Christian Ignatius LaTrobe

Christian Ignatius LaTrobe
Short Name: Christian Ignatius LaTrobe
Full Name: LaTrobe, Christian Ignatius, 1758-1836
Birth Year: 1758
Death Year: 1836

Born: February 12, 1758, Fulneck (near Leeds), Yorkshire, England.
Died: May 6, 1836, Liverpool, England.

La Trobe, Christian Ignatius, eldest son of Benjamin La Trobe, was born at the Moravian Settlement, Fulneck, Leeds, Yorkshire, Feb. 12, 1758, and educated in England and at the Brethren's College, Niesky, Silesia. Taking orders in the Moravian Church, he became in 1784 Secretary to their Society for the Furtherance of the Gospel, and in 1795 Secretary to the Unity of the Brethren in England. He died at Fairfield, near Liverpool, May 6, 1836. He is best known through his Selection of Sacred Music, in six volumes, which appeared in 1806-25. His hymnological contributions consist of a few translations from the German. [George Arthur Crawford, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Christian Ignatius Latrobe (12 February 1758 – 6 May 1836) was an English clergyman of the Moravian Church, as well as an artist, musician and composer. He created a large number of works for, and most famously edited, a Selection of Sacred Music in six volumes between 1806 and 1826, introducing the sacred music of Haydn, Mozart and Pergolesi and other European continental composers who were largely unknown to English audiences.

Texts by Christian Ignatius LaTrobe (19)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
As long as Jesus Lord remainsRev. C. I. LaTrobe, 1758-1790 (Alterer)English2
For our transgressions thou wast woundedChrisitian Ignatius La Trobe, 1758-1836 (Author)6
How great the bliss to be a sheep of JesusC. I. LaTrobe (Author)English7
In this sepulchral EdenChr. Ignatius La Trobe, 1758-1836 (Translator)6
Let not your heart be faintChristian Ignatius LaTrobe (Author)8
Lord of life, now sweetly slumberRev. Christian Ignatius LaTrobe, 1758-1836 (Author)English6
Man of sorrows and acquaintedC. I. LaTrobe (Author)1
Met around the sacred tombChristian I. Latrobe, 1758-1836 (Author)7
Resting in the silent graveChristian Ignatius LaTrobe (Author)4
Savior of Thy chosen raceChristian Ignatius La Trobe, 1758-1836 (Author)English2
See Jesus seated midst his ownChristian I. La Trobe, 1758-1836 (Author)4
Sing praises unto God on highChristian Ignatius LaTrobe (Author)5
Sing with awe in strains harmoniousChristian Ignatius LaTrobe (Author)6
'Tis finished now, Redemption's finished nowChristian Ignatius LaTrobe (Author)4
To avert from men God's wrathRev. Christian Ignatius LaTrobe, 1758-1836 (Translator)9
Truly that eventful dayC. I. LaTrobe (Author)4
Weep, Zion, weep, in death's deep sleepChristian Ignatius LaTrobe (Author)English3
What happiness, What joy and happinessC. I. La Trobe (Author)1
What shall I feel, when IC. I. LaTrobe (Author)1

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