehman, 1868-1953

Born: August 7, 1868, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany.
Died: February 20, 1953, Pasadena, California.
Buried: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California.

Lehman emigrated to America with his family at age four, settling in Iowa, where he lived most of childhood. He came to Christ at age 11, as he relates:

One glad morning about eleven o’clock while walking up the country lane, skirted by a wild crab-apple grove on the right and an osage fence, with an old white-elm gate in a gap at the left, suddenly Heaven let a cornucopia of glory descend on the eleven-year old lad. The wild crab-apple grove assumed a heavenly glow and the osage fence an unearthly lustre. That old white-elm gate with its sun-warped boards gleamed and glowed like silver bars to shut out the world and shut him in with the ’form of the fourth,’ just come into his heart. The weight of conviction was gone and the paeans of joy and praise fell from his lips.

Lehman studied for the ministry at Northwestern College in Naperville, Illinois, and pastored at Audubon, Iowa; New London, Indiana; and Kansas City, Missouri. The majority of his life was devoted to writing sacred songs; his first was written while a pastor in Kingsley, Iowa, in 1898. He wrote and published hundreds of songs, and compiled five song books. In 1911, he moved to Kansas City, where he helped found the Nazarene Publishing House.

Tunes by Frederick M. Lehman (12)sort ascendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Whether skies are dark or bright, if I walk in all the light]F. M. Lehman (Composer)212333 43345 55653
[Though the cover is worn, and the pages are torn] (Lehman)F. M. Lehman (Composer)2
[There's no disappointment in heaven] (Lehman)F. M. Lehman (Composer)2813333 23213 55552
[There's a song in my soul that no tongue can express]F. M. Lehman (Composer)255176 53566 65551
[The sea will not always be stormy]F. M. Lehman (Composer)2
[The love of God is greater far]F. M. Lehman (Composer)5911235 65535 53243
[Like a thief in the night, then the Bridegroom may come]F. M. Lehman (Composer)234545 65343 23554
[Just a few more tears and heart aches]F. M. Lehman (Composer)2
[I say "Amen" to Jesus, whatever it may be]F. M. Lehman (Composer)255333 31764 12355
[I cannot always see the way that leads to heights above]F. M. Lehman (Composer)2
[Have you reached this abiding place in Jesus?]F. M. Lehman (Composer)851333 33231 55133
[Central's never "busy," always on the line]Frederick M. Lehman (Composer)1855351 16646 54424
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