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Christopher M. Idle

Short Name: Christopher M. Idle
Full Name: Idle, Christopher M., 1938-
Birth Year: 1938

Christopher Martin Idle (b. Bromley, Kent, England, 1938) was educated at Elthan College, St. Peter's College, Oxford, and Clifton Theological College in Bristol, and was ordained in the Church of England. He served churches in Barrow-in-­Furness, Cumbria; London; and Oakley, Suffolk; and recently returned to London, where he is involved in various hymnal projects. A prolific author of articles on the Christian's public responsibilities, Idle has also published The Lion Book of Favorite Hymns (1980) and at least one hundred of his own hymns and biblical paraphrases. Some of his texts first appeared in hymnals published by the Jubilate Group, with which he is associated. He was also editor of Anglican Praise (1987). In 1998 Hope Publishing released Light Upon the River, a collection of 279 of his psalm and hymn texts, along with suggested tunes, scripture references, and commentary.

Bert Polman

Texts by Christopher M. Idle (219)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
[A World In Pain, A Baby's Cry]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
All authority and powerChristopher Idle (Author)English4
All baptized beneath the cloudChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[All Glory Be to God on High (Idle)]Christopher M. Idle (Author)2
[All the Law Your God Has Given]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
All your commandmentsChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Almighty Lord, The Holy One]Christopher Idle (born 1938) (Adapter)English3
[And Did You Risk Yourself, O Christ]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Arise and Shine! Your Light Has Come] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[As Jacob Traveled Far]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
As sons of the day and daughters of lightChristopher Idle (Author)English4
As the deer pants for streams of waterChristopher M. Idle (Author (refrain))English2
[Ascended Christ]Christopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)English4
[Attend, All Heaven and Earth]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Baptized into Christ Jesus]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English3
Bless the Lord, our fathers’ GodChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)1
[Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Christ is surely coming, Bringing His rewardChristopher M. Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English6
[Christ Once Was Sacrificed]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Christ the Lord, who calls usChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Christ’s Church shall glory in his powerChristopher Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English5
City of God, JerusalemChristopher Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English6
Come and see the shining hope that Christ's apostle sawChristopher Idle (Author)English6
[Come, Praise the Lord, All You His Servants]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English3
Come, praise the name of JesusChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)English3
[Come, See the Winter is Past]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Come with all joy to sing to GodChristopher Idle (Author)English3
[Contend, O Lord With Those]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Downtrodden ChristChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)1
[Eternal Father, God of Grace] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)2
Eternal light, shine in my heartChristopher M. Idle (Author)English17
[Eternity Once Entered Time]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Exult, Creation Round God's Throne]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[Far Greater Than Great]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Father and God from whom our world derivesChristopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[First and Best Beloved]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[For Ever, Lord, I'll Sing Your Love]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Freedom and life are oursChristopher M. Idle (Author)English4
Friends of God whose faith aboundedChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Give Praise for Famous Men]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[Give Thanks for the Gifts and Give Praise to the Giver]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Give Thanks to God, For He Is Good] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Glory and Praise to God] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Glory in the highest To the God of heaven Christopher M. Idle (Author)English6
Glory to God, the source of all our missionChristopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[God, I Cry Aloud For Help]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
God of all human historyChristopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[God of Every Tribe and Nation]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[God of Hope and Lord of Healing]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[God Of My Life, To You I Pray]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
PrayersChristopher Idle (Author (Hymn))English1
God our Father and creator, Over all the earth you reignChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)2
God the Lord, the King AlmightyChristopher Martin Idle (b. 1938) (Author)English4
God, we praise you! God we bless you!Christopher Martin Idle (b. 1938) (Author)English28
Good Shepherd, you know usChristopher Idle (Author)English3
[Grace and Peace Be Ours For Ever]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Great and wonderful are your deedsChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Adapter)1
[Great and Wonderful Your Deeds]Christopher Idle (b. 1938) (Author)English3
[Great Is the Lord; His Praise Is Great]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Great the Wonder, Great the Mystery]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Hallelujah, praise the LORD, Praise him with each note and wordChristopher M. Idle (Author)English1
[Happy Are Those Whose Offence is Forgiven]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
He stood before the courtChristopher M. Idle, b. 1938 (Author)3
Here from all nations, all tongues, and all peoplesChristopher Idle, 1938- (Author)16
[Holy Lord and Father]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[How Can Scholars Boast of Wisdom]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[How Clear and True the Skies Sing Out God's Praise]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[How Good is Life, And Length of Days]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
How long will you forget me, Lord, And hide your face away?Christopher Idle (Author)English6
How many are against me, LordChristopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[How Shall the Wise Be Proud of Their Wisdom]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
How sure the Scriptures are!Christopher Idle (Author)English4
How wickedly they spread their liesChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[I Lift Up My Eyes to You] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[I Love My Great Lord]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
I love you, O Lord, you aloneChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)English4
[I Never Looked For Jesus]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[I To the Hills Lift Up My Eyes]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[I Trust the Lord for Safety]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[I Will Exalt You, God, My King] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
I will sing the Lord's high triumphChristopher Idle (b. 1938) (Author)3
If Christ had not been raised from deathChristopher Idle (b. 1938) (Author)English7
[If God Does Not Build Up Our House]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[If God Has Chosen A Nation]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[If We Are Raised to Life in Christ]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[I'll Sing a New Hymn To My God]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[In God the Father's Plan]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[In Life or Death, Lord Jesus Christ ]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
In silent pan the eternal SonChristopher M. Idle (Author)English4
In the day of need may your answer be the LORDChristopher M. Idle (Versifier)5
In the heartbeat of the cityChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[In the Lord My Heart Is Strong]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[In You, O Lord, I Find My Refuge]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Israel's Shepherd, Hear Our Prayer]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[It Was No Empty Dreamer]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[It Was On Sunday Morning]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Jerusalem! How Glad I Was]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Jesus, come! for we invite youChristopher Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English14
[Jesus, Most Generous Lord]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Jesus, Savior of the world, you have bought your people's freedomChristopher Idle (Adapter)English2
[Jesus Whose Glory, Name and Praise]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Jordan's Waters Part in Two]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[King David Was a Man of War]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Let God arise! His enemies be goneChristopher Idle (Author)English3
[Light and Salvation is the Lord for Me]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Light of gladness, Lord of gloryChristopher Idle (b. 1938) (Author)English4
[Listen, My Friends, To Each Word]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Listen! Wisdom Cries Aloud]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Long Before the Reign of Kings]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Lord all-knowing, you have found meChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Lord, hear my prayer! My cry shall come before youChristopher Martin Idle (b. 1938) (Author)3
[Lord Most High] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Lord of Our Time]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Lord, Show Us How to Live]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Lord, Teach Us to Rejoice in You]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Lord, to you we lift our voicesChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Lord, You Have Seen Your Church's Needs]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Lord, You Have Weaned My Heart from Pride]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Lord, You Need No House]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English3
Lord, you sometimes speak in wondersChristopher Idle (Author)English7
Make music to the Lord most highChristopher Idle (Author)English3
[Make Us, O God, Ashamed of Sin]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Moon and Bright Sun]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Must the Sword Devour Forever]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[My Heart Is Ready, O My God]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[My Heart Rejoices] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
My Lord of light who made the worldsChristopher Idle (Author)English8
My Lord, you wore no royal crownChristopher Idle (Author)English4
[No Fear of God Before the Eyes]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Now In View of All God's Mercies]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Now is the time, the time of God's favorChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Now let us learn of ChristChristopher Idle (Author)English5
Now praise the protector of heavenChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Adapter)1
O God, defender of the poorChristopher Idle (Author)English4
[O God, Do Not Keep Silent]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
O God eternal, you are my GodChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[O God of Justice, Answer Me]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
O God, the heathen have attackedChristopher Idle (Author)English2
O LORD, my rock, to you I cry aloudChristopher Idle (Author)English2
[One Beyond All]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Our God Has Made His Covenant New]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Out of the Depths I Cry to You]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Partners in the Gospel]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Powerful in making us wise to salvationChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)English6
Praise our God with shouts of joyChristopher M. Idle (Author)English3
[Praise the Lord, All Nations, Praise]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Praise the Lord, Hallelujah]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Praise to God the Father] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Preachers of the God of Grace]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Rain on the Earth]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Remember Your Creator Now] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Return to Face Your God]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Saul of Tarsus Planned It]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
See Christ, who on the river's shoreChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
See the feast our God preparesChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Serve the Lord God OnlyChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Shout For Joy to the Lord, All the Earth] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Since our great high priest, Christ JesusChristopher M. Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English9
[Sing Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Sing, sing, sing to the LordChristopher Idle (Author)English2
[Sing When the Rain Is Coming]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Strong in Christ, our great salvationChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Countless Stars of Heaven]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Glorious God of Heaven]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Land Is Dry]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Lord Has Said That He Will Be Our God]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Lord Is Here, The Darkness Gone]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Lord Is King! Let Earth Be Glad]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
The LORD my shepherd rules my lifeChristopher M. Idle (Versifier)English11
The saints in Christ are one in ev'ry placeChristopher M. Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English2
[The Spirit Led By Day]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Sun Went Down on Jacob's Grief]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
The victory of our God is wonChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Vision of the Living God]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[The Wonder of Salvation]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
The works of the Lord are created in wisdomChristopher Idle (Author)English9
Then I saw a new heaven and earthChristopher M. Idle (Versifier)English5
This earth belongs to GodChristopher Martin Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English3
[This World Has Great Rewards to Give]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Those who rely on the Lord are unshakeableChristopher Idle (Author)English4
[Through All the World Let Christ Be Known]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[To Christ Who Once This Supper Made]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[To Everyone Whom God Has Made]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[To God Our Strength Come, Sing Aloud]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
To know God's mind and do his willChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[To Set Their Hearts on God]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
To this we have been calledChristopher Idle (Adapter)English2
[To Walk the Way of Abraham]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[True Light Blazing in the Darkest Place]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Up from the depths I cry to GodChristopher M. Idle (Author)English6
Ven, Jesús, que te invitamosChristopher M. Idle (b. 1938) (Author)Spanish2
Wake, O wake, and sleep no longerChristopher Idle, b. 1938 (Translator)English13
[We Meet Together In the Name]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[What Does the Lord Our God Require]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Whatever Things Are Lovely]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When at First the Word Was Spoken]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When David Found His Rest]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When Holy Men of Old Announced the Will of God to Man ]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When Israel Fled From Egypt] (Idle)Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When Israel Was Young, You Loved Him]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
When Jesus led his chosen threeChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)English3
When lawless people thriveChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When Mines Are Dug For Silver]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When Prison Walls Extend their Reach]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When Rulers Judge in Righteousnes]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
When the King shall come again, all His power revealingChristopher Idle (born 1938) (Author)English19
[When This Land Knew God's Gracious Love Outpoured]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When We Are Down You Raise Us Up]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[When We Are in Want]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
When you prayed beneath the treesChristopher Idle, b. 1938 (Author)3
[Where is the Glory of Our God]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Where Is the One Our God Will Choose]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
[Who Believes What We Have Heard]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Who can measure heaven and earthChristopher Idle, b. 1938 (Author)English7
Wild creatures long to cool their tonguesChristopher M. Idle (Author)English2
Wise men, they came to look for wisdomChristopher M. Idle (Author)English8
[With One Voice They Joined Their Praise]Christopher M. Idle (Author)English2
You come to interpret and teach us effectivelyChristopher M. Idle (Author)English7
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