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Short Name: David Hurd
Full Name: Hurd, David, 1950-
Birth Year: 1950

David Hurd (b. Brooklyn, New York, 1950) was a boy soprano at St. Gabriel's Church in Hollis, Long Island, New York. Educated at Oberlin College and the University of North Carolina, he has been professor of church music and organist at General Theological Seminary in New York since 1976. In 1985 he also became director of music for All Saints Episcopal Church, New York. Hurd is an outstanding recitalist and improvisor and a composer of organ, choral, and instrumental music. In 1987 David Hurd was awarded the degree of Doctor of Music, honoris causa, by the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. The following year he received honorary doctorates from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, California, and from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois. His I Sing As I Arise Today, the collected hymn tunes of David Hurd, was published in 2010.

Bert Polman and Emily Brink

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[Alleluia, Christ is risen] (Missa orbis factor)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)212117 3276
[Alleluia. Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us] (New Plainsong)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)213455 66545
[Threefold Amen] (New Plainsong)David Hurd (Composer)356531 23565 345
ANDÚJARDavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)1436677 55511 22716
AVE CAILI JAUNADavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)1
BALM IN GILEAD (Spiritual)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)432321 51231 33432
[Bless the Lord who forgiveth all our sins] (Missa Orbis Factor)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)367111 12171 1
[Blessed be God: Father Son and Holy Spirit] (Missa orbis factor)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)212117 14671
BOWERS (Hurd)David Hurd (Composer)251155 43251 11432
CAELITUM JOSEPHDavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)154543 23174 43455
CATECHUMENDavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)2
[Christ has died, Christ is risen] (New Plainsong)David Hurd (Composer)313456 6545
[Chant] (Tonus Peregrinus 34332)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)234332 43212 26132
VENI CREATOR (Hopkins)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter and Harmonizer)555555 64556 67716
COMPLINE (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)2
[Consider and answer me, O God, my God]David Hurd (Composer)236545 31233 3
DICAMUS LAUDES DOMINODavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)1
DOVER KNIGHTDavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)256135 31262 34643
GAUDEAMUS DOMINODavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)3
[Glory to God in the highest] (New Plainsong)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)755653 12355 56534
[Glory to God in the highest] (Hurd 11151)David Hurd (b. 1950) (Composer)211151 56556 56312
[Glory to God in the highest] (Intercession Mass)David Hurd (Composer)211151 56556 56312
[God mounts his throne to shouts of joy]David Hurd (Composer (psalm tone))156155 61
HALIFAXDavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)451112 34554 32121
HALL (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)1
[Holy God, holy and mighty] (New Plainsong)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)313456 66545 55567
Holy God (Trisagion)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)2
[Holy, holy, holy Lord] (New Plainsong)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)533432 23345 545
[I thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness]DH (Composer (Psalm Tone))153456 71
[In paradisum deducant te angeli] (13455)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)113455 56543 45524
JESU, NOSTRA REDEMPTIODavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)1
JULIONDavid Hurd (Composer)3351223 12215 65312
KING (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)315345 67153 66514
[Kyrie eleison] (Hurd)David Hurd (Composer)211345 44445 477
[Kyrie eleison] (New Plainsong)David Hurd (b. 1950) (Setting)533432 23334 32233
[Kyrie eleison] (Mass for Celebration)David Hurd (Composer)511345 44444 54773
[Kyrie eleison] (Missa orbis factor)David Hurd (b. 1950) (Arranger)212171 46
[Lamb of God] (New Plainsong)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)534556 65453 45
LAUDA, SION, SALVATOREMDavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)124541 76567 53432
LET US BREAK BREADDavid Hurd, b. 1950 (Harmonizer)1256111 11322 11355
[Let us go forth in the name of Christ] (Tonus Peregrinus)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Adapter)212117 21766 77777
[Let us go to God's dwelling place]David Hurd (Composer)256116
[Chant] (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)216711 17611
[Lord, send out your Spirit] (Proulx 15612)David Hurd (Composer (psalm tone))115612 1
MIGHTY SAVIORDavid Hurd (Composer)1855353 43212 13313
MORNING OF SPLENDORDavid Hurd, b. 1990 (Composer)253521 11642 31376
[My help comes from God who made heaven and earth]David Hurd (Composer)213356
[My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust]David Hurd (Composer)214321
MYRRHOPHORESDavid Hurd, 1950- (Composer)231235 43231 67167
NEXUSDavid Hurd, 1950- (Composer)233556 12333 35566
[Now, Lord, You Let Your Servant Go in Peace] (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)2
[Our Father in heaven] (Intercession Mass)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)255567 66566 55356
PANGE LINGUA (33325)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)133325 56111 12111
[Praise and honor to you] (Kyrie Orbis Factor)David Hurd (Arranger)812171 4671
[Praise God from the heavens, praise God in the heights]David Hurd (Composer)213456
PUER NATUS IN BETHLEHEM (13323)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)113323 43213 21134
REDDING (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)654332 33267 12352
[Remember me, O God, when you show favor to your people]David Hurd (Composer)234432
RESIGNATION (Southern Harmony)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)113532 35165 31351
ROBERTSON (Hurd)David Hurd (Composer)257565 43134
[Serve the Lord with gladness, alleluia]David Hurd (b. 1950) (Composer (Refrain))266514 3
[Sing praise to our king, sing praise]DH (Composer (Psalm tone))171513 14
SPRAGUE (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)272177 65461 11321
ST. ANDREW (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)3
STANTON (Hurd)David Hurd (Composer)312242 45512 24552
[Chant] (Hurd 11716)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)211716 17665
THE AVENUEDavid Hurd (Composer)2
[The meditation of my heart shall be my understanding]David Hurd (Composer)213455
[The voice of God is full of majesty]David Hurd (Composer)214455
TUCKER (Hurd)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Composer)411245 10113 34654
UBI CARITAS (Plainsong)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)244566 56765 65444
VENI REDEMPTOR GENTIUM (Mode 1)David Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)122212 432
VEXILLA REGIS PRODEUNT (34665)D. Hurd, b. 1950 (Arranger)434665 43443 43214
[You, O God, are my hope, my trust]David Hurd (Composer)234535
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