Herbert Stephen Irons

Short Name: Herbert Stephen Irons
Full Name: Irons, Herbert Stephen, 1834-1905
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1905

Born: January 19, 1834, Canterbury, Kent, England.
Died: June 29, 1905, Nottingham, England.

Irons was a nephew of the brothers Stephen & George Elvey. He became a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral under T. E. Jones. After studying music under Stephen Elvey at Oxford, he was appointed organist at St. Columba’s College, a large public school at Rathfarnham, near Dublin, Ireland. He stayed there only a few months before being offered the position of organist at Southwell Minister. From Southwell, he went to Chester as assistant organist to Frederic Gunton. Three years later, he accepted an appointment at St. Andrew’s Church, Nottingham, where he remained until his death.


Tunes by Herbert Stephen Irons (34)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
SONG 1Herbert S. Irons (Adapter)155512 33221 33455
[Brightest and best of the sons of the morning] (Irons)Herbert Stepehn Irons (1834- ) (Composer)255435 13217 67125
CRUCIFER (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)553371 17166 46555
DONA DEIH. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)232154 32116 64534
ECCE HOMO (Watts and Irons)H. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)211713 21444 3623
[Gently falls the winter snow] (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)411127 65555 67145
[Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah] (Irons)H. S. Irons (Composer)231655 44333 32117
[Hark! bright Angels sweetly sing] (Irons)H. S. Irons (Composer)234556 54332 34567
[Hark! the full-voiced choir is singing]Herbert Stephan Irons (Arranger)312315 43212 23543
PATMOS (Storer)H. S. Irons (Composer)155671 17121 23353
HEAVENLY VOICESHerbert Stephen Irons (Composer)113322 51166 543
HOPE (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)2533357 12356 5366
[How blest were they on Bethlehem's plain]Herbert Stephens Irons (Arranger)217714 31671 32176
IRONS (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)251327 21765 13432
LONG MOTTHerbert Stephen Irons (Composer)555613 21531 43667
MAGI (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)253211 23435 32127
MANIFESTATIONHerbert Stephen Irons (1834-) (Composer)212356 11716 53123
[Angel hosts in bright array]Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)254333 21712 3433
[O let us all rejoicing] (55671)H. S. Irons (Composer)255671 32751 61454
PENITENCE (Irons)H. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)211133 21555 4312
QUI DEDIT NOBIS VICTORIAMH. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)415365 31443 5542
REGNABIT DEUSH. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)455172 13217 14222
[Sing the carol! Raise your voices!]H. S. Irons (Composer)234514 66511 12345
SOON AND FOR EVERH. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)235117 12344 43545
SOUTHWELL (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)9113351 16551 32225
ST. CHRYSOSTOM (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)332117 65534 33217
ST. COLUMBA (Irons)Herbert Stephen Irons (Composer)4254322 13562 55323
ST. CORENTINH. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)553216 43256 17654
ST. JULIAN (Irons)H. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)254321 72556 1432
ST. PAUL (Irons)H. S. Irons, b. 1834 (Composer)311323 44333 35111
[The Christmas bells are ringing Peals of joy]H. S. Irons (Arranger)255111 51176 54321
WHEN BY THINE ALTARH. S. Irons (Composer)215432 17671 1443
[When Christ was born of pure Marie]H. S. Irons (Composer)255323 12551 23543
[While shepherds watched their flocks by night] (11234)H. S. Irons (Arranger)211234 51712 34322
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