George Kingsley

Short Name: George Kingsley
Full Name: Kingsley, George, 1811-1884
Birth Year: 1811
Death Year: 1884

Born: July 7, 1811, Northampton, Massachusetts.
Died: March 14, 1884, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Kingsley played the organ at the Old South Church and Hollis Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts. He also taught music at Girard College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, served as music supervisor for public schools in Philadelphia, and compiled a number of music books, including:

Sunday School Singing Book, 1832
The Harmonist, 1833
The Social Choir, 1836
The Sacred Choir, 1838
The Harp of David, 1844
The Young Ladies’ Harp, 1847
Templi Carmina (Northampton, Massachusetts: 1853)
The Juvenile Choir, 1865

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