James M. Kirk

James M. Kirk
Short Name: James M. Kirk
Full Name: Kirk, James M., 1854-1945
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1945

James McPherson Kirk, 1854-1945

Born: June 18, 1854, Flushing, Ohio.
Died: June 10, 1945, Flushing, Ohio.
Buried: Flushing, Ohio.

Raised a Methodist, Kirk became associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CAMA) in 1887. He organized the CAMA’s Gospel Mission in Flushing, Ohio, in 1907, and as part of the Ohio Quartet, sang at CAMA conventions and gatherings.



Kirk, James M. (Flushing, Ohio, 1854--1945). Converted at an early age. Became associated with the C&MA in 1887, was a first subscriber to The Alliance Weekly, and wonderfully healed at the first Cleveland Alliance convention. Spent entire life on a farm but devoted much time to Christian work. A member of a famous singing group, the Ohio Quartet, which for 12 years traveled extensively in convention work. In 1906 organized the Gospel Mission of the C&MA in Flushing. An outstanding figure in the Central District as song leader and in Bible teaching and prayer. Grandfather of Geraldine Southern, well-known mezzo-soprano, music instructor at Nyack, and director of music in Alliance churches. Kirk wrote some 40 songs, many while busy with farm chores. Some favorites:
Blessed Quietness
He Is Just the Same Today
I've Yielded to God

--Paul Milburn, DNAH Archives

Texts by James M. Kirk (20)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Yo espero el día alegreJames Kirk (Author)Spanish1
Ye shall be my witnesses, was Jesus' last commandJ. M. K. (Author)English6
When we journey by the wayside and our hearts are filled with gloomJas. M. Kirk (Author)English2
Under thy wings my God, Close by Thy sideJames M. Kirk (Author)English1
There is healing for a look at the Crucified OneJ. M. K. (Author)English3
Our Lord, whom we've not seen, yet whom we dearly loveJames M. Kirk (Author)English5
O wonderful story of mercy and loveJames M. Kirk (Author)English2
I've yielded to God, and I'm saved every hourJ. M. K. (Author)English6
Is there trouble in your life? Cast your care on Jesus (Kirk)J. M. K. (Author)English2
I'm never lonely any moreJ. M. K. (Author)English7
I'm gladly giving up my all to Thee, dear LordJas. M. Kirk (Author)English2
Ihr sollt meine Zeugen seinJames M. Kirk (Author)German2
Ich hör' den Heiland sagenJames M. Kirk (Author)German2
Ich bin nicht länger mehr alleinJames M. Kirk (Author)German3
I read the sweet story again and againJas. M. Kirk (Author)English4
I knew my sins were all forgivenJas. M. Kirk (Author)English2
I hear my Savior saying, "Come closer, My child, to Me"James M. Kirk (Author)English4
I am watching for the coming of the glad millenial dayJames M. Kirk (Author)English73
Have you found the great Physician, Jesus Christ of GalileeJ. M. K. (Author)English10
Fill us with Thy Holy Spirit, LordJames M. Kirk (Author)English3
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