Jiyu Kennett

Short Name: Jiyu Kennett
Full Name: Kennett, Jiyu, 1924-1996
Birth Year: 1924
Death Year: 1996

Jiyu-Kennett, P.
Kennett, P. Jiyu-

Texts by Jiyu Kennett (21)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Day of remembrance, day of sad recallingP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
For ever in memory we shall treasureP. Jiyu-Kennett (Adapter)English2
Great and universal ScriptureP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
Great Nagyaarajyuna, scholar saintP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
Hail, the Lord that is to come, Hail, Maitreya BuddhaP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
Hail to the Lord that is to Come, Hail to the Lord Whose karma is doneP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
Hear the devas' singing on this morn of graceP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
Holy Jiz┼Ź, You Who careP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
I vow to thee, my country, all earthly things aboveP. Jiyu-Kennett (Second verse adapted by)English1
Kanzeon, Compassionate OneP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
New Year bells are gaily ringingP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
Parinirvana the Lord now is enteringP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
Songs of Wesak hear us singingP. Jiyu-Kennett (Adapter)English2
Stood the Lord, His heart full grievingP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
The garden waits so silentlyP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
The Lord returns to our True HomeP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author)English2
The sower went forth sowingP. Jiyu-Kennett (Adapter)English1
The world itself keeps Wesak dayP. Jiyu-Kennett (Adapter)English2
To Thee, Eternal Lord, we raiseP. Jiyu-Kennett (Adapter)English2
Whoever true kindness would find should come hereP. Jiyu-Kennett (Author (second, third and fourth verses))English2
Within the world around usP. Jiyu-Kennett (Adapter)English2
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