Ernest R. Kroeger

Ernest R. Kroeger
Short Name: Ernest R. Kroeger
Full Name: Kroeger, Ernest R. (Ernest Richard), 1862-1934
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1934

Born: August 10, 1862, St. Louis, Missouri.
Died: April 7, 1934, St. Louis, Missouri.
Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri.

Kroeger was a charter member of the American Guild of Organists; member the National Institute of Arts of Letters; conductor of the Amphion Male Chorus in St. Louis (1883-84); organist at the Unitarian Church of the Messiah, St. Louis (1886); director of the College of Music at Forest Park University (1887); president of the Music Teachers’ National Association (1896-97); president of the Missouri State Music Teachers’ Association (1897-99); instrumental adjudicator at the annual Kansas Jubilee (1900-03); master of programs in the Bureau of Music at the St. Louis World’s Fair, 1904; adjudicator at the Welsh Eisteddfod in Canton, Ohio (1906); and director of the music department at Washington University, St. Louis (1925-34). He also ran the Kroeger School of Music in St. Louis (1904-34).


Successful American composer and teacher; born at St. Louis, Mo. He began studying violin and piano when he was five years old, and received his entire musical education in this country, principally in St. Louis, where he is located at present, and holds a prominent position as a teacher, pianist and composer. He is director of the College of Music at the Forest Park University for Women and is concert pianist of the Kroeger School of Music. Was president of the Music Teachers' National Association from 1895 to 1896, and of the Missouri State Music Teachers' Association from 1897 to 1899. Is a fellow of the American Guild of Organists and was master of programs of the Bureau of Music at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904. He has written a great many different kinds of music, and is one of a very few Americans who have published fugues. Mr. Kroeger says that some of his ideas are entirely musical, while others are attempts to illustrate poems in tones, such as his symphony, a suite, and overtures on Endymion, Thanatopis, Sardanapalus and Hiawatha. He has also published a very clever group of sonnets, on various themes; Twelve Concert Studies, which Hughes says "show the influence of Chopin upon a composer who writes with a strong German accent;" an etude, Castor and Pollux; a Romanze; and other studies. A Danse Negre and Caprice Negre resemble similar works of Gottschalk; and his Dance of the Elves is dedicated to Mme. Rive-King.

Tunes by Ernest R. Kroeger (13)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Bless God, my soul, O Lord my God]E. R. Kroeger (Composer)232143 32221 13217
CHRISTINE (Kroeger)Ernest R. Kroeger, 1862-1934 (Composer)735516 53556 62171
ELIZABETH (Kroeger)Ernest R. Kroeger (Composer)555576 55112 2135
FULTON (Kroeger)Ernest R. Kroeger (Composer)311772 21134 32115
GAIRNEY BRIDGEErnest R. Kroeger, 1862-1934 (Composer)1232144 32556 71543
JOSEPHINE (Kroeger)Ernest R. Kroeger (Composer)1733321 54444 43265
[My end and length of days]E. R. Kroeger (Composer)235565 45133 41233
[O let my earnest prayer and cry]E. R. Kroeger (Composer)233333 32266 23543
[O Lord of hosts, how lovely is the place]E. R. Kroeger (Composer)253215 76534 41233
[O whom have I in heavens high]E. R. Kroeger (Composer)253523 42353 56555
PITTSBURGH (Kroeger)E. R. Kroeger (Composer)213534 12333 13265
WINDERMERE (Kroeger)Ernest R. Kroeger (Composer)535651 65133 44335
[With me, Thy servant, in Thy grace]E. R. Kroeger (Composer)253166 44433 15565
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