Conrad Kocher

Conrad Kocher
Short Name: Conrad Kocher
Full Name: Kocher, Conrad, 1786-1872
Birth Year: 1786
Death Year: 1872

Trained as a teacher, Conrad Kocher (b. Ditzingen, Wurttemberg, Germany, 1786; d. Stuttgart, Germany, 1872) moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, to work as a tutor at the age of seventeen. But his love for the music of Haydn and Mozart impelled him to a career in music. He moved back to Germany in 1811, settled in Stuttgart, and remained there for most of his life. The prestigious Cotta music firm published some of his early compositions and sent him to study music in Italy, where he came under the influence of Palestrina's music. In 1821 Kocher founded the School for Sacred Song in Stuttgart, which popularized four-part singing in the churches of that region. He was organist and choir director at the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart from 1827 to 1865. Kocher wrote a treatise on church music, Die Tonkunst in der Kirche (1823), collected a large number of chorales in Zions Harfe (1855), and composed an oratorio, two operas, and some sonatas. William H. Monk created the current form of DIX by revising and shortening Conrad Kocher's chorale melody for “Treuer Heiland, wir sind hier,” found in Kocher's Stimmen aus dem Reiche Gottes (1838).

Bert Polman

Tunes by Conrad Kocher (25)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ACH GOTT UND HERR (Kocher)Konrad Kocher (Adapter)215432 13254 43322
[Aller Gläubgen Sammelplatz]C. Kocher (Composer)813554 34532 54566
EISENACH (Gesius)Conrad Kocher (Arranger)113455 43256 71766
[Auf, mein Geist, dem Herrn zu singen!]K. Kocher (Composer)511321 34543 22345
[Awake, Thou Spirit, who didst fire]Konr. Kocher (Composer)251765 17125 53516
CHRISTUS PASTORConrad Kocher (Composer)531234 56712 55176
CROCKERNWELLConrad Kocher, 1786 - 1872 (Composer)451712 32177 65654
DEN DES VATERS SINN GEBORENConrad Kocher, 1786-1872 (Harmonizer)112345 53165 43221
[Der Herr ist gut, in dessen Dienst wir stehn]Konrad Kocher (Composer)955532 17165 56217
[Dort über jenen Sternen]Kon. Kocher (Composer)215434 56533 26535
ELLACOMBEConrad Kocher, 1786-1872 (Composer)551765 13455 67122
ELNOConrad Kocher (Arranger)251231 55433 25365
SAFETY (Schulz)Kocher (Composer)134532 12335 32543
[Geist des Lebens! heilge Gabe]Konr. Kocher (Composer)432123 43325 43421
GROSSER GOTT (11171)Conrad Kocher, 1786-1872 (Harmonizer)311171 23213 33235
ST. HILDA (Knecht)Conrad Knocker (Composer)111712 22133 23427
MINALC. Kocher (Arranger)454343 21234 55
MINTO (Kocher)Conrad Kocher (Composer)351231 54317 6565
[Nein, nein, das ist kein Sterben] (Kocher)Kocher (Composer)253217 21765 51712
LOBE DEN HERRENC. Kocher (Arranger)111532 17656 7121
STABAT MATER (Kocher)Conrad Kocher (Arranger)212334 54335 54433
[Stehet auf, ihr Gottesmänner]Conr. Kocher (Composer)232135 65433 51253
DIX (Kocher)Conrad Kocher (Melody)62117121 44367 16555
URQUELL ALLER SELIGKEITENC. Kocker (Composer)355123 54323 45756
NUN DANKET ALL (Crüger 16512)Conrad Kocher (Arranger)116512 33235 43215

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