David Hugh Jones

Short Name: David Hugh Jones
Full Name: Jones, David Hugh, 1900-1983
Birth Year: 1900
Death Year: 1983

David Hugh Jones (1900-1983)
Born: 1900, Jackson, Ohio.

Jones at­tend­ed the Guil­ford Or­gan School, New York Ci­ty (grad­u­at­ed 1920), and the Amer­i­can Con­ser­va­to­ry, Fon­taine­bleau, France, and re­ceived hon­or­a­ry de­grees from Washing­ton and Jeff­er­son, and Bea­ver Col­leg­es. In 1924, he be­came a Fel­low of the Amer­i­can Guild of Or­gan­ists. He played the or­gan at church­es in Ports­mouth and Day­ton, Ohio; and in New York Ci­ty, Rome, and Brook­lyn, New York. From 1934 un­til re­tir­ing in 1979, he was the Mil­ler Cha­pel or­gan­ist and choir di­rect­or at Prince­ton The­o­lo­gi­cal Sem­in­ary, New Jer­sey. In 1937, he found­ed the sem­in­a­ry’s tour­ing choir, which sang at thou­sands of church­es in Amer­i­ca, Ca­na­da, Cu­ba, Mex­i­co, Co­lom­bia, Ve­ne­zue­la, the Car­ib­be­an is­lands, Ja­pan, and Ko­rea.


Tunes by David Hugh Jones (14)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
[Threefold Amen] (Jones)David Hugh Jones (Composer)2
BACK TO ZION David Hugh Jones, 1900-? (Arranger)151134 55666 65351
FINLANDIADavid Hugh Jones (Arranger)232343 23122 33234
IN DULCI JUBILODavid Hugh Jones (Harmonizer)311134 56551 13456
W ZLOBIE LEZYDavid Hugh Jones (Harmonizer)1055117 12234 54321
ITHACA (Jones)David Hugh Jones (Composer)265616 56665 6123
CARSONDavid Hugh Jones (Harmonizer)133346 53523 4323
MILLER CHAPELDavid Hugh Jones (Composer)4
MORNING (Jones)David Hugh Jones (Composer)251112 23335 55111
PRINCETON (Jones)David Hugh Jones (Composer)251345 55677 7122
SACKETTDavid Hugh Jones (Composer)253332 12255 11235
[Not my brother, nor my sister]David Hugh Jones (Arranger)133313 21111 12233
TERRA BEATADavid Hugh Jones (Harmonizer)112353 21234 65326
[You'll hear the trumpet sound] (Spiritual)David Hugh Jones (Arranger)233231 15534 22653

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