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James M. Kirk › Tunes

James M. Kirk
Short Name: James M. Kirk
Full Name: Kirk, James M., 1854-1945
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1945

James McPherson Kirk, 1854-1945

Born: June 18, 1854, Flushing, Ohio.
Died: June 10, 1945, Flushing, Ohio.
Buried: Flushing, Ohio.

Raised a Methodist, Kirk became associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CAMA) in 1887. He organized the CAMA’s Gospel Mission in Flushing, Ohio, in 1907, and as part of the Ohio Quartet, sang at CAMA conventions and gatherings.


Kirk, James M. (Flushing, Ohio, 1854--1945). Converted at an early age. Became associated with the C&MA in 1887, was a first subscriber to The Alliance Weekly, and wonderfully healed at the first Cleveland Alliance convention. Spent entire life on a farm but devoted much time to Christian work. A member of a famous singing group, the Ohio Quartet, which for 12 years traveled extensively in convention work. In 1906 organized the Gospel Mission of the C&MA in Flushing. An outstanding figure in the Central District as song leader and in Bible teaching and prayer. Grandfather of Geraldine Southern, well-known mezzo-soprano, music instructor at Nyack, and director of music in Alliance churches. Kirk wrote some 40 songs, many while busy with farm chores. Some favorites:
Blessed Quietness
He Is Just the Same Today
I've Yielded to God

--Paul Milburn, DNAH Archives

Tunes by James M. Kirk (32)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
[I have letters from my Father]J. M. Kirk (Harmonizer)155111 12165 11211
[O blessed days with Jesus]Jas. M. Kirk (Arranger)113565 32112 21235
[It was at the break of day]J. M. Kirk (Harmonizer)151321 35513 21655
[I knew my sins were all forgiven]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)255555 54311 11712
[When we journey by the wayside and our hearts are filled with gloom]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)254333 33332 11123
[I have heavenly gladness in my soul today]J. M. Kirk (Arranger)251332 17653 51176
[I've seen the lightning flashing] (55535)Kirk (Arranger)255351 33112 16555
[Of the sick who came to Jesus]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)232121 61513 55432
[I'm gladly giving up my all to Thee, dear Lord]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)251112 31112 11655
[O wonderful story of mercy and love]James M. Kirk (Composer)251111 71217 11333
[Called from above, I rise]Jas. M. Kirk (Arranger)255332 11221 23344
[Is there trouble in your life?] (Kirk)Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)255123 21661 66555
[Ye saints of the Lord, rejoice and be glad]Jas. M. Kirk (Arranger)355555 56715 55565
[Live out Thy life within me]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)351112 35333 43251
[All in Jesus as our SAVIOR!]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)355565 31121 56617
[There is healing for a look at the Crucified One]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)312333 35433 22222
[More about Jesus would I know]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)354565 32122 21235
[I have now washed my soul in the Blood of the Lamb]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)312334 51233 21511
[Fill us with Thy Holy Spirit, Lord]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)355556 53214 32346
[Trust and rest in Christ forever] (Kirk)James M. Kirk (Composer)333333 35343 23453
[I hear my Savior saying] (Kirk)James M. Kirk (Composer)413333 32135 55535
[Blessed Jesus! how He saves me!]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)451233 21651 55661
[I was so weary, sad and sore distressed]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)455555 61765 11111
[I have been alone with Jesus] (Kirk)Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)533335 32122 2123
[Our Lord, whom we've not seen, yet whom we dearly love]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)551112 31121 65113
[I read the sweet story again and again]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)511235 65312 11123
[Ye shall be My witnesses, was Jesus' last command]James M. Kirk, 1854-1945 (Composer)633231 55567 16551
[I've yielded to God, and I'm saved every hour]Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)655456 55323 11123
[Have you found the great Physician] (Kirk)Jas. M. Kirk (Composer)713555 53313 55553
[I'm never lonely anymore]James M. Kirk (Composer)913332 35133 31232
BLESSED QUIETNESS (Marshall)James M. Kirk (Arranged)3334513 21617 65
[I am watching for the coming of the glad millennial day]J. M. Kirk (Composer)5155111 23321 55553
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