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Short Name: Roy Frederic Kehl
Full Name: Kehl, Roy F., 1935-2011
Birth Year: 1935
Death Year: 2011

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, November 22, 1935. Died in Evanston, Illinois, February 12, 2011. A renowned organist and philanthropist, he served on the Hymn Music Committee during the compilation and editing of the Episcopal Church's Hymnal 1982.

Obituary, Chicago Tribune

Tunes by Roy Frederic Kehl (10)AsInstancesIncipitsort descending
EX MORE DOCTI MYSTICORoy F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Arranger)1
IMMENSE CAELI CONDITORRoy Kehl, b. 1935 (Arranger)1
NOEL NOUVELETRoy F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Adapter)115645 34453 21156
DONNER. F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Composer (inner voices))217122 35217
IN BABILONERoy F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Harmonizer)317651 21231 43232
NOCTE SURGENTES (24344)Roy F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Arranger)124344 23124 44445
RECTOR POTENS, VERAX DEUS (Mode I)Roy F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Arranger)144577 74545 55544
VERBUM SUPERNUM PRODIENS (53571)Roy Kehl, b. 1935 (Arranger)153571 21171 23271
AETERNE REX ALTISSIMERoy F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Arranger)155671 65465 67476
AD CENAM AGNI PROVIDIRoy F. Kehl, b. 1935 (Arranger)151651 71217 6665
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