Frederick W. Kücken

Short Name: Frederick W. Kücken
Full Name: Kücken, Frederick W., 1810-1882
Birth Year: 1810
Death Year: 1882 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Frederick W. Kücken (13)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Auf, lasst uns fröhlich wandern]Fr. Kücken (Composer)255567 15553 25155
[Glory in the highest, glory] (Kücken)Fr. Kucken (Composer)234556 71556 54444
[Good night, farewell, my own true heart]F. Kücken (Composer)253355 41233 32543
[Each little flower that opens] (13556)Kücken (Composer)113556 71556 54444
LYNDEKücken (Composer)231651 21236 55456
[Lift up the nation's banner]Kücken (Composer)215351 32212 1765
[O praise our God today]Kücken (Composer)233247 13555 63443
[Praise, my soul, the King of heaven] (Kücken)Kücken (Composer)254545 12312 17432
[Praise the Lord, His glories show] (Kücken)Kücken (Composer)234517 32117 65121
REPOSE (Kücken)Frederick W. Kücken (Composer)3732135 65332 11232
[They walked and talked with Jesus]Kucken (Composer)156712 34531 12535
TRADITIONALF. W. Kücken, 1810-1882 (Composer)755343 32112 4671
[Wer will unter die Soldaten]Kücken (Composer)213556 71556 54444
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