Michael Hewlett

Short Name: Michael Hewlett
Full Name: Hewlett, Michael
Birth Year: 1916
Death Year: 2000

Michael Edward Hewlett (b. 1916; d. 2000) was ordained in England as an Anglican priest in 1949, and served several parishes as curate, vicar, or parish priest. For most of his career he was vicar in the diocese of Exeter. He was author of about seventy hymn texts and contributed to many hymnals in the UK and North America.

Emily Brink

Texts by Michael Hewlett (5)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
He came in a wind that Went over and through usMichael Hewlett (Author)2
Jesus, our Master, on the night they cameMichael Hewlett (Author)English2
Once on a mountain-topMichael Hewlett (Author)4
Praise the Spirit in creationMichael Edward Hewlett, 1916- (Author)English17
When God almighty came to be one of usMichael Hewlett (Author)English4
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