Flora Kirkland

Short Name: Flora Kirkland
Full Name: Kirkland, Flora

Flora Kirkland was born in 1862 in Kentucky, before moving to Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from school she became a public school teacher for the seventh grade. She was a member of Tompkins Avenue Congregational Church for which she wrote a number of hymns. She was very active in the Wallabout Bay Mission in that neighborhood of Brooklyn. Most of Wallabout Bay would be filled in to make way for the Brooklyn Navy Yard. She died 17 January 1911.

Brooklyn Standard Union, 16 January 1911

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A blessed peace surrounds meFlora Kirkland (Author)2
A city fair, lies just beyond our visionFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
A vessel prepared for His serviceFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Across the silent midnight, there swept a strain of songFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Angels rolled the stone awayFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Are you heavy laden and with sorrow triedFlora Kirkland (Author)English25
At work and at play, by night and by dayFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Awake! Awake! break forth in songFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Be loyal to your heavenly KingFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Be strong! Be Strong! Be soldiers trueFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Be true to God, he claims your highest serviceFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Behold! the fields are whitening! Go forth in faith and hopeFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Beyond earth's latest sunsetFlora Kirkland (Author)English6
Blessed Jesus, we would everFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Bright breaks the mornFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Building, daily building, while the moments flyFlora Kirkland (Author)English21
Children! children! Come with joyous singingFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Children everywhere, everywhereFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Children in the long agoFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Children of the kingdom never turn asideFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Children the wide world overFlara Kirkland (Author)English3
Christ the Lord is ever nighFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Christian, gird you for the coming frayFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Christian soldiers, forward faringFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Come, come, come, and see the placeFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Come, come, Little ones, comeFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Come, come, rally 'neath the standardFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Come, come! weary one, comeFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Come, let us sing of the beautiful ChildFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Come sit at the feet of the MasterFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Come to Jesus, come to Jesus, He will healFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Come with singing, praise the Lord todayFlora Kirkland (Author)English7
Crowds around the Master gatheredFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Daisies by the roadside gleamFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Daisies o'er meadow smilingFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Dare to be faithful to JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Do the waves of trouble rise overwhelmingFlora Kirkland (Author)English10
Do you hear the robin sing merrily?Flora Kirkland (Author)English2
Do you know the place where the lost one meetsFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Do you love Jesus? He hath redeemed youFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Do your very best for JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Down from above the call is ringingFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Easter, joyous Easter, holy, happy time!Flora Kirkland (Author)3
Easter morning brightens over usFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
En el templo se encontrabaFlora Kirkland (Author)Spanish4
Ever loving, ever tenderFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Everything for Jesus, this my joyous songFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Everywhere echo glad bellsFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Fair over the hillside the verdure is seenFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Faithful be in little thingsFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Farther on, what joys await usFlora Kirkland (Author)English6
Father, hear me, hear me nowFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Father, make us lovingFlora Kirkland (Author)English9
Father, we have come todayFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
First a gleam, and then a glowingFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Follow thou where Jesus leadethFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
For me, for me, this holy calmFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Forward now, pass the word alongFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Forward, ye children of the KingFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
From the country of sorrow and sinFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Glory and honor to God our heavenly FatherFlora Kirkland (Author)English7
Go forth, ye valiant soldiersFlora Kirkland (Author)2
God is my refuge, my fortress is HeFlora Kirkland (Author)English9
God the Spirit beareth witnessFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
God's word is a lightFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Hark, o'er the billow the signal of distress soundsFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Hark, the birds and brooklets singingFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Hark, the sound of soldiers marchingFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Hark! 'tis the voice of the Savior, Calling for theeFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Have you a song for JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Have you heard the voice of Jesus whisper, "I have chosen you?"Flora Kirkland (Author)English48
He called a little childFlora Kirkland (Author)2
He is risen, Hallelujah, Seek Him not among the deadFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
He will gently, gently lead theeFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Hear the brooklet as it hastens from its mountain homeFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Hear the gentle voice of Jesus, Calling as of oldFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Hear the happy bellsFlora Kirkland (Author)2
His love enfolds meFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Ho! to every one that thirstethFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
I am but a little workerFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
I am walking through this earth lifeFlora Kirkland (Author)English6
I had wandered far from my Father's houseFlora Kirkland (Author)English5
I have come to tell a storyFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
I will go forward! why should I falter?Flora Kirkland (Author)2
I wonder if that birdieFlora Kirkland (Author)2
If he will that I shall travelMiss Flora Kirkland (Author)English4
In des Leidens tiefsten FlutenFlora Kirkland (Author)German2
In his name, in his name, gird your armor onFlora Kirkland (Author)2
In the deep, deep waves of sorrowFlora Kirkland (Author)English11
In the name of the King we will take our standFlora Kirkland (Author)2
In the temple, in the templeFlora Kirkland (Author)English21
In Thy footsteps, blessed MasterFlora Kirkland (Author)English5
In yonder stable gleams a lightFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Jesus is our morning starFlora Kirkland (Author)1
Jesus looketh on childrenFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Jesus on Calvary died for allFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Knock and it shall be openedFlora Kirkland (Author)5
Lay aside the works of darknessFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Let me sing of His loving kindnessFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Life is not a cloudless journeyFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Lift up the banner, banner of the LordFlora Kirkland (Author)English7
Light beyond all earthly sunshine floods the heavenly wayFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Light from a stable shiningFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
List the words of Jesus, Weary burdened soulFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
List, to the brooklet's happy songFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Listen, catch the Christmas strainFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Little children, you may beFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Little feet may follow JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Little ones may shine for JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Little ones may sing praiseFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Little raindrops little raindropsFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Living for Jesus hereFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Long ago, long ago (Kirkland)Flora Kirkland (Author)2
Lord Jesus, low we bowFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
Lord, we come to thy house todayFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Lost one, the Savior callsFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Love that bought thee, love undyingFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Love that passeth knowledge, hath Christ the Lord for youFlora Kirkland (Author)English6
March on, ye legions of the lightFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Master, I pray TheeFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Neath the banner of the King of gloryFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Never, never be discouragedFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Night had fallen darklyFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
¿No sabéis la hermosa historiaFlora Kirkland (Author)Spanish2
Nobody knows the troubles I've hadFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Nothing earthly meets the longingFlora Kirkland (Author)English10
O blessed Holy Spirit, Most precious, welcome Guest!Flora Kirkland (Author)English2
O bring your heart, an offeringFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
O child of God, be trustfulFlora Kirkland (Author)2
O come in childhood's sunny hour and seek today thy Savior's faceFlora Kirkland (Author)English6
O condescension wonderfulFlora Kirkland (Author)English6
O Father, grant us now Thy blessingFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
O folge seinen TrittenF. K. (Author)German2
O follow in His footstepsFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
O little town of NazarethFlora Kirkland (Author)3
O praise the Lord for lovely summer timeFlora Kirkland (Author)3
O precious blood once shed for meFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
O that wonderful hand of JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
O the length and breadth and the depth of God's LoveFlora Kirkland (Author)English6
O to what wondrous onenessFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
O weary one, turn to JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
O wondrous theme of Christmas tideFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Over the hills in far JudeaFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
On Christ the sure foundationFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Once again the bells of EasterFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Only one soul for JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English5
Our Shepherd guides us as we goFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Out in the darkness, shadowed by sinFlora Kirkland (Author)English5
Out of the darkness, shadowedFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Out of the reach of stormFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Over a city shineth at nightFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Over all the world todayFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Over and over glad voices we hearFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Patient 'neath Thy hand, LordFlora Kirkland (Author)English5
Pilgrims, traveling to yon city, Turn to Christ your weary eyesFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, recall his goodness nowFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Praise ye Jehovah, O praise the Lord who reigns aboveFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Praise ye the Lord, for His loving kindnessFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Rally, Christian soldiers, Rally for the frayFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Remember thy great Creator, Think of His mighty loveFlora Kirkland (Author)English5
Rest for the weary feetFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Ring, ye chiming bells, your gladsome storyFlora Kirkland (Author)3
Sabbath bells are ringing, ringing soft and lowFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Saved to save others rejoicing I singFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Sealed was the tomb, guarded by soldiersFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
See the Easter sunlightFlora Kirkland (Author)2
See the light is shiningFlora Kirkland (Author)English7
See the people standFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Shine, beautiful sunFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Shining down, shining downFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Shining little candles, Burning clear and brightFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Shining out of the darkness came the Christmas timeFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Shout and sing, Lift a song of glad rejoicingFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Sing a song of daisiesFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Sing for Jesus, little childrenFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Sing out your gladsome carolsFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Soldiers of the cross, arise, arise, gird you with your armor brightFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Sound the glad carolsFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Strength for my weaknessFlora Kirkland (Author)2
Sung by angels over a hillsideFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Sweet will of God, my refuge ThouFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Swifter than bird in the flightFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Take thy need unto the FatherFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Tell again the sweet old story, How the Savior long agoFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Tell it out, tell it out, tell the story sweetFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
The birdies sing for JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
The cheery robin sings, "Be glad!"Flora Kirkland (Author)English3
The clover blossoms sweetFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
The day of redemption hath come with a songFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
The fairest Light that ever pierced earth's darknessFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
The little Lord Jesus, for you and for meFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
The palace of God's perfect peaceFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
The paschal lambs in silence pointedFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There came one running eagerlyFlora Kirkland (Author)2
There is a blessed harborFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There is a day between the Spring and SummerFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There is a hope that never fadesFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There is a land beyond the reach of sorrowFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
There is rapture tonight in yon city so fairFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
There shineth a gleam of safetyFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There's a beautiful blossom called pityFlora Kirkland (Author)English8
There's a beautiful promise of Jesus, the MasterFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There's a promise hid in the word of GodFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
There's a sacred day for childrenFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There's a vessel that saileth everFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
There's a wonderful star in the cold winter skyFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
There's never a pathway so lonelyFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
This white lily has a storyFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Thou knowest all about meFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
To a dear and blessed country, I am going by and byFlora Kirkland (Author)English4
To grow in the knowledge of JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
"Unto the uttermost," Jesus can saveFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Valley lilies, meek and lowlyFlora Kirkland (Author)4
Victory in trial we may knowFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Waking out of silence rang a heavenly songFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Walking in the sunshine of the Savior's love, Trusting in His mercy every dayFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
We are little lights for JesusFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
We are little servants of the KingFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
We are traveling over to the promised landFlora Kirkland (Author)English8
We come, we come, God's will to doFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
We lift our hearts in joyful praiseFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
We shall be like Him, the Son of God most holyFlora Kirkland (Author)English7
We shall prove that blessed promiseMiss Flora Kirkland (Author)English2
Weary soul, in sorrow piningFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Welcome the day for the children again!Flora Kirkland (Author)English2
Welcome, welcome, fair EasterFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
When I lie down to sleep at nightFlora Kirkland (Author)English1
When the clouds of trouble gather round the pilgrim's homeward wayFlora Kirkland (Author)English3
Where shall I go, Lord, where shall I goFlora Kirkland (Author)English5
Whither art thou drifting, Neath life's cloudnessFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Who will volunteer? See the foe is near!Flora Kirkland (Author)English7
With our banners waving high, Onward we will goFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
With songs of rejoicing we gatherFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Within the inner court he brought meFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
Work for Jesus, little onesFlora Kirkland (Author)English8
Ye who have chosen to follow your SaviorFlora Kirkland (Author)English2
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