Asa Hull

Asa Hull
Short Name: Asa Hull
Full Name: Hull, Asa, 1828-1907
Birth Year: 1828
Death Year: 1907

Asa Hull USA 1828-1907. Born in Keene, NY, he became a music publisher in New York City. He married Emma F Atherton, and they had a daughter, Harriett. He wrote many tunes and authored temperance rallying songs. He published 33 works, of which 21 were songbooks, between 1863-1895. He died in Philadelphia, PA.

John Perry

Texts by Asa Hull (48)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A gentle breeze from Eden's landAsa Hull (Author)English6
A great Rock stands in a weary landAsa Hull (Arranger)English1
A rosebud blossomed in my bowerAsa Hull (Author)2
Abundant fruit so rich in storeAsa Hull (Author)English2
Alas, and did my Savior bleedAsa Hull (Author (Chorus))English10
Anywhere with Jesus says the Christian heartAsa Hull (Author)English1
Awake the trumpet's joyful soundAsa Hull (Author)English2
Behold the changing autumn leavesAsa Hull (Author)English9
Blessed Bible, book divineAsa Hull (Author)English4
Dear Savior, how often my heart has been sadAsa Hull (Author)English4
Down in the garden of GethsemaneAsa Hull (Author)English2
From thy royal chambers forthAsa Hull (Author)1
Gathered round the grave of LazarusAsa Hull (Arranger)English1
Good night to all, we soon must partAsa Hull (Author)2
I fear not the gloom of midnightAsa Hull (Author)English7
I think of the fields so farAsa Hull (Author)2
In the battle of life there is work to doAsa Hull (Author)English2
Jesus, thou art the sinner's friend, As such I look to TheeAsa Hull (Author (Chorus))English2
Let down from heaven above through gates ajarAsa Hull (Author)English3
Let us go to Bethlehem, to BethlehemAsa Hull (Author)English2
Lo the fields are white unto the harvest nowAsa Hull (Author (chorus))English1
Make the lowly moundAsa Hull (Author)1
Many are the sorrows, many are the tearsAsa Hull (Author)English2
My soul, with rapture waits for TheeAsa Hull (Author)English6
Now to the Lord a noble song, For He is good, the Lord is goodAsa Hull (Author)English3
O had I wings like a dove, I would fly, Away from this world of careAsa Hull (Arranger)English1
O have you not heard of a beautiful streamAsa Hull (Author)English1
On, brothers, on to meet the foe that we abhor!Asa Hull (Arranged)English1
Over the billows, over the seaAsa Hull (Author)English8
Pilgrims on the burning sandAsa Hull (Author)5
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord! Praise the Lord in the beauty of holinessAsa Hull (Author)English2
Stand up for Jesus, Christian standAsa Hull (Author)English4
Star of the east, O beautiful starAsa Hull (Author)English4
Summer time has come againAsa Hull (Author)English2
Tell me the story of Jesus, Tell me the wonders of Jis loveAsa Hull (Author)English2
The cross, the cross, the bloodstained crossA. H. (Arranger)English2
The great Physician now is hereAsa Hull (Arranger)English2
There is a straight and narrow pathAsa Hull (Author)English5
There is life for a look at the Crucified One (Hull)Asa M. Hull (Author)English2
There's an open fount in ZionAsa Hull (Author)English6
'Twas Jesus, my Savior, who died on the treeAsa Hull (Author)English1
Unto the God of the seasonsAsa Hull (Author)English3
Walk in the light the Lord hath givenAsa Hull (Author)English43
We are waiting by the river, We are watching on the shoreAsa Hull (Author)English19
What though the fig tree blossom notAsa Hull (Reviser)English1
When laughing joy makes glad our wayAsa Hull (Arranger)English1
Whence came the armies of the skyAsa Hull (Author)English4
Ye soldiers of the cross, in the army of the LordAsa Hull (Author)English6
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