G. W. Kitchin

G. W. Kitchin
Short Name: G. W. Kitchin
Full Name: Kitchin, G. W. (George William), 1827-1912
Birth Year: 1827
Death Year: 1912

A scholar and Anglican clergyman, George W. Kitchin (b. Naughton, Suffolk, England, 1827; d. Durham, England, 1912) spent most of his life in academic institu­tions. Educated at Christ Church, Oxford, England, he was ordained in the Church of England in 1852. He served initially as a headmaster in Twyford, Hampshire, and then as a tutor at Oxford (1863-1883). Later he served as Dean of Winchester Cathedral from 1883 to 1894 and of Durham Cathedral from 1894 to 1912; Kitchin was also chancellor of Durham University the last few years of his life. His publications include A Life of Pope Pius II (1881), a three ­volume work entitled A History of France (1877), and archeological writings.

Bert Polman

Texts by G. W. Kitchin (9)AsAuthority LanguagesInstancessort descending
As Moses lifted up the brazen signGeorge W. Kitchin (Author (refrain))1
ക്രൂശുയർത്തിൻ തൻ സ്നേ-ഹം ഘോഷിപ്പാൻ (Krūśuyarttin tan snē-haṁ ghēāṣippān)George W. Kitchin (Author)Malayalam2
O Lord, once lifted on the tree of painGeorge W. Kitchin (Author)2
Vamos, cristianos, tras nuestro SeñorGeorge William Kitchin (Author)Spanish2
Venid, creyentes, a Jesús seguidG. W. Kitchin (Author)Spanish2
Come, Christian people, sing your praises, shout!G. W. Kitchin (Composer (refrain))3
Led on their way by this triumphant signGeorge W. Kitchin, 1827-1912 (Author)English6
Venid, unidos, el pendón llevadGeorge William Kitchin (Author)Spanish8
Come, Christians, follow where our Captain trodGeorge W. Kitchin (Author)English86
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