G. W. Kitchin

G. W. Kitchin
Short Name: G. W. Kitchin
Full Name: Kitchin, G. W. (George William), 1827-1912
Birth Year: 1827
Death Year: 1912

A scholar and Anglican clergyman, George W. Kitchin (b. Naughton, Suffolk, England, 1827; d. Durham, England, 1912) spent most of his life in academic institu­tions. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, England, he was ordained in the Church of England in 1852. He served initially as a headmaster in Twyford, Hampshire, and then as a tutor at Oxford (1863-1883). Later he served as Dean of Winchester Cathedral from 1883 to 1894 and of Durham Cathedral from 1894 to 1912; Kitchin was also chancellor of Durham University the last few years of his life. His publications include A Life of Pope Pius II (1881), a three ­volume work entitled A History of France (1877), and archeological writings.

Bert Polman

Texts by G. W. Kitchin (9)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Venid, unidos, el pendón llevadGeorge William Kitchin, 1827-1912 (Author)Spanish8
Venid, creyentes, a Jesús seguidG. W. Kitchin (Author)Spanish2
Vamos, cristianos, tras nuestro SeñorGeorge William Kitchin (Author)Spanish2
O Lord, once lifted on the tree of painGeorge W. Kitchin (Author)2
Led on their way by this triumphant signGeorge W. Kitchin, 1827-1912 (Author)English6
ക്രൂശുയർത്തിൻ തൻ സ്നേ-ഹം ഘോഷിപ്പാൻ (Krūśuyarttin tan snē-haṁ ghēāṣippān)George William Kitchin (Author)Malayalam2
Come, Christians, follow where our Captain trodGeorge W. Kitchin, 1827-1912 (Author)English86
Come, Christian people, sing your praises, shout!George William Kitchin, 1827-1912 (Composer (refrain))3
As Moses lifted up the brazen signGeorge W. Kitchin (Author (refrain))1
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