Nils J. Holm

Short Name: Nils J. Holm
Full Name: Holm, Nils J., 1778-1845
Birth Year: 1778
Death Year: 1845 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Nils J. Holm (13)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Farvel, du gode gamle AarNils J. Holm (Author)Norwegian3
Finaritra ny olonaoN. J. Holm (Author)Malagasy2
Gjør Døren høi, gjør Porten vid!N. J. Holm (Translator)Norwegian5
How blessed is the little flockN. J. Holm (Author)English13
Hvor salig er den lille FlokN. J. Holm (Author)Norwegian5
Jesu Kriste, du velsigneN. J. Holm (Author)2
Kriste Jesu, du velsigne Landet og dets OevrighedN. J. Holm (Author)Danish3
Kristi blod og retfærdighedN. J. Holm (Author)Norwegian2
Kristus Jesus, du velsigneNils Holm (Translator)Norwegian2
Livets Krone at erlangeNils Holm (Author (attributed to))Norwegian2
Naar giver du, O Frelser, os den GlædeMils Holm (Author (attributed to))Norwegian2
Nu Kristi blod, retfærdighedNils J. Holm (Translator)Norwegian2
Nu lader os fremtrædeNils Holm (Translator)Norwegian2
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