L. Lambillotte

L. Lambillotte
Short Name: L. Lambillotte
Full Name: Lambillotte, L. (Louis), 1796-1855
Birth Year: 1796
Death Year: 1855
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BEAUTIFUL MOTHERLouis Lambillotte, SJ, 1796-1855 (Composer)532355 43465 32355
[Children of Mary, high your voices raise]Lambillotte (Composer)233216 53335 32332
[Hail, Virgin, dearest Mary]Lambilotte (Composer)254333 23544 33343
LAMBILLOTTELouis Lambillotte, SJ, 1796-1855 (Composer)2355512 22332 35433
[Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes]Lambillotte (Composer)251111 22232 13335
[Light at evening, blessed promise]Louis Lambillotte (Composer)2
[O thou on whose bright natal day]Lambillotte (Composer)455345 67155 52176
[On this day we ask to share]Lambilotte (Composer)232355 43465 32355
SACRIS SOLEMNISLouis Lambillotte, 1796-1855 (Composer)533354 36543 32222
[Sancta, Sancta Maria] (Lambillotte)Lambillotte (Composer)333345 65222 34543

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