Michael Joncas

Short Name: Michael Joncas
Full Name: Joncas, Michael, 1951-
Birth Year: 1951
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Texts by Michael Joncas (54)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A place called home with comfort for the wearyMichael Joncas (Author)English3
All that I counted as gainMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)7
All who labor and are burdenedMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English6
And God will raise you up on eagle's wingsMichael Joncas (Paraphraser)English5
Arise, shine forth, your light has comeMichael Joncas (Adapter)English2
As the Father has loved meMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English10
Cleanse us, Lord, from all our sinsJ. Michael Joncas (Author)English2
Come, let us sing to the Lord (Joncas)Michael Joncas (Author)2
Console my people, the ones dear to meMichael Joncas (Author)English9
Drawn by his word, Jesus' apostlesMichael Joncas (Author)English2
Ev'ry nation on earthMichael Joncas (Adapter)2
For those who lead and guide the Church of ChristMichael Joncas (Author)English4
Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, His mercy endures foreverMichael Joncas (Adapter (verses))English1
God ever faithful (Dios fiel y tierno)Michael Joncas (Author)English, Spanish3
God ever-faithful, God ever-mercifulMichael Joncas (Author)English3
God of might and God of mercyMichael Joncas (Author)English2
How shall I make a return to the LordMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author (vs. 2-3))English5
I am the Word that spoke and light was madeMichael Joncas (b. 1951) (Author (refrain))English16
I feed my people on the finest of breadMichael Joncas, b. 1955 (Author)2
I have called to you, Lord; hasten to help me!Michael Joncas (Adapter (verses))English1
I lift up my eyes to the mountainMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)2
I lift up my eyes to the mountains (Grail)Michael Joncas (Author (refrain))English, Spanish7
I rejoiced when I heard them say: "Let us go to the house of the Lord"Michael Joncas (Author)English, Spanish8
Jesus to Jordan's waters cameMichael Joncas (Author)English2
Let us complete our evening prayerMichael Joncas (Author)2
[Lord, to whom shall we go?]Michael Joncas (Author)English2
May God satisfy your longingMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Adapter)7
My soul yearns and pines for the courts of the Lord (Joncas)Michael Joncas (Author)English5
O ancient love processing through the agesMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English4
O give thanks to the Lord for he is good: God's love is everlasting! (Joncas)Michael Joncas (Author)English2
O God, with your judgment endow the king (Joncas)Michael Joncas (Author)English7
O God, you are my God, for you I long; For you my soul is thirstingMichael Joncas (Author)English2
O God, you are my God whom I seek; For you my flesh pines and my soul thirstsMichael Joncas (Author (refrain))English, Spanish7
O Lord, open our lips, And we shall proclaim your praiseMichael Joncas (Author)English4
Out of the depths I cry to you, I cry to you, O LordMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English9
Seek the face of the LordMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)10
Sobre las alas de las √°guilasMichael Joncas (Author)Spanish3
We remember one who loved us wellMichael Joncas (Author)5
Springs of water, bless the LordMichael Joncas (Author)4
The Lord is my light and my salvation, there is nothing at all I fearMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)6
The Lord is my light, the Lord is my strengthMichael Joncas (Author (refrain))English2
The love of Christ has gathered us as one (Joncas)Michael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English3
We gather here to worship you, O GodMichael Joncas (Author)English2
We place upon your table a gleaming cloth of whiteMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English6
Where two or three are gathered together in my nameMichael Joncas (Author (verses))English3
Who is the King of glory? Our God, holy and strong!Michael Joncas (Author)English5
With the Lord there is mercyMichael Joncas (Author)English1
You fed your people on their journey to the land of promiseMichael Joncas (Author)English2
You servants of the Lord, bless the LordMichael Joncas (Versifier)English3
You who dwell in the shelter of God, Most HighMichael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English5
You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord (Joncas)J. Michael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author)English44
Your ways, O Lord, make known to me (Haas)Michael Joncas, b. 1951 (Author (vs.3))English1
Your ways, O LORD make known to me (Confraternity on Christian Doctrine)Michael Joncas (Author (verses))English3
Your words, O Lord, are a feast for my soulMichael Joncas (Author)English2
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