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Dennis L. Jernigan

Dennis L. Jernigan
Short Name: Dennis L. Jernigan
Full Name: Jernigan, Dennis, 1959-
Birth Year: 1959

Born: 1959, Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

You may not recognize the name or the face of Dennis Jernigan, but there is a good chance you know some of his music. Songs like “We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory”, “Thank You”, “Great is the Lord Almighty”, “Who Can Satisfy My Soul (There is a Fountain), “I Belong to Jesus”, “Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus”, and “You Are My All in All” have been sung widely by the body of Christ since the early 1990s. Having written hundreds of songs (even though Jernigan does not see himself as a song writer but, rather, a song “receiver”), there is so much more to the man than simply a musician.

Dennis has given a great deal of his life to setting the spiritually captive free. Having walked out of a homosexual identity and into that of a new creation, he is convinced that with God NOTHING is impossible. Through the sharing of his story and the sharing of the stories behind the songs, Dennis Jernigan has watched literally thousands walk out of all manner of spiritual bondage and has watched literally thousands of desperate, wounded people find healing through intimacy with Jesus Christ.

If you lead people to freedom, they WILL worship.

Dennis Jernigan has been married to Melinda for 29 years. Together they have nine children (and no, they are not Mormon or Catholic and the children are not adopted…and yes, they know what causes that…and yes, they like it!). The Jernigans decided a long time ago that Dennis’s first priority was that of husband and father so he never truly toured and they chose not to live in Nashville…not that there’s anything wrong with any of that! This was simply the Jernigan’s mandate from the Lord as they saw it. Perhaps that’s why you do not know who he is. And that’s just fine with him.

The life message of Dennis Jernigan can be summed up in one word. Freedom. That freedom has come with a price. Jernigan was born again through his faith in Jesus Christ…but the reality is that the battle for freedom from the lies of the enemy regarding his past identity has been ongoing. His greatest joy has come in seeking intimacy with Jesus Christ – and in the process, discovering greater depths of freedom than he ever realized. (excerpts)

Texts by Dennis L. Jernigan (15)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
At the name of Jesus ev'ry knee will bow, He is Lord, He is LordDennis L. Jernigan (Author)English2
Bread of Life, pure Living WaterDennis L. Jernigan (Author)2
Eres la Perla de valorDennis L. Jernigan (1959- ) (Author)Spanish2
For all that You've done I will thank YouDennis L. Jernigan (Author)English4
I am a sheep and the Lord is my shepherdDennis L. Jernigan (Author)English3
I know whom I have believed; and I am convinedDennis L. Jernigan (Author)2
I'd like to say, Lord, from the startDennis L. Jernigan (Author)2
I've resisted You, like a wayward son I tho't I knew!Dennis L. Jernigan (Author)2
Like a river You come floodingDennis L. Jernigan (Author)English3
[Now Unto the King Eternal] (Jerningan)Dennis Jernigan (Author)2
The Lord reigns, He is a mighty GodDennis L. Jernigan (Author)English4
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heavenDennis L. Jernigan (Author)2
Who can satisfy my soul like You? Dennis Jernigan (Author)English3
You are my strength when I am weakDennis L. Jernigan (Author)English22
You are the river of lifeDennis L. Jernigan (Author)2
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