Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst
Short Name: Gustav Holst
Full Name: Holst, Gustav, 1874-1934
Birth Year: 1874
Death Year: 1934

Gustav Holst (b. Chelteham, Gloucestershire, England, September 21, 1874, d. London, England, May 25, 1934) was a renowned British composer and musician. Having studied at Cheltenham Grammar School, he soon obtained a professional position as an organist, and later as choirmaster. In 1892, Holst composed a two-act operetta, which so impressed his father that he borrowed the money to send Holst to the Royal College of Music. Severe neuritis in his right hand later caused him to give up the keyboard, and Holst turned to the trombone and composing. In 1895 Holst met Ralph Vaughan Williams, and the two became lifelong friends. Vaughan Williams helped Holst land his first job as a singing teacher. Holst became very interested in Indian and Hindu culture, and composed a number of operas translated from Sanksrit myths. These were not received well in England, however. Holst is best known for his composition, The Planets, as well as . The success of these two works garnered Holst the leisure to leave teaching and spend all his time composing. His later works were not met with such great success, however, and Holst’s later years were spent in much weariness, though he continued to write, composing a total of thirty operas. Holst died after an operation left his heart too weak.

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Tunes by Gustav Holst (16)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BOSSINEYGustav Holst (Composer)515614 32321 54332
BROOKENDGustav Holst, 1874-1934 (Composer)312512 36532 1236
CHILSWELLGustav Holst (Composer)115676 51221 34564
CRANHAMGustav Holst (Composer)7334532 12326 23453
ESSEX (Holst)G. T. Holst (Composer)256175 66653 53231
GENEVAN 77Gustav Holst (Harmonizer)111712 32111 71232
[I saw a fair maiden]Gustav Holst, 1874-1934 (Composer)211235 47654 4
MONK STREETGustav Holst (Composer)212321 65125 3421
[Once there was a soldier]Gustav Holst, 1874-1934 (Composer)2
PERSONENT HODIEGustav Theodore Holst (Arranger)3911544 55516 75457
PICARDYGustav Holst, 1874-1934 (Arranger)112345 54555 567
PRINCE RUPERTGustav Holst (Arranger)415123 43211 71151
SHEENGustav Theodore Holst (1874-1934) (Composer)1456123 17514 32111
STEPNEYGustav Holst (Composer)311234 51157 65157
THAXTED (Holst)Gustav Holst, 1874-1934 (Composer)8335617 51217 67653
VALIANT HEARTSGustav Holst (Composer)314253 43221 14251
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