S. T. Kimbrough

Short Name: S. T. Kimbrough
Full Name: Kimbrough, S. T., 1936-
Birth Year: 1936
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A ti acudimos sedientos: Ven, SeñorS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)Spanish1
A ti acudimos sedientos (We come with thirst to your table)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)English, Spanish2
Adonai's my loving Shepherd (Bèjé mouin, sé you Roua d'amou)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)English, Haitian Creole3
Al despuntar en la loma el díaS. T. Kimbrough, Jr., n. 1936 (Translator (English))Spanish2
Alilo, alilo. Ots da khutsa amtvesa (Alilo, alilo. On this blessed, holy morn)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Georgian2
All is done for the glory of God S. T. Kimbrough Jr. (Translator)English3
Almighty God, O hear my prayerS. T. Kimbrough (Paraphraser)English2
Amid the pain of warS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English2
And two shall become one in loveS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Adapter)English2
Bani ngyeti Ba Yawe S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, French, Mungaka, Polish1
Bari sot, bari sot, bari sot (Holy, holy, holy Lord)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, Khmer2
[Believe in God's Word (Maori)]S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English2
Bendito el Rey que viene en el nombre del Señor!S. T. Kimbrough (Translator (v. 4-5))Spanish3
(Bozhe nas spaseetyel) (God of every nation)S. T. Kimbrough (Paraphraser)English, Russian2
Brich mit den Hungrigen dein Brot (Break with the hungry your own bread)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, German2
"Brothers! Sisters! Who are they?"S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)English3
Bueno es alabarte, Señor (God, how wondrous to give you our praise) (Ortiz)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, Spanish2
Christus ist unser Friede (Jesus Christ is our freedom)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, German2
Come, Holy Spirit, in this hourS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English2
Come, one and all, to the tableS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English2
Mikoron Dávid nagy búsultábanS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))Hungarian1
Ded-deen dedd (Lord of lords)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Mongolian2
Defend the needy and the poorS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)3
Dieve, prašome Tavȩs (Help us, God, we humbly plead!)S. T. Kimbrough (Paraphraser (English))English, Lithuanian2
Dievo Tėvo meilė (May God's love now bless us)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, Lithuanian2
Dios está aquí Tan cierto como el aire que respiroS T Kimbrough, Jr., 1936- (Translator (English))Spanish1
Dzunzani Jehova (O praise God Jehovah)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)English, Xitswa2
E ke Akua olaS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))Hawaiian1
E toru nga meaS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)Maori1
Eer aan God, eer aan God (Glory to our God)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))Dutch, English2
'Eiki ko e 'ofa 'a 'au (O hidden depth of love divine)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Tongan2
El niño ha nacido bajo la enramada (Underneath a lean-to Mary birthed the Christ-child)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, Spanish3
Elolo nye Mawu elolo nguto (God loves me, for my God is love, divine love)S. T. Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (Englhs))English, Ewe4
En la Escritura en contramos (God Holy Word has provided)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))Spanish2
Este momento en punto es el momento (This is the moment now, this is the moment)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, Spanish2
For all whom you have saved on earthS. T. Kimbrough (Translator)English2
From Jesse's root a branch shall growS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)1
From Jesse's root a branch shall grow: God's covenant shall be fulfilledS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)1
Fulfilled is the promise, a Savior is bornS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Other...)English3
Ghuri eghla'yedh eghla'yedh thess oidh (Worthy are you, God, how I depend on you)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))Kabyle2
Glauben heißt: Christus mit Worten zu nennen (Trusting in Jesus means bearing him witness)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, German2
Gloire à Dieu au plus haut des cieux (Glory to God in the highest heaven)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, French2
God of all the universeS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)2
God of every nation, hear us now, we prayS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)English2
God, our God, sends the rain S. T. Kimbrough (Paraphraser (English))English2
God's glory will be your lightS. T. Kimbrough, Jr. (Adapter)English2
Hail, sacred morn! When from the tomb the Son of God aroseS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Alterer)English1
Halleluja! Prisa Herren, min själ! (Halleluja! Praise the Lord, O my soul!)S. T. Kimbrough (Adapter (English))English, Swedish2
Heavens tell of God's gloryS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English2
Helig, helig, helig, Herre Gud, Sebaot! (Holy, holy, holy, Yahweh Sabaoth!)S T Kimbrough, Jr (Translator (English))English, Swedish2
How tranquil, how calm is the night, when to the sleeping earthS T Kimbrough, Jr. (St. 2-3, alt.)English2
How wonderful, my God, is your directionS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English2
Wonani kupswalwa ka JesuS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))Xitswa1
Hvala Tebi moj nebeski Oče! (Thanks and praise to you, O God of heaven)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))Croatian, English2
I lift up my eyes to the hills aboveS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))3
I lift up my eyes to the hills on highS T Kimborough (Translator)English3
I wish God's love to be with you (Yuan Zhu di ai ni tong zai)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (Italian))Chinese, English1
In our distress, O God, we cryS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)English2
Jeder braucht Brot, das ihn sättigt (Lord, we need bread that feeds us)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, German2
Justice alone is the way of the LordS. T. Kimbrough, Jr (Author)2
"Kadosh, kadosh," we sing unto the LordS T Kimbrough, Jr (Author)English2
Kanisa Litajengua (O, who will build the church now?)S T Kimbrough, Jr., 1936- (Translator (English))Swahili3
Koi au na sala na dina ("I am the Way, the Truth and the Life")S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, Fijian2
Kuo fekau 'a Sisu (To his followers Jesus spoke)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Tongan2
Light rises in darkness when justice rules our livesS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)English2
Love is eternal, for God is loveS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English2
Ma na ae kai o KalaupapaS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))Hawaiian1
Na Ioane BapetisoS T Kimbrough Jr. (Paraphraser )Hawaiian1
Na Jijoho, jijoho ni tin (May the God of peace and of all good)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, Goun3
Na nzela na lola tokotambola malembe (As long as we follow in the way that God is leading)S. T. Kimbrough (Translator (stanza 1 and refrain))English, Lingala2
Ndovimba nayeS T Kimbrough, Jr (Adapter (English))Shona1
Ne pleure plus, sèche tes larmes (Weep no more, dry our tears)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, French2
Nevana, nevana vetapiwaS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Adapter (English))English, Shona3
Nos volvemos a Dios (We return to our God)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, Spanish2
Novo é o caminho (Let us walk a new way)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, Portuguese2
Nzamuranza nzamuranza (I worship Christ! I worship Christ)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Adapter)English, Xitswa3
О, Боже праведный, я каюсь (O God, I come to you repenting)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Russian2
О Господи, Склонись ко мне (O Gospodi Sklonis' ko mne)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)Russian1
O mnus oeuy Preah bahn bong-hagn neak heuy (For the Lord has shown to all of us)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Khmer2
(O moi, Gospod) (To You, O God)S. T. Kimbrough (Paraphraser)English, Russian2
El amor, el amor Es sufrido y sacrificialS. T. Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)Spanish4
Open now my ears, Spirit of GodS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English2
Our Father, who is in heavenS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser)English3
(Palni usta mayee chvaloi) (My lips are filled with praise)S. T. Kimbrough (Author (stanza 1))English, Russian2
Pasibaigė diena (The day is at an end)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Lithuanian2
Peace is my last gift to youS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (French))English2
Pokea moyo wangu e Mungu wanguS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Adapter)Swahili2
Por la mañana yo dirijo mi alabanzaS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))Spanish1
Ring on, ring on, glad Easter bellsS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Alterer)English1
Salamun Salamun Salamun Kullaheen! (May peace be with you; may God's peace be now with you!)S. T. Kimbrough Jr. (Paraphraser (English))Arabic, English4
Se och smaka Herrens godhet (Taste and see how good God is)S. T. Kimbrough (Adapter (English))Swedish2
Shalom chaverim, shalom chaverimS. T. Kimbrough, Jr.. (Translator)Hebrew2
Shukuru Allah (Let the people know)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author (English))Juba2
Si se cae la esperanza de tu pechoS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))Spanish1
Sing with a tuneful spirit, Sing with a cheerful layS. T. Kimbrough, Jr. (Alterer)English1
Sithi bonga bonga bonga bongaS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))Zulu2
Sometimes we can know what God's will isS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English2
(Stroina shestvuyem muiy smyela) (With the cross our shield)S. T. Kimbrough (Paraphraser)English, Russian2
Sveikas, Jėzau gimusis (Jesus Child, we greet you now)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, Lithuanian2
The church of God is not a templeS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English2
The food we now partakeS. T. Kimbrough (Author)English2
The loaf of bread he brokeS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Adapter)English2
The name of Jesus ChristS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English2
There are tables in our cityS. T. Kimbrough (Author)English2
This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved youS. T. Kimbrough, Jr. (Adapter)English2
To our God we bring adorationS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English2
To you, O God, I come now pleading S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English2
Tout est fait pour la gloire de DieuS T Kimbrough Jr (Translator)French2
u we do li sdi yu ga ne (I hear the Savior's saddened voice)S T Kimbrough, Jr (Versifier (English))Cherokee2
Unite us, Lord, unite usS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)1
V tvojte ochi gledam radost (When you waken in the morning)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Macedonian2
Vo tuvovilanga Yisu (When we talk about our Jesus)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English, st. 1))English, Kikongo2
Wa wa wa Emimimo S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (German))Yoruba3
We are the people, we are the sheepS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)2
We come from the mountains, the valleys and plainsS. T. Kimbrough, Jr.. (Author (verses))English3
Tuya es la gloria, la honra tambiénS. T. Kimbrough Jr. (Translator)Spanish3
We sing of your gloryS. T. Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator)English, French, Spanish3
We walk by faith, and O how sweetS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Alterer)English1
We've packed for the journey the pride of our youthS. T. Kimbrough (Paraphraser)English2
Whose child is this? I askS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Author)English2
With passion in our heartsS. T. Kimbrough (Translator)Korean2
Yàlla màgg na! (God indeed is great)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Paraphraser (English))English, Wolof2
Yo quiero ser, Señor amadoS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))Spanish1
Yo quiero ser, Señor amante S T Kimbrough, Jr. (trad. al Ingl.)Spanish1
Yo sé que estás aquí, mi Señor (I know that you are here, my God)S T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English, Spanish2
Du allein bist Gott und HerrS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))German1
You come with your hands filled with flowersS T Kimbrough, Jr. (Translator (English))English2
Thy word is a lamp to my feet, O Lord (Crosby)S. T. Kimbrough, Jr. (Alterer (3rd st.))English1
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