Roy Hopp

Roy Hopp
Short Name: Roy Hopp
Full Name: Hopp, Roy

Roy Hopp (b. 1951) is the Director of Music at Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI and Adjunct Professor of Choral Music at Calvin Theological Seminary, where he directs the Calvin Theological Seminary Choir.

Hopp graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and from Michigan State University with a Master’s Degree in Choral Conducting. He did further studies in church music and composition with Richard Hillert at Concordia University in River Forest, IL. He has served as a Director of Music in churches in West Michigan and Colorado for the past twenty years.

His choral compositions have appeared in the catalogues of AugsburgFortress, earthsongs, GIA Publications, Inc., Kjos, MorningStar, and Selah and his hymn tunes have been published in hymnals and collections in the United States, Canada, England, Wales and Scotland.

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Tunes by Roy Hopp (24)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BROOKSIDERoy Hopp (Composer)2
ALLELUIA NO. 1 (Fishel)Roy Hopp (Composer (descant))155112 31123 44321
CLERMONT PARKRoy Hopp (Composer)332143 25312 55677
DAMASCUS ROADRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer)234555 32116 12345
DENVER (Hopp)Roy Hopp (Composer)3
ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVÖGELEINRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer (descant))111531 71256 11711
FRANKLIN PARKRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer)613321 76561 16561
GRANT PARKRoy Hopp (Composer)2
GREELEYRoy Hopp (Composer)2
HILLCREST (Hopp)Roy Hopp (Composer)2
HJERTETS ONSKERoy Hopp (Composer)2
[I will put my law in their minds]Roy Hopp (Composer (descant))2
KNOLLCREST FARMRoy Hopp (Composer)467155 43212 34326
O QUANTA QUALIARoy Hopp (Composer (descant))111231 14322 15314
OLD DOMINIONRoy Hopp (Composer)3
OPEN DOOR (Hopp)Roy Hopp (Composer)356116 12313 45165
PALMARUMRoy Hopp (Arranger (alt. arr.))112334 53777 5433
REINLYNRoy Hopp, b. 1951 (Composer)661123 12135 65432
RIDGEMOOR (Hopp)Roy Hopp (Composer)256112 35653 23
RIDGEWOODRoy Hopp (Composer)2
SAIPANRoy Hopp (Composer)2
SHANTY CREEKRoy Hopp (Composer)234255 61123 43251
SILVER CREEKRoy Hopp (Composer)2
STAR IN THE EASTRoy Hopp (Arranger (alt. arr.))111215 57717 65131
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