Albrecht Kronenberger

Albrecht Kronenberger
Albrecht Kronenberger (2002)
Short Name: Albrecht Kronenberger
Full Name: Kronenberger, Albrecht, 1940-
Birth Year: 1940

Albrecht Kronenberger, born January 21, 1940, in Würzburg, Germany, was one of the three editors of ADORU - Ekumena Diserva Libro. As a youth, lived in Pirmasens and Germersheim; studied philosophy and Catholic theology in Eichstätt (Bavaria), Frankfurt (Hesse), and Speyer, where he was ordained a priest in 1966. After serving as vicar in Frankenthal and Bellheim, he worked from 1969 to 2002 as a Gymnasium (secondary school) teacher of religion in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, where he has remained in his retirement.

Not long after learning Esperanto in the late 1980s, he began to be active in teaching Esperanto in his school and in celebrating Esperanto-language masses in connection with Esperanto conventions and in the cathedral of Speyer (every other month since 1991). In 1991 he also cofounded the Working Union of IKUE in the Speyer diocese, which was officially acknowledged and approved by the bishop.

Albrecht Kronenberger edited the 1,472-page ADORU together with Adolf Burkhardt and Bernhard Eichkorn. He typeset all its texts and music on his computer, as well as writing many texts and some melodies himself. The three editors were awarded the FAME Prize (a cultural prize of the city of Aalen and of the FAME Foundation) in 2002.

In the first few years of the third millennium, Kronenberger edited the new edition of the Esperanto Bible, which appeared in 2006. Beginning in 2007, he put all of the hymns of the Latin Breviary, many of them his own translations, into Vikifonto (the Esperanto version of WikiSource). He initiated and arranged "Kantoj post ADORU", a hymnal supplement published as a special issue (No. 1-3/2009) of Espero Katolika. Since 2009, in collaboration with Marius Gibbels, he has been working on a project (Projekt Deutsch-Esperanto) that aims to produce a truly complete online German-Esperanto dictionary.

The German-language church songbook "Gotteslob" contains one of Albrecht Kronenberger's compositions, a Gloria (#455).

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Texts by Albrecht Kronenberger (37)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Alvenis tempo al ni de adventoAlbrecht Kronenberger (Author)Esperanto2
Anĝeloj, venu el ĉiel'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto1
Aŭdu, paŝtistoj, mi diras al viAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator and, in part, Author)Esperanto2
Aŭdu : Sonas pastoraloAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Bela Jesuo, estro de la estrojAlbrecht Kronenberger (Alterer)Esperanto2
Betleĥemon kuris la paŝtista ar'Albrecht Kronenberger (Alterer)Esperanto2
Ĉiu part' de la teroAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto (via German)2
De niaj patroj, Di'Albrecht Kronenberger (Author)Esperanto2
Dia vort', el Dia sfer'Albrecht Kronenberger (Author)Esperanto2
Ding dong! Plenas en ĉiel'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Dio min paŝtasAlbrecht Kronenberger (Author)Esperanto2
Diris el la nokta hel'Albrecht Kronenberger (Alterer)Esperanto2
El alt' ĉiela venas miAlbrecht Kronenberger (Revised, and v. 6 translated, by)Esperanto3
El plej profuunda koroAlbrecht Kronenberger (Author (stanza 5))Esperanto2
Eliros vi kun ĝoj'; kondukos paco vinAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
En Betleĥem' naskiĝisAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Estu bonvena, Krist' Sinjor'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Fama rakonto en EvangelioAlbrecht Kronenberger (Alterer)Esperanto2
Flori kiel arbo: ne demandi kialAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator (stanza 1))Esperanto4
Gaju, karaj geamikojAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)1
Ĝoju, pordo de l' ĉiel'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Other2
Ĝoju vi, Ciona gent'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Halelu', halelu', halelu', haleluja. Gloron al Di'!Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto, Russian2
Ho plej sankta, ho plej piaAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Honor' kaj laŭd' al nia Di', ĉar patre kun potencoAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator, v. 4)1
In dulci jubilo, (gajege kantu do)Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)1
Jen paliĝis jam la lun'Albrecht Kronenberger (Author)1
Kantu vi al Dio, kantu, tuta ter'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator and Adapter)Esperanto3
Kelkafoje ni meze de tag'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Kiam vekas nin aŭroroAlbrecht Kronenberger (Author, v. 6)1
La tag' jam grimpis al kulmin'Albrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Noktaj ombroj sternis sinAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Novan matenon Vi donis al miAlbrecht Kronenberger (Author)2
Patrino Tereza, anĝelo de KalkutoAlbrecht Kronenberger (Author)Esperanto2
Ŝi iris tra la dorn-arbaroAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
Sinjoro, kompatu ninAlbrecht Kronenberger (Adapter)Esperanto2
Vin laŭdas la ĥor' de l' anĝelojAlbrecht Kronenberger (Translator)Esperanto2
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