Friedrich Layritz

Short Name: Friedrich Layritz
Full Name: Layriz, Fr. (Friedrich), 1808-1859
Birth Year: 1808
Death Year: 1859

Friedrich (also: Fridrich) Christoph Ludwig Eduard Layriz (also: Layritz, Lairitz, * January 30 1808 in Nemmersdorf, today part of Goldkronach, † March 18 1859 in Unterschwaningen ) was a German Lutheran pastor and Hymnologist.

Friedrich Layriz came from a Franconian family, went to school in Bayreuth and studied Protestant theology at the universities of Leipzig and Erlangen. In Erlangen, he was influenced by the Erlanger theology to Christian Krafft and Georg Karl von Raumer. He was pastor from 1837 to 1842 he provided the second Parochial ministry in the St. St. John's Church in Hirschlach, then from 1842 as pin preacher in St. Georgen (Bayreuth). In 1846 he was named after a literary quarrel with the priest Elias Sittig to the future Bavarian Hymns transferred to Unterschwaningen.

Layriz' importance lies in the collection and rediscovery of Lutheran chorales from the time before the Enlightenment theology, which were widely heavily revised or completely forgotten, and their original polyrhythmic melodies. In 1844 he published the programmatic core of the German hymn of Luther to Gellert with 450 hymns, the major influence on the song book design in Bavaria (1854), Germany and should have in the German-speaking Lutherans in North America. The collection and subsequently by Layriz published chorale books were certainly not historical-critical editions, but for practical use. Therefore, there are also additions and alterations by Layriz therein, such as the until now sung in Protestant churches verses 3 and 4 of "Es ist ein Ros sprung" (EC 30).

In the area of liturgy Layriz worked. He conducted research on the service in the Age of Reformation and was responsible for the musical aspect of the liturgy of Wilhelm Lohe.

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Lo, how a rose e'er bloomingFriedrich L. C. Layriz, 1808-59 (Author (st. 3))English10
Ah Jesus, the meritFriedrich Layritz (Author)English2
Cudowna różdżka wzrosłaFriedrich Layritz (Author (sts. 3-4))Polish2
Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungenFridrich Layriz (Author (st. 3-4))German1
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