Martha J. Lankton

Short Name: Martha J. Lankton
Full Name: Lankton, Martha J. (See also Crosby, Fanny)
Birth Year: 1820
Death Year: 1915

Pseudonym. See also Crosby, Fanny, 1820-1915

Texts by Martha J. Lankton (29)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
Go when the daylight is dyingMartha J. Lankton (Author)English1
Gratefully I worship TheeMartha J. Lankton (Author)English1
I am happy, O my SaviorMartha J. Lankton (Author)English1
O how long will men refuseMartha J. Lankton (Author)English1
O the harvest days are pleasantMartha J. Lankton (Author)English1
Savior, how I need TheeMartha J. Lankton (Author)English1
A stronger faith, dear SaviorMartha J. Lankton (Author)English2
I know I am born of the spiritMiss Martha J. Lankton (Author)English2
In the Lord is our hope On his word we are stayedMartha J. Lankton (Author)English2
My soul shall rejoice in Thy salvationMartha J. Lankton (Author)English2
Sound, sound the jubileeMarth J. Lankton (Author)English2
There's a light at the portal of mercy tonightMartha J. Lankton (Author)English2
We march to the field with the sword and shieldMartha J. Lankton (Author)English2
Why will you roam far from your homeMartha J. Lankton (Author)English2
I am weary of sin, and I long to be freeMartha J. Lankton (Author)English3
March, march away to the world's great fieldMartha J. Lankton (Author)English3
Pray for the fallen, o think of them kindlyMartha J. Lankton (Author)English3
Pretty golden sunbeamsMartha J. Lankton (Author)English3
Sing, my soul, proclaim the holy raptureMartha J. Lankton (Author)English3
Why is thy harp on the willowMartha J. Lankton (Author)English3
Be with me every moment, Savior mineMartha J. Lankton (Author)English4
I will cling to the cross where I first found restMartha J. Lankton (Author)English4
Is there any one here that is willing todayMartha J. Lankton (Author)English4
Thank God for a perfect salvationMartha J. Lankton (Author)English5
Keep thy faith steady, my brotherMartha J. Lankton (Author)English6
When doubt and conflict weigh me downMartha J. Lankton (Author)English7
Dwell in me, O blessed SpiritMartha J. Lankton (Author)English10
Oft have I heard a voice that saidMartha J. Lankton (Author)English18
I will go, I cannot stayMartha J. Lankton (Author)English30
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