E. R. Latta

E. R. Latta
Short Name: E. R. Latta
Full Name: Latta, E. R. (Eden Reeder), 1839-1915
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year: 1915

Rv Eden Reeder Latta USA 1839-1915. Born at Haw Patch, IN, the son of a Methodist minister, (also a boyhood friend of hymn writer Willam A Ogden) he became a school teacher. During the American Civil War he preached for the Manchester Methodist Church and other congregations (possibly as a circuit rider filling empty pulpits). In 1863 he married Mary Elizabeth Wright, and they had five children: Arthur, Robert, Jennie, two others. He taught for the public schools of Manchester, and later Colesburg, IA. He moved to Guttenberg, IA, in the 1890s, and continued writing song lyrics for several major gospel composers, including William Ogden, James McGranahan, James Fillmore, and Edmund Lorenz. He wrote 1600+ songs and hymns, many being widely popular in his day. His older brother, William, composed hymn tunes. He died at Guttenbert, IA.

John Perry

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A flood of sin is sweeping downEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
A little while longer to laborE. R. Latta (Author)English5
A wreath of renownEden Reade Latta (Author)2
ஆசீர் பெற்ற இரத்த ஊற்றே (Ācīr peṟṟa iratta ūṟṟē)E. R. Latta (Author)Tamil2
Adieu to every fearEden Reade Latta (Author)English7
Again, O Lord, we gather hereEden Reade Latta (Author)3
¡Alabado el gran manantialE. R. Latta (Author)Spanish1
All for Jesus, all for Jesus, By the grace His love suppliesE. R. Latta (Author)English3
All praise to His name, all honor and fameE. R. Latta (Author)English3
All the night upon the seaE. R. Latta (Author)English2
All the temptations that try usEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
All they who rely on JesusEden Reade Latta (Author)2
All who would be disciples of JesusEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Along with the angels to standE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Aloud in the holy templeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
And they shall see his faceE. R. Latta (Author)2
Anxiously His promised birthEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Any may come to JesusE. R. Latta (Author)2
Anywhere with Jesus, this shall be my songEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Are we laboring for JesusE. R. Latta (Author)2
Are ye heavy laden?E. R. Latta (Author)English3
Are you almost persuaded like Agrippa of oldEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Are you building on the rock of truthEden Reade Latta (Author)6
Are you coming to the Savior nowE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Are you dropping a word for JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Are you following the Savior dailyEden Reade Latta (Author)English7
Are you for Jesus? express it!Eden R. Latta (Author)English6
Are you getting ready, brotherE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Are you going to that Land, over yonderE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Are you going to the CanaanEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Are you letting in the sunshineEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Are you longing, weary sinnerEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Are you looking unto Jesus, O my brotherEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Are you out on the barrens of sinE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Are you seeking for the Savior's face and favorEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Are you striving for a crownEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Are you walking in the highwayE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Are you walking in the light, that is shining clear and brightEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Are you wandering awayEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Are you willing to be savedEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Are you working for the Master, Working as He biddeth you?E. R. Latta (Author)English3
Are your sins forgivenEden Reade Latta (Author)2
As at morning, so at eveningEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
As fades the light at close of dayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
As he leadeth me, with his gentle handEden Reade Latta (Author)2
As Jacob, till the angelE. R. Latta (Author)2
As the coming of the bridegroomE. R. Latta (Author)English4
As the hart pants to findEden Reade Latta (Author)2
As the Lord commandedEden Reade Latta (Author)3
As you pass along the streetE. R. Latta (Author)2
Ask, and ye shall receive, The dear Savior hath saidE. R. Latta (Author)English2
At the doorway of each heartEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
At the feet of my Lord, who was offeredEden Reade Latta (Author)4
At the name of Jesus (Latta)Eden Reade Latta (Author)2
At thy feet like MaryE. B. Latta (Author)1
Aw we read his work divineEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Away to the battle, upon the Savior's groundEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Away to the woods, away, to the cool inviting shadeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earthE. R. Latta (Author)English1
Bear ye one another's burdens As ye pass through life alongE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Beautiful Bethlehem, in Judea's climeE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Beautiful Canaan land, Region beyond our sightEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Beautiful children, innocent childrenEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Beautiful Christmas mornEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Beautiful Easter, Easter mornEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Beautiful home of the angelsE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Beautiful name of Jesus, Jesus who died for meEden Reeder Latta (Author)English5
Beautiful river, once in vision seenEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Beautiful way of holinessE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Behold the Lamb of God, His wounded side surveyEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Behold, what manner of love, the father hath bestowed (Latta)E. R. Latta (Author)English6
Beneath its crushing load of sinEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Beside the waters mildE. R. Latta (Author)2
Besides the crystal riverEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Beyond the crumbling banks of lifeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Beyond the reach of care and painEden Reade Latta (Author)5
Beyond the sea, the crystal seaEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Blessed be the Fountain of bloodEden R. Latta (Author)English121
Blessed Bible, word of truthEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Blest assurance ever dear [near]Eden R. Latta (Author)English18
Blest invitation, To all so freeEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
Blest were the Lord's disciplesEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Blind Bartimeus by the waysideEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Braving the billows thoughtlessly, gailyEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Bring back the wanderersEden R. Latta (Author)English3
Bring the children to the SaviorE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Broad the road of evilE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Brother, if thy lot be hardEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Brother, O brother, in sin or disgraceE. R. Latta (Author)English3
By a smiling brookletEden Reade Latta (Author)2
By and by, if we are faithfulEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
By the shining angelsEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Camping in the wildernessEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Cast your bread upon the waters, Let them bear it where they mayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Christ can break the power of SatanEden Reade Latta (Author)5
Clinging to Jesus fondly am IEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Closer and closer to JesusE. R. Latta (Author)2
Clouds may gather over us hereEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Come and enroll in your childhoodEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Come and hear the story toldE. R. Latta (Author)English10
Come and sit down to the feastE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Come in your need to JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Come out of the desert, today!E. R. Latta (Author)English2
Come to Jesus! He will save you Though your sins as crimson glowEden Reade Latta (Author)English48
Come to Jesus in the morningEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Come to Jesus, young and oldEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Come to the fount of healingEden Reade Latta (Author)English1
Come to the Savior today, Trustingly, lovingly comeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Come to the waters of lifeE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Come unto me, come unto me, Ye with burdens hard to bearEden Reade Latta (Author)English6
Dark is the pathwayEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Darkness was upon the watersEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Do the right, whatever betidethE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Don't cross the line, boysEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Don't you see the harbor lightsEden Reade Latta (Author)English8
Don't you want to be a soldier, and defend the Savior's cause?E. R. Latta (Author)English2
Down in the garden drearEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Dwellers in darkness that shroudeth the soulE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Dyrebare blodskilde skjønE. R. Latta (Author)Norwegian2
Echoes of joy are in the airEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Enter ye in at the straitE. R. Latta (Author)2
Even as Josiah in his early youthE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Even when thy hands are busyE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Ever press onward, ye pilgrim bandEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, Nor hath the fancy portrayedE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Far from Thy loving embraceE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Father up in heaven, Evermore the sameEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Feed my lambs, my gentle lambsEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Follow the flag of JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Following fully my SaviorEden Reade Latta (Author)English6
For fragrant gums, thou blessed KingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
For such as I, the Savior Did lay His glory byE. R. Latta (Author)English3
For the Father's gift divineE. R. Latta (Author)English2
For the rich and varied blessingsE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Forth to the harvest fieldEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Frälsning i Jesus allenaEden Reeder Latta (Author)Swedish4
Friends we love are passing overE. R. Latta (Author)English3
From earth, its cares, from its toils and painsE. R. Latta (Arranger)English3
From the East the magi cameE. R. Latta (Author)English3
From the shadows and mistsEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
From the tempter's every wileE. R. L. (Author)English2
Gather around the Christmas tree, Gifts for the many its branches holdEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
Gather the lost ones inEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Gather the sheaves, the precious sheavesEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
Gather up the fragments, Scattered here and thereEden R. Latta (Author)English3
Gehet ihr nach dem gelobten Land dort obenE. R. Latta (Author)German2
Give me the old, old BibleEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
Go ye into the highwaysEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
God forbid that I should feel glorifiedEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
God is love, more deepEden Reade Latta (Author)2
God is love, unbound loveEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Good night, we will meet in the morning (Latta)E. R. L. (Author)English3
Green pastures for the lambsEden Reeder Latta (Author)1
Guiding the little footstepsEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Ha itt véget ér földi életemE. R Latta (Author)Hungarian2
Hark, I hear the gospel armyE. R. Latta (Author)English5
Hark, I hear the Savior say Follow me, follow meE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Hark, the voice of Jesus calling Gently to us from His wordE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Have you any secret griefEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Have you gone in paths forbiddenEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Have you heard about the resting landE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Have you heard the invitation That is meantEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Have you heard the traditionE. R. Latta (Author)2
Have you heard what joys they shareE. R. Latta (Author)English5
He calls today for workers, Do you hear? do you hear?Eden Reeder Latta (Author)English8
He calls today to the sols that strayEden Reade Latta (Author)4
He has brought me out of bondageEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
He is calling thee, he is calling theeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
He is near thee, ever near theeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
He is risen from the graveE. R. Latta (Author)2
He keepeth me, ever, where'er be the placeEden Reade Latta (Author)English18
He will hold us by the handEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Hear the crystal intonationsEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Hear the gospel call in the quiet valeEden Reade Latta (Author)5
Hear the loud trumpet call, that is sounding for allE. R. Latta (Author)English7
Hear the shouting of the armiesEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Heavy is the burden of sinE. R. Latta (Author)2
Herrlicher Name JesusE. R. Latta (Author)German2
He's a faithful SaviorEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Hold up your hand for Jesus wherever you may beEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Homeward, we're wndering from dayEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
How dear to the SaviorEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
How dense has been the nightE. R. Latta (Author)English2
How precious are the promises, How precious and how trueEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
How sweet the words of JesusEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
How the Savior loves the childrenEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Humbly to thee, Jesus, my KingEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
I am but a little child, Starting for the heavenly landE. R. Latta (Author)English2
I am Jesus' little lamb, And 'tis that I wish to beE. R. Latta (Author)English3
I am Jesus' little Lamb, Happy all day long I amE. R. Latta (Author)English1
I am still with theeE. R. Latta (Author)English5
I am sweeping through the gates, To the realm of endless dayE. R. Latta (Author)English3
I am the Way, the Savior said, The paths of sin forsakeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English14
I am trusting in the crossEden Reade Latta (Author)1
I am weak and poor and sinfulEden Reade Latta (Author)2
I am with you alway, Thus the Lord did sayE. R. Latta (Author)English3
I can do something for JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
I have found Jesus, Of whom the prophets spakeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
I have heard the story of the foolish virginsE. R. Latta (Author)English5
I have learned a sweet new songEden Reade Latta (Author)English6
I have something I would tell youEden Reeder Latta (Author)English4
I have something to tell youEden Reeder Latta (Author)1
I have wandered far and wideEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
I hear my Savior calling, In tender voice and lowE. R. Latta (Author)English2
I hear the Savior's gentle voiceEden Reade Latta (Author)3
I hear the sound of marching feetE. R. Latta (Author)English5
I hear the trumpet soundingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
I hear the voice of Jesus say, Why stand ye idle all the day?E. R. Latta (Author)English3
I heard the voice of Jesus say, In accents clear and plainEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
I lean on thee, my Savior dearEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
I love the flag of JesusEden Reade Latta (Author)3
I love to go to Sunday school, when comes the Sabbath dayEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
I saw thy sad and fearful stateEden Reade Latta (Author)2
I want to be found somedayEden Reade Latta (Author)3
I want to be like Jesus, as gentle and as kindE. R. Latta (Author)English3
I want to know, each day and hourE. R. Latta (Author)English2
I want to live for Jesus, The children's truest friendEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
I was born in sinful bondageEden Reade Latta (Author)10
I will go to Jesus now For He calls and bids me comeEden Reade Latta (Author)English6
I will seek the Savior earlyEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
I wish I could declare itEden Reade Latta (Author)3
I would be, from day to dayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Ich höre wie mein Heiland sprichtE. R. Latta (Author)German1
Ich preise so gern den Namen des HerrnE. R. L. (Author)German2
If beset by doubts and fearsE. R. Latta (Author)English6
If I could only knowEden Reade Latta (Author)4
If I do not go to JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
If I of heaven would be an heirE. R. Latta (Author)English2
If I'm faithful to my LordEden Reade Latta (Author)10
If I've a heavy load of careEden Reade Latta (Author)2
If I've something done for JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
If our hearts are free from sinEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
If there were no JesusE. R Latta (Author)English2
If there's aught that I can sayEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
If we do the Savior's biddingE. R. Latta (Author)English2
If we treat with sinEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
If we would be disciples of Jesus here belowEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
If we're in the narrow wayEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
If you are seeking salvationEden Reade Latta (Author)2
If you have only one talentEden Reade Latta (Author)3
If you hear a voice withinEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
If you hear the Savior callEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
If you speak a word of kindnessE. R. Latta (Author)English2
If you've a besetting sinEden Reade Latta (Author)2
I'm a child of the King, who is mightier farE. R. Latta (Author)English20
I'm a sinner all undoneE. R. Latta (Author)English2
I'm but a little child, And but little do I knowEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
I'm longing for the coming of the kingdom to my spiritE. R. Latta (Author)English14
I'm seeking that beautiful cityE. R. Latta (Author)English3
I'm waiting now, at mercy's doorE. R. Latta (Author)English2
In a fellowship enduringEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
In a voice of loving kindness Jesus callsEden Reade Latta (Author)2
In dark Gethsemane, The Savior on His kneesE. R. Latta (Author)English2
In merry childhood's sunny hoursE. R. Latta (Author)2
In my joy and in my sorrowE. R. Latta (Author)English2
In my work whatever it beEden Reade Latta (Author)English6
In the conquering name of the kingEden Reade Latta (Author)2
In the day of all days when the world shall be judgedE. R. Latta (Author)English27
In the dim and early morningE. R. Latta (Author)English4
In the garden, sore oppressedEden Reade Latta (Author)English14
In the heavenly habitationEden Reade Latta (Author)3
In the hour of gladnessEden Reade Latta (Author)4
In the mansions over yonder, In the shade of Life's fair treeE. R. Latta (Author)English2
In the market places, As in days of oldEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
In the mists and the cloudsE. R. Latta (Author)English2
In the morning of the life When the path is smooth and straightEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
In the morning very earlyEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
In the paths of sin astrayEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
In the presence of the angelsE. R. Latta (Author)2
In the quiet hour of slumberE. R. Latta (Author)2
In the season of the reapingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
In the temple aboveEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
In the vineyard of the Lord, Whatsoever the task may beEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
In the vineyard of the Master, We should toil with purpose trueEden Reade Latta (Author)English2
In the way that leads to deathE. R. Latta (Author)English2
In this world of sin and troubleE. R. Latta (Author)English6
Into His image to growE. R. Latta (Author)English8
Is it nothing to meE. R. Latta (Author)English6
Is it true that in the garden of GethsemaneEden Reeder Latta (Author)English4
Is there anyone here whose heart is touchedE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Is there no room for JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Is there not a place for meE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Is your spirit dark with the clouds of doubt?E. R. Latta (Author)English2
Isr'l's hosts had perishedEden Reeder Latta (Author)4
It is good for us to be hereE. R. Latta (Author)English5
It was in my early lifeEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
I've a mansion over yonder, On the calm, eternal shoreEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
I've heard about the Eden shoreEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
I've heard and I've readEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
I've heard of a beautiful climeE. R. Latta (Author)English2
I've heard of blind BartimeusEden Reade Latta (Author)3
I've heard some gladsome newsEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Jede Versuchung hieniedenEden Reeder Latta (Author)German1
Jesus calls for toilers nowE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Jesus, come and bless the childrenE. R. Latta (Author)English6
Jesus died to bring salvationEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Jesus has wondrously saved meEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Jesus, help the pilgrimE. R. Latta (Author)2
Jesus, I have need of TheeEden Reade Latta (Author)English11
Jesus, I know Thy loveEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Jesus, I own thy pardonEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Jesus is bidding the idlers Haste to His vineyard awayE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Jesus is calling softly todayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Jesus is calling us childrenEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Jesus is calling you, childrenEden Reeder Latta (Author)4
Jesus is my Shepherd, And He will safely keepE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Jesus is my Shepherd, I his lamb will beEden Reade Latta (Author)5
Jesus is our burden bearerEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Jesus is our Leader, As we pass alongEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Jesus is our Shepherd, He will keep from illEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Jesus is tenderly calling for youE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Jesus is the truest FriendEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Jesus left the courts of gloryEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Jesus loves the children (Latta)Eden Reade Latta (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior dear, Thy loving voice I hearE. R. Latta (Author)English6
Jesus pleads with every oneE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Jesus said to His disciples That they should not troubled beE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Jesus says, if any manE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Jesus, the merciful SaviorEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Jesus thou hast died to save meE. R. Latta (Author)2
Jesus Thou hast promisedE. R. Latta (Author)English10
Jesus to his chosen spakeEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Jesus, to His disciplesEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Jesus to me is callingE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Jesus, we are thy disciplesE. R. Latta (Author)2
Jesus, we have heard thee callingEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
Jesus, we our voices raiseEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Keep the temperance banner wavingE. R. Latta (Author)English5
Kennst du wohl den Brunnen, der rinntE. R. Latta (Author)German3
Komm zum Kreuz, wo Jesus starbE. R. Latta (Author)German1
Labor on, that right may triumphEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
Land of beauty, far awayEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Lead me, Savior, lead me, lest I go astrayE. R. Latta (Author)English9
Lest in weakness I may strayEden R. Latta (Author)English2
Let me pray as Jesus prayedEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Let us pass over, the MasterEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Let us seek the land that is fair and brightEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Let us work and watch for JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Let your lamps be trimmedEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Let your lamps be trimmed and burningEden Reeder Latta, 1839-1907 (Author)English1
Lift the crimson ensign highEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Lift the cross of JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Like the Israelites we're pressingEden Reade Latta (Author)English8
Like the prodigalEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Little black eyes, six yearsEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Little hearts from Thee may wanderE. R. Latta (Author)English5
Live for Jesus live for Jesus, Give to Him thy loveEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Live for Jesus, O my brotherEden Reeder Latta (Author)English12
Living for Jesus, yes, living for JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Long and patiently he'sEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Lord, I know I cannot please TheeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Lord, to thee in faith we comeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Loved and loving hereEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Lovest thou me, List to Him sayE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Make room for Jesus, in thy heartEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Many are the needy onesE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Many blind and halt and witheredEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Many seek for earthly treasureLatta (Author)English4
Mercy's door is open, Why not enter in?Eden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Merry, merry Christmas, full of cheerE. R. Latta (Author)English3
’Mid all the temptations I daily may meetEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
More like my Lord to beE. R. Latta (Author)English3
My feet had wandered far awayEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Ndiyo damu ya baraka E. R. Latta (Author)Swahili1
Nearer to probation's closeE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Nearer to the land of restEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Not far from the kingdom of heaven, The kingdom of heaven with menE. R. Latta (Author)English8
Now an offering of thanksgivingEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
Now I hear the Savior's voiceE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Now is the accepted timeEden Reade Latta (Author)English1
Now is the seeding timeEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Now just a word for Jesus, fear not to testifyEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Now the Spirit bearethEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
O beautiful Jerusalem, From care and sorrow freeE. R. Latta (Author)English2
O Bethlehem! thou city blestE. R. Latta (Author)English2
O Canaan land, O Canaan landEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
O Christian soldier, on the fieldEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
O, come to the loving SaviorEden Reade Latta (Author)2
O entreat me not to leaveEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
O go not away tonight unsavedEden Reeder Latta (Author)English5
O I long to see the beauty of my Savior's smiling faceEden Reade Latta (Author)English14
O listen to the welcome soundEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
O praise His name foreverEden Reeder Latta (Author)English5
O prodigal, returnEden Reade Latta (Author)2
O prodigal, return Thy Father's love to learnEden Reade Latta (Author)4
O the blessings we may shareEden Reade Latta (Author)2
O the gentle loving JesusEden Reade Latta (Author)2
O the love, the wondrous loveEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
O 'tis a blessed task, indeedEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
O toilers in the vineyard, The vineyard of the LordE. R. Latta (Author)English5
O victim of the baneful cupE. R. Latta (Author)English2
O what a happy lot is mine, For Jesus loves me! for Jesus loves meEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
O what love the Father showed, Unto mortals all undoneEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
O what love the Savior showed When He laid His glory byEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
O where will you anchor dear sinnerEden Reade Latta (Author)2
O why does the somberEden Reade Latta (Author)3
O'er barren mountains, bold and highEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Over the billows, Christ is callingEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Of the bright and shining angelsEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Of the countless host of victimsEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Of the river of thy pleasureEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
O come to the Savior, childrenE. R. Latta (Author)English2
O, do not trust the tempterE. R. Latta (Author)2
O haste thy kingdom, LordE. R. Latta (Author)2
O how many blessings every day I shareE. R. Latta (Author)English8
O how patiently he waitedE. R. Latta (Author)English2
O our father, we would praise theeE. R. Latta (Author)2
O rumseller, do you remember the dayE. R. Latta (Author)2
O tell it again to meE. R. Latta (Author)2
O the beauties we shall seeE. R. Latta (Author)English3
O the love of Jesus, What a ceaseless flameE. R. Latta (Author)English2
O wonderful love that the Good Shepherd showedE. R. Latta (Author)English2
On Calvary's rugged mountainE. R. Latta (Author)English2
On my earthly journeyEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
On the husks are you feeding, my brotherE. R. Latta (Author)English2
On the Roman cross suspendedEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
On the solid rock I'm buildingEden Reeder Latta (Author)5
On the treacherous sand are the sinners feetE. R. Latta (Author)English2
On thee do I waitEden R. Latta (Author)2
On thy truth and grace relyingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Once I was blind in gloom and sinEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Once in sin's delusive pathwayEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Only watching o'er the watersEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Open thy heart to the SaviorE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Our feet are apt to wanderEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Our mission fulfillingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Our sweetest song for JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Out of darkness into light, Do the blessed scriptures sayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Out of our wandering pathwaysEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Out upon the heaving watersEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Over the jasper sea, Far from all ills awayEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Over the sea of deathE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Over yonder, where the SaviorEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Pass me not by, my SaviorEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Pass the news along the lineEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Pleasures that earth can give, never are unalloyedEden Reade Latta (Author)English8
Pris ske Gud foer blodsk'llans flodEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Prodigals hungry and thirstyE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Quit the paths of sin and follyE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Rally round the banner, its dusty folds unfurlEden Reade Latta (Author)English1
Rapidly speed the momentsEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Ripe is the grain for the reapersE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Safe are the sheep in foldEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
Scatter sunshine, scatter sunshine, wheresoever you mayEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Scatter wide the seed of truthEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Scattering in patienceE. R. Latta (Author)2
See the harvesters reapingEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
See the heathen, far awayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
See the heathen over the seaE. R. Latta (Author)English4
See the mighty host of drunkardsE. R. Latta (Author)English2
See the Savior on the crossEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Seek not the tomb todayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Seek the Savior now, While 'tis called todayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Seek thou the Savior in earnestEden R. Latta (Author)English6
Seek ye the merciful ShepherdEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Seja bendito o CordeiroEden Reeder Latta (Author)Portuguese2
Seliger Weg der HeiligungEden Reeder Latta (Author)German1
Servants of Satan or of the LordEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Shall I be glad His voice to hearE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Shall I be there when the roll is calledE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Shall we join the angel throngE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Shall we meet with the loved and the lostEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Shall we stand among the angelsEden Reade Latta (Author)4
She had heard about the heathenEden Reade Latta (Author)6
Sieh, auf Golgatha fließt ein QuellE. R. Latta (Author)German2
Silvery fountain, dear to the sightEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Sing the wondrous love of Jesus, Sing it far and wide! (Latta)Eden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Sing us a song, birdieE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Sinner, come to Jesus, thou in danger artE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Sinner, far away from GodEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Sinner, O why wilt thou goEden Reeder Latta (Author)English4
Sinner, undone thy conditionE. R. Latta (Author)English5
Sinner, unrepentant stillEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Sinners who all will forsakeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Slight him no longerEden Reeder Latta (Author)6
Soon or late, it may [shall] beEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Sow the seed in the morningEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Sowing in tears, sorrowful tearsEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Sowing the seed of truth patiently on we goE. R. Latta (Author)English12
Speak just a word for Jesus, Fear not to testifyEden Reade Latta (Author)English6
Speed the tidings farEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Spread the tidings of salvationEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Star of light, shining brightEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Striving to follow JesusEden R. Latta (Author)English4
Stronger than the love of father or motherE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Stunden der Nacht, finsterer NachtEden Reeder Latta (Author)German1
Sweet was the promise his followers madeEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Sweetest story ever told, By angelic voices sungEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Take up your cross and speak for JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Tell me, in my youthful daysEden Reeder Latta (Author)English4
Tell me the story over, over and over againE. R. Latta (Author)2
Tell me what to do to be pureE. R. Latta (Author (Chorus))English1
Tell that I'm coming to JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Tell the message, gospel messageEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Thank and praise Him for his goodnessEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
That wonderful redemption, Of which I oft have heardE. R. Latta (Author)English2
That world is always bright and fairE. R. Latta (Author)English3
The beautiful Babe of BethlehemE. R. Latta (Author)English2
The beautiful seed of gospel truthE. R. Latta (Author)English3
The bright pearly gates of the skyEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
The captivity of JudahEden Reade Latta (Author)2
The crowning time is comingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
The day, in his garish apparelEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
The Father's gift, unspeakableEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
The forty years concludedE. R. Latta (Author)2
The friends we have trusted may turn us awayE. R. Latta (Author)English3
The glory He had with the FatherEden R. Latta (Author)English2
The gospel door is open (Latta)Eden Reade Latta (Author)3
The heavenly beacon is shiningEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
The Lamb of God, from sin so freeEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
The mansions are readyEden Reade Latta (Author)2
The Messiah of the nations, He shall comeE. R. Latta (Author)English3
The night of sin, long and gloomyEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
The path that leads to GodE. R. L. (Author)1
The resting time is coming, from earthly toil and careE. R. Latta (Author)2
The Savior says to all, Go workEden Reade Latta (Author)2
The seed we are sowing anon by the wayEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
The singing of the angelsEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
The time will soon be over our journey to pursueEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
The twelve with Jesus satE. R. Latta (Author)2
The way is broad and wide the gateE. R. Latta (Author)English2
The weary soul to cheer and make the doubting boldEden Reade Latta (Author)3
The world is full of stories (Latta)Eden Reade Latta (Author)4
There are foes we must meetE. R. Latta (Author)English2
There is a gentle, loving FriendEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
There is a glorious kingdomEden Reade Latta (Author)1
There is a name that on my earE. R. Latta (Author)English4
There is a place in his vineyardEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
There is a river far more fairE. R. Latta (Author)English3
There is naught that earth can giveE. R. Latta (Author)English4
There is no dread of crossing Death's dark and rolling riverEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
There is no other like JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
There is only one foundation, Where our hopes may safely restE. R. Latta (Author)English3
There is pardon, full and free, At the cross, Whatsoever our sins may beEden Reeder Latta (Author)English35
There is seed of truth to sowE. R. Latta (Author)English2
There will be a wondrous meetingE. R. Latta (Author)English3
There'll be joy beyond expressingEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
There's a beautiful land, there's a blissful abodeE. R. Latta (Author)English3
There's a beautiful name in my childhood I heardE. R. Latta (Author)English2
There's a blessed land of promise, over the darkly rolling tideE. R. Latta (Author)English2
There's a blessed saying that my heart dothEden Reade Latta (Author)3
There's a Christian race to runEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
There's a depth of love unsoundedEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
There's a field where we must laborEden Reade Latta (Author)3
There's a fountain of delightEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
There's a gentle voice that callsEden Reade Latta (Author)2
There's a heavenly garden, more wondrously fairE. R. Latta (Author)English4
There's a joy that there is no expressingE. R. Latta (Author)English3
There's a land of wondrous beauty don't you want to be thereE. R. Latta (Author)English3
There's a mansion waiting for the faithful soulE. R. Latta (Author)English2
There's a pardon to be foundEden Reade Latta (Author)5
There's a place above all othersE. R. Latta (Author)English15
There's a region all uncloudedE. R. Latta (Author)English2
There's a way my feet should followEden Reade Latta (Author)4
There's a way that is narrow and straightEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
There's a welcome, blest, that my soul shall hearEden Reade Latta (Author)3
There's an army heavenward marchingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
There's an army that's fighting for JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
There's an everlasting mansionEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
There's so much on earth to tempt the soul to evilEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
There's the seed of truthEden Reade Latta (Author)2
They leave the crumbling sands of timeE. R. Latta (Author)2
They say there's a haven somewhereE. R. Latta (Author)English2
They who early seek the LordEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
They who wait on the LordEden Reade Latta (Author)English1
They who would do the Master's willE. R. Latta (Author)English4
This is not our time of restingEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Though heavy be the clouds and darkE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Though in life the tempests gatherE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Thou art with me, O my SaviorE. R. Latta (Author)2
Thou hast given all for usEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Thou hast promised, Lord, to help meE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Though but a little child I beEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Though but one talent smallEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Though dark the clouds aroundE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Though deeper than the deepest wellEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Though I am but a little child, The Savior's I may beE. R. Latta (Author)English4
Though I am but a little child, And young in years am IEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Though the Savior, crucifiedEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Though the waters of salvationEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Though you've slighted him so longEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Through the gates into the city, into the heavenly foldsE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Through waters deep and darkEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
'Tis the holy day of restE. R. Latta (Author)2
'Tis the merry, merryEden Reade Latta (Author)2
'Tis waiting over yonderE. R. Latta (Author)English3
To him that overcometh, As I have overcomeE. R. Latta (Author)English2
To his disciples, Jesus saidE. R. Latta (Author)2
To Satan's galling bondageE. R. Latta (Author)English2
To the fishers by the sideEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
To the land of promiseEden Reade Latta (Author)2
To the tomb so chill and lonelyEden Reade Latta (Author)3
To Thee, Jesus I am comingEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Tűnj minden félelem!E. R Latta (Author)Hungarian2
'Twill not be long, O my brotherEden Reeder Latta (Author)8
'Twon't be long that our troubles here shall lastE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Under sinful condemnationEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Unser Leben ist ein SäenEden Reeder Latta (Author)German1
Unto Abram God did sayEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Unto men and not to angelsEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Up yonder in that cityE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Upon the cross, the blessed JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Urging on the battle, Mid the sulphur smokeEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Wanderer away from Jesus, In the winding ways of sinE. R. Latta (Author)English18
Wanderer in sinful waysEden R. Latta, b. 1839 (Author)English5
Wanderers in the desertEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Wandering away from GodEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Wandering here, wanderingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Warm our hearts, O Holy SpiritEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Was there anything that Jesus Left undone, left undoneE. R. Latta (Author)English2
We are camping pilgrims, hereEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We are drawing nearer, There is no delayEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We are fitting out for gloryE. R. Latta (Author)English2
We are following on, dear SaviorE. R. Latta (Author)2
We are going forth and sowingEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We are growing up for JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)4
We are little buildersE. R. Latta (Author)English4
We are little stars for Jesus, giving forth our little lightE. R. Latta (Author)English2
We are little temperance soldiersE. R. Latta (Author)English1
We are marching homeward, From this storm beaten shoreE. R Latta (Author)English2
We are marching to Mount ZionEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
We are pilgrims here, and strangersEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We are pilgrims homeward boundEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
We are pilgrims on our journey (Latta)E. R Latta (Author)3
We are sailing on the roughEden Reade Latta (Author)2
We are sowing, ever sowing, And the seed shall upward leapE. R. Latta (Author)English2
We are sowing, ever sowing, In the paths where others moveEden Reade Latta (Author)English12
We are sowing precious seed in His vineyard here belowEden Reade Latta (Author)2
We are sowing seed for JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
We are the army of JesusE. E. Latta (Author)2
We are through the desert goingEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
We can do something though children so youngEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
We have heard the voice of JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)4
We have taken up the cross, We will tell His power to saveE. R. Latta (Author)English3
We know that he cares for the liliesEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
We know there's a bright and a glorious landEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
We may here be sorelyEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We shall meet, beyond the river, We shall gather there some day (Latta)Eden Reader Latta (Author)English3
We shall reach the shore, some dayEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
We will gladly our sacrificeEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Weary and faint in spiritEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Welcome the gospel songsE. R. Latta (Author)2
Welcome ye always areEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Well done, good and faithfulE. R. Latta (Author)2
We'll sign the pledge tonight, boysEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We'll swell the everlastingEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Wenn mein Werk hienieden für Jesum getanE. R. Latta (Author)German3
We're a band of little pilgrims. Moving upward on our wasE. R. Latta (Author)English2
We're a band of little soldiers, And our hearts are brave and trueRev. E. R. Latta (Author)English3
We're a band of little workersEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We're a band of soldiersEden Reade Latta (Author)4
We're camping in the wildernessEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
We're going homeward, Each passing yearE. R. Latta (Author)English2
We're in the Savior's armyEden Reade Latta (Author)2
We're journeying on, soE. R. Latta (Author)2
We're marching on from day to dayEden Reade Latta (Author)2
We're only pilgrims here belowEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
We're out on the ocean, the oceanEden Reade Latta (Author)2
We're soldiers in the army of Jesus ChristEden Reade Latta (Author)3
What a meeting that will be when our course is finished hereE. R. Latta (Author)English3
What a wonderful Redeemer, Was the blessed Son of GodEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
What are these arrayed in white, And whence come they?Eden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
What are we doing for JesusEden Reade Latta (Author)2
What can the children do (Latta)Eden Reade Latta (Author)3
What could we do without Jesus?Eden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
What must I give up to JesusEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
What wilt thou have me to do? Where wilt Thou have me to go?E. R. Latta (Author)English2
Whatever my employment, Wherever I may beE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Whatever your trouble may beEden Reade Latta (Author)4
When, at the river crossingEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
When Christ was born in Bethlehem, The wise men from afarEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
When Daniel good and true, through power of wicked men]Eden Reeder Latta (Author)3
When does with earth and earthly thingsEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
When I behold the wondrous loveEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
When Jesus gathers his childrenE. H. Latta (Author)English2
When Jesus left his courtsEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
When joyful are our spiritsEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
When little children do the wrongEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
When my work is finished, I'm trying to doE. R. Latta (Author)English21
When tender blossoms droop and dieE. R. Latta (Author)English3
When the angels come to meet usEden Reeder Latta (Author)English4
When the Bridegroom cometh in the silent nightEden Reade Latta (Author)4
When the chief Shepherd shall appearE. R. Latta (Author)2
When the clouds have gatheredEden Reade Latta (Author)2
When the clouds of doubt enshroud theeEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
When the clouds of doubt overshadowE. R. Latta (Author)English3
When the disciples of Jesus trunEden Reade Latta (Author)2
When the ear no longer hearethEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
When the flight of time is pastEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
When the flight of time is past All the human race at lastEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
When the harvest appearsE. R. Latta (Author)2
When the howling tempest ragesEden Reade Latta (Author)3
When the laborers have finishedE. R. Latta (Author)English4
When the messenger may call meEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
When the mission here is endedE. R. Latta (Author)English2
When the people of the LordEden Reade Latta (Author)2
When the sowing and the reapingE. R. Latta (Author)English4
When the work of life is overEden Reade Latta (Author)English8
When to the earth I am bidding adieuEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
When we cross the threshold overE. R. Latta (Author)English2
When we get home to that beautiful landEden Reade Latta (Author)English17
When we have finished the journeyEden Reade Latta (Author)2
When we have kept the faith fullyEden Reade Latta (Author)2
When we have kept the faith fully Faith in the Savior of menEden Reade Latta (Author)2
When we in the judgment standE. R. Latta (Author)English72
When we pass the shining portalsE. R. Latta (Author)2
When we reach the harborEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
When with happy facesE. R. Latta (Author)English4
When you come to Jordan's riverEden Reade Latta (Author)English4
Where do the children goEden Reade Latta (Author)4
Where life's crystal stream doth flowEden Reade Latta (Author)English24
Where now are the little childrenEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Where the Savior's hand is leadingE. R. Latta (Author)English3
Where they never say farewellEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Wheresoever now you may strayE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Wheresoever it is meetEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Wherever I may beE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Wherever we may go, by night or dayEden R. Latta (Author)English6
While my path pursuingEden Reade Latta (Author)2
While the Savior's voice is callingEden Reade Latta (Author)2
While upon our pilgrim journey, Through lifes' wilderness we strayEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
While upon the earthly journeyE. R. Latta (Author)English5
While upon this earthly journeyEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Whiter than snow, whiterEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Who knoweth the mystical languageEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Who may come at the gospel call?E. R. Latta (Author)English4
Who may seek the Savior'sEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Who shall enter that cityEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Who the wrecks of drink can numberEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Who would let an earthly friendEden R. Latta (Author)English2
Who would not love the SabbathEden Reade Latta (Author)3
Whoso heeds the Savior's wordsEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Whosoever my discipleEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Whosoever will come to the watersEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Why are faces all so cheeryE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Why delay to come to JesusEden Reade Latta (Author)English3
Why did God bestow His sonEden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Why not come to Jesus, sinner?Eden Reeder Latta (Author)English2
Why should I love the SaviorEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Why slight the blessed Savior soEden Reeder Latta (Author)6
Why stand ye here idle and others have spedEden Reade Latta (Author)English5
Why stand ye here idle, with so much to do?Eden Reade Latta (Author)English11
Why the smiles that faces wearEden Reeder Latta (Author)3
Why will ye die, sinnersEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Will our lamps be filled and readyE. R. Latta (Author)English27
Will you be a volunteerEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Will you come to the feast that is spread you?E. R. Latta (Author)English5
Willst du heute noch zu Jesu geh'nE. R. L. (Author)German2
Wo immerhin wir gehn, sei's Tag, sei's NachtEden R. Latta (Author)German1
Wonderful hope, that hold usEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Wonderful that story toldEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Wonderful words of Jesus, Such as man never spakeEden Reade Latta (Author)English6
Words could not but halfEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Work on with tireless zealEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Working for Jesus working forEden Reeder Latta (Author)2
Working, waiting, prayingEden Reade Latta (Author)2
Would you be a child of JesusE. R. Latta (Author)English2
Would you hear salvation's story?E. R. Latta (Author)English2
Would you know the love of Jesus, For the fallen human raceEden Reeder Latta (Author)English3
Would you stand among the toilersE. R. Latta (Author)English11
Yes, there is a healingEden Reade Latta (Author)2
You may hear the invitationE. R. Latta (Author)English2
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