Graham Kendrick

Graham Kendrick
Graham Kendrick
Short Name: Graham Kendrick
Full Name: Kendrick, Graham, 1950-
Birth Year: 1950

Graham Kendrick (b. England, August 2, 1950), the son of a Baptist minister in Northamptonshire, is one of the most prolific Christian singer-songwriters in the United Kingdom. He’s written music for over thirty years, and to date has released thirty-eight albums. He is best known for his songs “Shine, Jesus, Shine,” “Knowing You,” and “The Servant King.” Kendrick has received honorary doctorates in divinity from Brunel University and Wycliffe College. In 1987 he helped co-found the March for Jesus, which today is a global phenomenon in which Christians take their faith to the streets in a celebration of Christ. In 1995 Kendrick received a Dove Award for his international work, and he remains an active advocate for Compassion International, which is a Christian child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world, and also is a contributor to CompassionArt, an organization with the aim of generating income from works of art to assist in the relief of suffering around the planet.

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Graham Kendrick (born 2 August 1950) is an English Christian singer, songwriter and worship leader. He is the son of Baptist pastor M. D. Kendrick and grew up in Laindon, Essex, and Putney. He now lives in Tunbridge Wells and is a member of Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells. He was a member of Ichthus Christian Fellowship. Together with Roger Forster, Gerald Coates and Lynn Green, he was a founder of March for Jesus.

Texts by Graham Kendrick (121)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
[Above the Clash of Creeds]Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
إبتهاج فرح في قلبناGraham Kendrick (Author)Arabic1
All heaven waits with bated breathGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
All I once held dear, built my life uponGraham Kendrick (b. 1950) (Author)English14
All the room was hushed and stillGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
God is good, we sing and shout itGraham Kendrick (Author)English6
As we gather, Father, seal usGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Beauty for brokennessGraham Kendrick (Author)English12
Let God arise, And let His enemies be scatteredGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
Can you see what we have madeGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Clear the road, make wide the wayGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Come and see, come and see, Come and see the King of loveGraham Kendrick, b. 1950 (Author)English8
[Come, Let Us Return]Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
Come, let us worship JesusGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
Come on, let's get up and goGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
Come, see the beauty of the LordGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
Cristo ha puesto un canto en el corazónGraham Kendrick (b.1950) (Author)Spanish2
Cristo, tu gran amor me inspiraGraham Kendrick (Author)Spanish2
Darkness like a shroud covers the earthGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
Earth could not contain the treasuresGraham Kendrick (Author)English6
Far and near, hear the callGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
Father God, we worship youGraham Kendrick (Author)English5
Father, never was love so nearGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
First light is upon our facesGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
For God so loved the world That He gave His only Son (G. Kendrick)Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
For the joys and for the sorrowsGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
For this purpose Christ was revealedGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
From heaven you came, helpless babeGraham Kendrick (b. 1950) (Author)English14
From the sun's rising unto the sun's settingGraham Kendrick (Author)English6
From where the sun risesGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
[God, Be Gracious]Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
Good news, good news to you we bringGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
He has showed you, O man, what is goodGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
He walked where I walkGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
Here is bread, here is wineGraham Kendrick (Author)English10
His clothing is splendour and majesty brightGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
How can I be free from sinGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
How good and how pleasant it is When we all live in unityGraham Andrew Kendrick, b. 1950 (Author)English2
I will build my Church, And the gates of hellGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
If My people who bear My nameGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
If you are encouraged in your union with ChristGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
I'm special because God has loved meGraham Kendrick (Author)English5
Immanuel, O ImmanuelGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
In the tomb so cold they laid HimGraham Andrew Kendrick, b. 1950 (Author)English4
Is anyone thirsty?Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
I've come to wash my soul in the living waterGraham Kendrick, b. 1950 (Author)English2
Jesus' love has got under our skinGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Jesus put this song into our heartsGraham Kendrick (b. 1950) (Alterer)English10
Jesus, restore to us againGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
Jesus, stand among us at the meeting of our livesGraham Kendrick (Author)English7
King of kings, Lord of lordsGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Led like a lamb to the slaughter, in silence and shameGraham Kendrick (Author)English5
Let all the earth hear His voiceGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Let it be to me according to Your wordGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Let Me have My way among youGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
[Let the Same Mind]Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
Light has dawned that ever shall blazeGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Like a candle flameGraham Kendrick (Author)English6
Look to the skies, there's a celebrationGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Lord, have mercy on us, Come and heal our landGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Lord, the light of your love is shiningGrahm Kendrick, 1950- (Author)English35
Lord, you are so precious to meGraham Kendrick (b. 1950) (Author)3
Lord, You have chosen me for fruitfulnessGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Make way, make way, for Christ the KingGraham Kendrick (b. 1950) (Author)English13
May our worship be acceptable in Your sight, O LordGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
May the fragrance of Jesus fill this placeGraham Kendrick (Author)English5
Meekness and majesty, manhood and DeityGraham Kendrick (Author)15
My heart is full of admirationGraham Andrew Kendrick, b. 1950 (Author)English3
My Lord, what love is thisGraham Kendrick (Author)English10
My worth is not in what I ownGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Now dawns the Sun of righteousnessGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Now in reverence and aweGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Now is the time for us to march upon the landGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
O come and join the dance that all began so long agoGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
O Father of the fatherlessGraham Andrew Kendrick, b. 1950 (Author)English3
O give thanks to the LordGraham Kendrick (Author)2
O Lord, the clouds are gatheringGraham Kendrick (Author)5
O Lord, Your tendernessGraham Kendrick (Author)English7
O what a mystery I seeGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Oh, I was made for thisGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Once you were darkness, but now you are lightGraham Kendrick (Author)English3
One shall tell anotherGraham Kendrick (Author)English5
Peace I give to you, I give to you My peaceGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Peace to you, We bless you now in the name of the LordGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
Przyszedł bezbronny na światGraham Kendrick (Author)Polish2
Restore, O Lord, the honor of your name!Graham Kendrick (Author)8
Rumors of angels, visions of lightGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Show Your power, O LordGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Since the day the angel cameGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Sing to him, sing your praise to himGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
So many centuries of watching and waitingGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Soften my heart, Lord, soften my heartGraham Kendrick, 1950- (Author)English4
Such love, pure as the whitest snowGraham Andrew Kendrick, b. 1950 (Author)English6
Thank You for the cross, The price you paid for usGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
The earth is the Lord's And everything in it (Kendrick)Graham Kendrick (Author)English3
[The Feast] (Kendrick)Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
The King is among usGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
The kingdom of our God is hereGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
The Lord is King, he is mighty in battleGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
The price is paid: Come, let us enter inGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
The trumpets sound, the angels singGraham Kendrick (1950-) (Author)English8
Therefore I will sing and I will rejoiceGraham Kendrick (Author)English4
There's a sound on the wind like a victory songGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
There's a war going on just across the streetGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
This Child secretly comes in the nightGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
This is the year when hearts go freeGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Tonight, while all the world was sleepingGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
Turn our hearts to one anotherGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
We are here to praise youGraham Kendrick (Author)4
We are His children, the fruit of his suff'ringGraham Kendrick (Author)English5
We are marching In the great processionGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
We believe in God the Father Maker of the universeGraham Kendrick (Author)English6
[We Declare that the Kingdom of God is Here]Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
We’ll walk the land with hearts on fireGraham Kendrick (Author)English5
What a vision filled my eyesGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
What kind of greatness can this beGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
[Where Two or Three (Kendrick)]Graham Kendrick (Author)English2
Who can sound the depths of sorrowGraham Andrew Kendrick, b. 1960 (Author)English8
Who sees it all, before whose gazeGraham Kendrick (Author)English2
You wrote the rhythm of lifeGraham Kendrick (b. 1950) (Author)English5
You're calling usGraham Kendrick (Author)English2

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