Edward Augustus Horton

Short Name: Edward Augustus Horton
Full Name: Horton, Edward Augustus, 1843-1931
Birth Year: 1843
Death Year: 1931

Horton, Rev. Edward Augustus. (Springfield, Massachusetts, September 28, 1843--April 15, 1931, Toronto, Canada). He studied at the University of Chicago and at Meadville Theological School, from which he graduated in 1868. He served Unitarian churches in Leominster, Mass., 1868-1875; Hingham, Mass., 1877-1880; and the Second Church in Boston, 1880-1892. Thereafter he was active in the work of the Unitarian Sunday School Society. In 1912, he wrote an "Anniversary Hymn" beginning "We honor those whose work began" which was included in The New Hymn and Tune Book, 1914.

--Henry Wilder Foote, DNAH Archives

Texts by Edward Augustus Horton (27)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Across the ages runs the lightEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
Across the sky and in the valesEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English4
Be gentle to the humblest thingEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English4
Bring now your songs of gladnessEdward A. Horton (Author)English2
Down the ages dark, through the winding yearsEdward A. Horton (Author)English2
From face to face, from eye to eyeEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
From ocean to ocean, from hill to plainEdward A. Horton (Author)English2
God's great tree its branches spreadsEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
In life's daily duties sowEdward A. Horton (Author)English3
In the vales a murmur, on the hills a stirRev. Edward A. Horton (Author)English3
Let the valley and the hill praiseEdward Augustus Horton (Author)2
Lo summer golden summerEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English3
Nests are making on the boughsEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English4
O happy bells of Christmas ringingEdward A. Horton (Author)English2
Onward, the call now is soundingEdward A. Horton (Author)English2
Ring, ye Bells, now loudly, softlyEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
Rosy, ruddy, over the world steals the dawnEdward A. Horton (Author)English2
Sowers went forth in the spring time greenEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English4
The circling years bring light at lastEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
The flowers I loveEdward A. Horton (Author)English2
The winds that once did roarEdward Augustus Horton (Author)2
There's a hope that comes with summerEdward Augustus Horton (Author)2
Through the nightly hoursEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
Warm o'er the skies the sunshine liesEdward A. Horton (Author)4
We honor those whose work beganEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
We thank Thee, Father, for all that's fair and brightEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English2
Ye Easter bells your music swellsEdward Augustus Horton (Author)English3
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