James Carter Knox

Short Name: James Carter Knox
Full Name: Knox, James Carter, 1849-1930
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1930
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Tunes by James Carter Knox (21)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ADVENT (Knox)James Carter Knox (Composer)451333 66251 6122
SHATTUCKJames C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)211165 65132 12242
[Brightest and best of the sons of the morning] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)251353 32123 1765
[Christ is made the sure foundation]James C. Knox (Composer)333356 12133 32165
[Fair waved the golden corn] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)335555 55567 1322
WATCHWORD (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)853356 55712 56671
KNOX (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)753351 16555 56113
[Jerusalem, the golden] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)256536 53515 35235
[Lord of the harvest, Thee we hail] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)235553 42111 23345
[Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise Thee] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)233426 53123 51165
LOVE DIVINE (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)334531 65134 56512
BROOKS (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)433253 21117 14653
[Praise, my soul, the King of heaven] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)255567 13215 67554
[Shepherd, good and gracious]James Knox (Composer)211176 56531 32122
[Sleep, Holy Babe! upon Thy mother's breast] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)213455 11565 53212
ST. PAUL'S SCHOOLJames C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)313354 21233 55764
[Through the night of doubt and sorrow] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)255666 66553 16712
CONCORD (Knox)James C. Knox, M. A. (Composer)453565 51713 21272
[To Thee O Lord our hearts we raise] (Knox)James C. Knox (Composer)255671 35556 7125
[We come in the might of the Lord of Light in rev'rent train to meet Him]James C. Knox (Composer)256535 16555 56713
[Welcome, happy morning! age to age shall say] (Knox)James C. Knox, M.A. (Composer)351365 35321 26246
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