Oliver Holden

Oliver Holden
Short Name: Oliver Holden
Full Name: Holden, Oliver, 1765-1844
Birth Year: 1765
Death Year: 1844

Holden, Oliver, one of the pioneers of American psalmody, was born in 1765, and was brought up as a carpenter. Subsequently he became a teacher and music-seller. He died at Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1844. His published works are American Harmony, 1793; the Worcester Collection, 1797; and other Tune books. One of his most popular tunes is "Coronation." It is thought that he edited a small hymn-book, published at Boston before 1808, in which are 21 of his hymns with the signature "H." A single copy only of this book is known, and that is without title-page. Of his hymns the following are in common use:—
1. All those who seek a throne of grace. [God present where prayer is offered.] Was given in Peabody's Springfield Collection, 1835, No. 92, in a recast form as, “They who seek the throne of grace." This form is in extensive use in America, and is also in a few collections in Great Britain.
2. With conscious guilt, and bleeding heart. [Lent.] This, although one of the best of Holden's hymns, has passed out of use. It appeared, with two others, each bearing bis signature, in the Boston Collection (Baptist), 1808.
3. Within these doors assembled now. [Divine Worship.] [Rev. F. M. Bird, M.A.]

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology

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Oliver Holden (September 18, 1765 – September 4, 1844) was an American composer and compiler of hymns.

Texts by Oliver Holden (23)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
All who seek a throne of graceOliver Holden (Author)English15
And dost thou yet deny himOliver Holden (Author)3
Arise, my love, my undefiledOliver Holden (Author)2
At the pool we long have beenOliver Holden (Author)2
Attend, ye saints, and hear me tellOliver Holden (Author)English1
Come, all ye lovers of the LambOliver Holden (Author)English1
Come, ye redeemed by Jesus' bloodOliver Holden (Author)English2
How solemn is the hourOliver Holden (Author)2
How sweet is the language of loveOliver Holden (Author)English2
Near to thy mercy seat, O GodOliver Holden (Author)English2
O marvel not, ye sinnersOliver Holden (Author)2
Of shepherds the nations have sungOliver Holden (Author)2
The gathering clouds portentous riseOliver Holden (Author)3
They who seek the throne of graceOliver Holden (Author)English184
To those who see the LordOliver Holden (Author)3
When Jesus stood before the barOliver Holden (Author)2
While journeying through this humble valeOliver Holden (Author)English3
While thousands scorn the Savior'sOliver Holden (Author)2
Who will ope the iron gateOliver Holden (Author)2
Why of crosses do we talkOliver Holden (Author)3
With conscious guilt and bleeding heartOliver Holden (Author)English5
Within these doors assembled nowOliver Holden (Author)14
Ye trembling souls, who still declineOliver Holden (Author)5

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