John Page Hopps

John Page Hopps
Short Name: John Page Hopps
Full Name: Hopps, John Page, 1834-1911
Birth Year: 1834
Death Year: 1911

Hopps, John Page, was born in London, Nov. 6, 1834, and educated at the G. Baptist College, Leicester. Commencing public work in 1856, after a brief ministry at Hugglescote and Ibstock, in Leicestershire, he became colleague with George Dawson at the Church of the Saviour, Birmingham. From 1860 to 1876 he ministered to Unitarian congregations at Sheffield, Dukinfield, and Glasgow. Since 1876 he has preached in Leicester. Mr. Hopps has published many books and pamphlets, chiefly volumes of Sermons and Lectures. Most of his smaller works are controversial. In 1863 he commenced a monthly periodical called The Truthseeker. He has compiled the following hymnbooks for Congregational, Mission, or School purposes:—

(1) Hymns for Public Worship and the Home, 1858; (2) Hymns of Faith and Progress, c. 1865; (3) Hymns for Public Worship, 1873; (4) One hundred Hymns for Sunday Schools, 1873; (5) Hymns, Chants and Anthems for Public Worship, 1877; (6) The Children's Hymn Book, 1879; (7) The Young People's Book of Hymns, 1881; (8) and six different editions of Hymns for Special Services (for Sunday afternoon and evening gatherings in the Temperance Hall and Floral Hall, Leicester).

Mr. Hopps has himself written various hymns, some of considerable merit. Several have appeared in Congregational, Baptist, Unitarian and other collections. Among the best known are the following:—
1. Cold and cheerless, dark and drear. Winter.
2. Father, lead me day by day. Child's Prayer for Divine Guidance.
3. Father, let Thy kingdom come. God's Kingdom desired.
4. God bless the little children. Prayer for Children.
5. We praise Thee oft for hours of bliss. The blessings of Sorrow.
These hymns are from his Hymns, Chants, and Anthems, &c. 1877, and the Hymns for Special Services. The most popular is No. 2.
[Rev. W. R .Stevenson, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by John Page Hopps (13)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Cold and cheerless, dark and drearJ. Page Hopps (Author)English3
Father, lead me day by dayJohn Page Hopps, 1834-1911 (Author)English141
Father, let Thy kingdom comeJohn P. Hopps (Author)English16
God bless the little children, God bless them, every oneJohn Page Hopps (Author)English5
God of our fathers, hear our prayerJohn Page Hopps (Author)English2
Hark, hark, my soul! thy Father's voice is callingJohn Page Hopps (Author)English13
Hope for the day is dawningJohn Page Hopps (Author)English4
Jesus, lead me day by dayJohn Page Hopps (Author)6
O lead me, Father, lest I strayJohn Page Hopps (Author)English2
O lead me, my Father, lead Thou, lest I strayJohn Page Hopps (Author)English2
Padre, guíame en tu amorJohn Page Hopps (Author)Spanish2
We praise Thee, Lord, for hours of blissJohn P. Hopps (Author)English4
We praise Thee oft for hours of blissJohn Page Hopps (Author)English3

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