M. Lowrie Hofford

Short Name: M. Lowrie Hofford
Full Name: Hofford, M. L. (Martin Lowrie), 1825-1888
Birth Year: 1825
Death Year: 1888

Born: January 27, 1825, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
Died: January 9, 1888, Trenton, New Jersey.

Hofford attended Lafayette and Princeton, where he graduated in 1849. He studied theology at the Princeton seminary for a year, and became principal of the Camden collegiate institute. While there, he organized a church at Beverly, New Jersey, being licensed by the Presbytery in Philadelphia in 1852. In 1855, he was ordained an evangelist in Burlington, New Jersey. In 1860, he began teaching at the Trenton Institute, and in 1863 took charge of a military institute at Allentown, Pennsylvania that was later incorporated as Muhlenberg College; he served there as a professor and later president. He taught and pastored at Camden and Beverly, New Jersey, and Doylestown, Pennsylvania (1868-78), then became pastor at Morrisville, Pennsylvania.


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A crown of life laid up aboveM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
Abide with me, the day declinesRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Abide with me, 'tis eventideM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English12
All my class for Jesus, Every loving heartM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
All the world for Jesus, every loving heartM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
"Almost" I hear thee sayRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
Are you walking in His footsteps?M. Lowrie Hofford, D. D. (Author)English18
Are you walking with the Savior, In the true and living way?M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English22
Army of the Lord's anointedM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Away, away over the ocean waveM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English9
Beautiful home aboveM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Before the bolted doorRev. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English4
Beyond this vale of tears, Beyond its gloom and nightM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Bring forth the royal robeRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
Catch the sunbeams as they playM. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English2
Come, join the cheerful song, Take up the sweet refrainM. Lowrie Hofford, d.D. (Author)English3
Come to the arms of JesusRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English4
Conmigo está, ya noche esMartin Hofford (Author)Spanish2
Conmigo quédate, SeñorM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)Spanish2
Crown him forever King of kingsM. L. Hofford (Author)English5
Dear Savior, take my hand in ThineM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English4
From the lofty hills of MoabM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
Gird on the armor of the skiesRev. M. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English2
Glad tidings of great joy we bringM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Have you heard the angels story?M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
He giveth songs by dayRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English3
He that soweth precious seedM. Lowrie Hofford, D. D. (Author)English4
Ho, every one that thirsteth, The fountain full and freeM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English4
How sweet the gentle Savior's voiceRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
I am bound for the kingdom, I am pressing on my wayRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
I have a royal message through yonder arch it ringsM. Lowrie Hofford, D. D. (Author)English3
I'll wait for thee, above, brotherM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
In the shadow of the rock Let me rest, O the shade is so refreshingRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English4
In the sweet by and by In the land of the blestM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
Jerusalem the beautiful, Its glories are untoldRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English8
Jesus, in Thy mercy, Wondrous in Thy loveM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English4
Jesus is mine, forever mineM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is passing by todayRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English1
Lamb of God, I come to TheeM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Lift up the voice in singingM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Lift up the voice with singingM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)2
"Living water!" O how sweetRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
Lo! the fields are white for harvest, Ready is the golden grainM. L. Hofford (Author)English5
Look up behold the fields are white, The harvest time is nearRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English16
Morning on the mountainsRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
My beautiful home on highRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English3
Nearer the close of dayM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
No one, save Jesus onlyM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
O precious Savior, I would layRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English3
O Savior, I would walk with TheeM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
O speak to me of JesusM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
O name of names the sweetestRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English4
On the pinions of a doveM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
Prepare the highway of the LordRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Rejoice with me, the lost is foundRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English8
Salvation, O salvation! Endearing, precious soundM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Salvation! O salvation! The precious boon is freeM. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English2
Savior, in the morning I will come to TheeM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Sing the angel's song todayRev. M. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English3
The fields are white for harvest now, Lift up your eyes and seeM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
The glory of the King of kingsM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English4
The highway of the Lord prepareRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English5
The Savior in mercy is waiting for theeRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English2
The Shepherd looked out on the mountain coldRev. M. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English2
The song we love to singRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English2
The sweetness of a thousand tonguesM. L. Hofford (Author)English3
The world for Jesus, earnestlyRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
There is a land of sunny skiesM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
There is a robe of spotless whiteRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English3
There is joy among the angels, Before the throne on highRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
There remaineth a rest for the people of GodM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English3
There's a warfare sin is waging bold and strongRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English3
'Tis ours the Master's callM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)2
'Tis sweet to think of heaven my homeM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
'Tis the call of the King, to His palace He invitesRev. M. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English2
Trusting in the loving SaviorRev. M. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English6
Unfurl the temperance banner and let it proudly waveRev. M. L. Hofford (Author)English4
Until His kingdom comeM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English5
Vor der verschloss'nen TürM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)German1
Walk in the footsteps of JesusRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
We are marching on to Canaan, and Jehovah is our GuideRev. M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English30
Welcome to a throne of graceM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
We're pressing toward the shining shoreM. Lowrie Hofford, D.D. (Author)English2
We're traveling toward a country brightM. Lowrie Hofford (Author)3
Who can cleanse my soul from sin?M. Lowrie Hofford (Author)English2
Will you stand up for Jesus?Rev. M. Lowrie Hofford, D. D. (Author)English4
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