H. R. Jeffrey

Short Name: H. R. Jeffrey
Full Name: Jeffrey, H. R.
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Texts by H. R. Jeffrey (33)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Blest was the hour, that heavenly fireH. R. J. (Author)English5
Come home, poor sinner, Why longer roam?H. R. Jeffrey (Author)English13
For perfect love I long have groanedH. R. J. (Author)English5
Frohe Siegesgesänge, Zum Herrn schallt frohH. R. Jeffrey (Author)German3
Good desires, o what a blessingH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
Have we any love for JesusH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
I am going to a home bright and fairH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English4
I am Thine dear, blessed Jesus, all ThineH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English4
I hear the Savior pleading, O listen to His call!H. R. J. (Author)English3
Ich will dein sein, O Herr Jesu ganz deinH. R. Jeffrey (Author)German2
If you're seeking the Savior to knowH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
I'm a pilgrim and a stranger, I'll not tarry nor delayH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
I'm trusting in the SaviorH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
In the awful day that's comingH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English6
In the land of GalileeH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English5
Komm, armer Sünder, niche l'nger s'umH. R. Jeffrey (Author)German3
Let worldly minds the world pursueH. R. Jeffrey (Author (chorus))English3
Listen to the heavenly musicH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English4
My highest ambition my greatest desireH. R. J. (Author)English2
O sel'ge Stund', wo Gottes LichtH. R. Jeffrey (Author)German3
O why should I be idleH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English7
O shall I go to heavenH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English3
Once I was happy, entire contentedH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
Palästina, hehres Land, Uns als Heil'ges LandH. R. Jeffrey (Author)German3
Pilgrim of Jesus, over life's troubled seaH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English4
Shall I ever be permittedH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
Sinner, do no longer roamH. R. J. (Author)English2
Songs of victory bringingH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English6
Tell me, pilgrim, traveling homewardH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English3
There is nothing half so lovelyH. R. J. (Author)English4
Wash me in Thy blood divineH. R. J. (Author)English5
Wie sollt ich müßig bleibenH. R. Jeffrey (Author)German2
You're seeking the Savior to knowH. R. Jeffrey (Author)English2
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